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  1. Exactly. When I cannot be bothered playing an objective based mission, or playing online - the one thing I like to do is start up a good Firefight. If this made it into the next patch, I would be a very happy man
  2. Please, for the love of God, put some instant action SP modes in there! Firefight and Defense would be great, and certainly increase longetivity. Pretty please?
  3. Couldnt locate it in the downloads section... what is it? a mod? Come on dude, its the first return if you type Frostbite in to the DL section search engine. Odd, I think it was because I filtered the search first time round - I never got any results. Got it now though and although fileplanet is erroring out, the second mirror is working
  4. Couldnt locate it in the downloads section... what is it? a mod?
  5. I want goodies! Oh well, at least my post made it to the news page!
  6. Mine came today, and boy am I happy The graphics are nothing to shout about in this day and age, but c'mon - the gameplay is amazing! Why they dont make games like this any more I dont know...
  7. Not long 'till it arrives! I remember playing the demo, but i never really got into it. GRAW2 made me want this game again Cant wait to get playing!
  8. I found [GR] plus expansions on Play.com for £7.99. I know its a fantastic deal, but is the game still worth buying today? I recently bought GRAW2, but with little to no replay value, It has got me addicted to Ghost Recon but leaves me wanting more! So, worth getting?
  9. Thats odd, I made it out first time! He just drags himself for a couple of steps and collapses outside of the door you enter the bunker by, as the helicopter lands. I think you have to take a certain route out to be able to do it.
  10. As an Englishman, I can "LOL" at that... mate...
  11. Im a bit of an AV/security freak Which program detected it? And what was the malware name? "Employee Monitoring" sounds like a category rather than a detection. More than anything, this occurance sounds like a false positive more than anything. I have not had any alert from this file, and trust me, in terms of AV/AS scanners, I go overkill
  12. I had something similar on the same mission... I was sniping from the top of the cliff with the m14... zoomed in on one guy patrolling and watched him get downed by a couple of rounds... ######? Looked at my map, and all my ghosts were way behind me guarding my rear, and the friendly forces were no way anywhere near the guy who got killed. It was reet freaky
  13. That, is fantastic Almost as good as when I was playing Campaign Co-op on "The Long Walk", and the attack chopper that has to be shot down to be extracted was hit repeatedly by small arms fire from my team - promptly forcing it to fly underground... Rendering it impossible to kill and therefore impossible to finish the mission... Funny, all the same - but nevertheless it shouldn't happen.
  14. I never tried that, anyone know if it's possible? Yes its possible. I took out the attack helo in "The Long Walk" by ordering my zeus carrying team-mate to attack it.
  15. Sorry to resurrect the thread... I have another question on this topic. When your men are clearing a crowded area and their magazine runs dry, they very nicely switch to their next weapon rather than trying to reload. (I like that touch - its the little details that keep me hooked ) However, under what circumstances will they switch back to primary weapons? I have found that once the area is clear, they still remain with the secondary weapons/sidearm - regardless of the fact there are no enemies around. No matter how long you leave them, or how many other move or follow orders you give, I still end up with team mates running around with pistols instead of taking a couple of seconds to switch back and reload once the area is clear! Sorry if I seem a little anal about these things but as I said, its the little things that keep me hooked
  16. Yes! First mission, nice but later has got a bit jerky But I'm probably pushing it at too high a res for my card (1950Pro) Excellent game though, aint it? Even on 'normal' I'm struggling to get passed a gun emplacement after taking out 4 roof snipers at a cross roads. Picked up the Mule at this point. It seems to want to do it the hard way!! There's a van in the road and instead of going around it the Mule tries to run over it with varying degrees of success I do like the ability to replenish from it though. Up to this point I'm stuck with a crap weapon instead of my favourite Scar L with scope, GL and silencer. Such a slick tool Evenso, after about 12 tries I still haven't got passed this damn gun emplacemt. GREAT version of GRAW Grin, love it! If its the mission i'm thinking of, it took me a few tries to do it. The one where you have to assault the train yard? If it is, study your map. There is an alternative approach that gets you behind the MG nests If you cant see it, just edge out and lob a grenade where you think it is. at least he will have his head down if the blast doesnt get him. I find frame rates are fine on my machine. Im using a X1950XT (Radeon), 2Gb RAM, C2Duo at 1.8Ghz. Textures are set to medium (it wont let me set higher), with character and weapon textures set to high. No problems at all.
  17. In that screenshot "play mission" is not available. Thats what his problem is. When he plays the mission in standard campaign mode (not "play mission" mode), he cannot advance to the next mission...
  18. This should be like that. They can't switch weapons unless you give them some other order in assault, like move, before they see an enemy. Then they would risk being killed while doing the switch. Having your team in Recon and then when they have identified an enemy switching them ti assault is used to to stealthy ambushes, and then you don't want them to switch weapons either. Assault is then used as the order to open fire. Cheers for that, Wolfsong. I thought there may be some logic behind it. I just cant get enough of GRAW2
  19. I get that often with my AI team-mates in SP. No obstructions, nothing stopping them from moving... yet they just sit there I usually start the mission again at that point, because I hate losing team members...
  20. First off, I must say that I LOVE GRAW2. Its a fantastic game imo. However, there are a couple of inconsistencies when you order your men in SP to switch between recon and assault modes. I find that they will switch to silenced weapons when ordered to recon, but will not always switch back when ordered back into assault. To give an example, I had a support guy armed with an LMG and an MP5-SD. If you tell him to go recon, he will switch to the SMG. However, when told to return to assault mode and provide cover fire, he insists on covering me with the SMG... Pretty useless considering I normally use his large magazine size to provide longer windows of opportunity. Its often the same with your other men, as well. With certain combinations of orders - for example telling them to cover an area in recon mode, then switching them to assault mode so they immediately start firing will cause them to empty the mag of the silenced weapon - as expected - but then not switch back to their primary weapon. Is this a gameplay feature? Or a bug? I was thinking there may be some sort of logic behind the refusal to swap back weapons, but it seems quite erratic and I cannot work out the criteria which will cause this "bug" to show. Has anyone else seen this? Can anyone from Grin comment? Cheers everyone
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