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  1. Unbelievable. Being a huge fan of the [Ghost Recon] and not so much so of graw 1 but graw 2? It made almost no improvements to the pathetic AI. This game is unrealistically way to hard and BS on 'easy' settings. Having to replay a mission 10+ times because you keep getting hit by AI that see you and can shoot you but you cant shoot them? or how bout the snipers you kill, they duck...and then fire/clip through balconies and kill you? and cliping issues where you can hardly lean past a vehicle to get a couple rounds off. The dam mission? 15+ times! the border bridge? another 15+ times...not only frustrating but totally crap. and the harder difficulty is that much more far fetched. And I AM a good player...not uber leet enough for this game I guess. Any sniper that can see you will almost always instantly kill you unless you squirm around everywhere on your stomach. All in all what a waste of time. They didnt fix any of the problems that plagued the first game instead added a little more graphical enhancement and different missions....even the missions didnt vary all that much compared to graw 1. Very poor...this game will be hitting the bargain bin in no time. Its not going to be everyone's opinion and thats fine...but this game wasnt even fun. I dont believe having to replay a single mission 10-15-20 + times on the easiest difficulty setting is fun.
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