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  1. Okay, this hit home because I'm one of the lurkers who fails to post a lot. I love the packs, Bret but have not used one for aout 8 months, I can't wait for the new one to come out and I'll try and be on here to throw down a big thumbs up. Thanks for all the mod work, guys, I love this game but mostly due to the aftermarket support!
  2. I guess I'm one of the few that really thought GRAW 2 had it's feet in the right space. I think if AI had been better and COOP had been about 12 people with more varied game modes, I'd still be playing it. I have not been on here for a while so maybe one of the awesome modders here have already filled my wish list. As for an improved version of [GR], if there is the amount of mod support the first one had, the same scope and general mechanics and a real variety of game modes including 12-16 man coop,I'm totally into that and all my friends would be too.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll drop Bretzies a PM when I am sure I want to undergo this task. I think this could be a really sweet mod or even campaign but there is a lot to hammer out. Thanks again.
  4. This past weekend, I tried to introduce my gaming crew to the glory of GRAW 2. Two players loved it but the rest groaned and moaned about "the Mexican Olympic sniping team" that is the enemy AI. By the end of the day, the whole party had reinstalled Joint Ops and were all singing it's praises. This got me thinking of doing a mod. I haven't cracked the mod tools for this game yet but I'm consistently impressed with the work that gets done around this board. [GR] had an awesome GI Joe mod that I want to try and recreate for GRAW 2. So here are my questions for those in the know; 1. Can the kits be given names i.e. call support kit 3 "Roadblock". 2. Can these kit load out "characters" be given individual and unique skins and models? I have a lot more questions before I get working on this thing but for the sake of coop multiplayer, these are the most relevant for starting a mod like this. Thanks for anything in advance.
  5. Wolfsong, you ROCK! My group was going to be playing Vegas 2 for my birthday LAN party but the damn thing got delayed again to mid April. Your mod is going to save the day! I've been looking for a reason to jump back into GRAW2 and this is it. I'd love to see Bretzies mod be compatible with your final build and I'll try to give a report as to the LAN party results. Don't listen to the haters, I've been on many boards for many games and you Grin guys have gone the distance with supporting the community.
  6. Okay, that post is pretty damn funny
  7. I'd love to see that feature back as well. In Coop it is just murder running across maps. My nightmares of JOps return.
  8. These skins look great! Love what you're doing here.
  9. REally neat model, I can't wait for this weapon. Maybe we can do a community mod and have your work in there with Bretz. Add some maps and some new skins and you've got yourself a whole booster pack! Keep up the great work guys.
  10. Rabbi is right. The support weapons are great in "squads". If you like loan wolfing it, don't bother but they are fantastic in a team. It is easier for riflemen to work an objective when you know the direction of the enemy, have someone pop smoke and then lay down fire. There are numerous other (and probably wiser) ways to use support but this works for me.
  11. Great mod! I'm going through the game again with this mod and the one that blocks all the yelling in the tiny screen to the right.... way fun!
  12. Fantastic! Really fine work. I'd like to see coop for this map too
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