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  1. Cheers fellas, What can I say...if the silly folks at work give me access to photoshop notepad and ftp...then they should at least give me something to do!
  2. Recon.org.uk is on it's way back. After a sabbatical, it's time for the recon league to start up again. A league with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play is a rare thing, and should be treasured.
  3. Not quite...I think you'll find France are disagreeing in the strongest legal terms possible.
  4. JoeSchmoe

    The A-Teams

    It's basically a borderline skin mag with some other bits in between...
  5. You think that's bad 300? I'm still waiting for Joel Schumacher to give me back the 2 hours I wasted on "Batman Forever" Damn those Hollywoodians!
  6. I feel your pain dude, I can see that big 3-0 on the horizon... With the dirtsurfer (and mountainboards), it's an incredible riding sensation, the ground flashes only a few inches beneath your feet as you cruise down roads and hills; and blast through wooded trails. The board rides like a cross between a snowboard, skateboard and surfboard, and it carves like a dream. It's a pure adrenaline hit; as you find a new line down a hill, as you get low and carve so sharply you're able to reach down and touch the ground...and when you hit a drop or a mound and get air...it feels like you're off the ground forever... Pretty much every time I finish a run I've got a huge grin on my face.
  7. guys...you can view the clip now...right click and "save target as" for best results.
  8. Seems like they're a few sandwiches short of a picnic imo... They do have cool t-shirts though
  9. typical innit...as soon as I post that, webserver dies. There's definitely a knack to riding them, and the feel is somewhere between a snowboard and a surfboard. The trickiest thing is getting them moving. Once you've got some speed up they're stable and a joy to carve with You can pick up last year's basic model for about 200 squids...going up to 500 if you want a composite decked board with disc brakes (it's on my wishlist right now).
  10. sorry mate, not been near a normal skateboard for years... you sure you don't want to try longboarding instead? I can give you advice on that...
  11. Stuff to avoid? Those crap lollypop stick excuses for skateboards! Dude, if you want a real old school floaty feel, then perhaps you should try a longboard? Aside from that; try and find some soft Kryptonic wheels...makes for lovely smooth ride. Personally, I switched to the off road version, and couldn't be happier...walking back up hills is a pain, but it's worth it... My current favourite ride is one of these: Though mind has foot straps and aluminium rims...and here's a quick mpeg of me playing in Greenwich Park : Whee!
  12. Hmmph. I seem to remember a certain Manab saying that Ubi were going to strive for international release parity. Looks like someone's owed a sharp kick to the testicles!
  13. I like it. But; the image appears a little squashed along the vertical plain. Also, I think it might look a little better if the weapon were held further up slightly. Hope that helps?
  14. It's Chamonix...I managed to pick the one week that they had some of the best powder conditions in the last 3 years...hence my happiness
  15. Steve McQueen Vs Ali McGraw....a reak classic!
  16. OK, as requested by Syb...the reason why I think snow is a good thing. tbh, Rocky's got the best pic of me in the snow...
  17. quit being wimps! sheesh...get a snowboard offa ebay and go have fun. If it's flat where you live, get a powerkite as well; and have even more fun! I'd kill to have 2 foot of snow to play with in central london...
  18. watched the first 2 episodes last night (bbc3 - result!) All I can say is Very
  19. Yep, you got the Jimmy Stewart one right... Wrong about Bullitt though! I have defeated Necron! probably only for about 10 minutes though!
  20. uptrade? I can't believe that someone's proposing dictatorship as a viable form of governance! I can just see the edited version of the Gettysburg Address... "All men are equal; but some are more equal than others..."
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