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  1. And tell us why we don't see any online campaing then? We see cooperative, but rarely and very rarely coop campaign server, so don't tell me that no players like to play cooperative campaign. Just went to GRAW 2 Online, and no Coop Campaign were on. Stange isnt it? There is definitely a huge problem with the patch. Something is wrong with GRIN then, don't you think a patch is suppose to patch the game itself, so why do we need a patch now to patch the patch 1.03. You guy's at GRIN need to wake up. Why so many gamers would complain about this damm patch, and the problems we encounter with the Cooperative Online Campaign? for fun? I guess not, so whats your problem then GRIN? We made you UBI what you are now, we the players made you a multi millionaire company, so why do you treat the gamers like thats? And this goes also for GRIN. Don't you have any respect for the players around the world that made you what you are today, a very successful gaming company. Imagine and imagine real seriously, what would happen to you at UBI, when no more players would buy your game, imagine, your company would go dead. Don't you think? Remember the first day that UBI came to life, it started from and idea, then a game came out, then the players bought the game, and years has passed by, and................... you know the rest of the story. A multi milionaire company was born in the name of UBI. Because of who? because of us players from all around the world, buying your bug over bug games. Because of what? money, to save damm money. Because even if you don't say it, it all comes to money, well it always come from money issues. To save and save money over us the players buying and making you rich, what a shame to you UBI, Shame seriously on you. So, if I put it up this way, without any players buying your game, you wouldn't exist, so show us all of us around the world buying your very bug games some RESPECT, and work on the game, to solve the multitude of problems. Don't blame us the players buying your game, for your lack of respect, and the problem with this game, cause what you are today we made you. Always remember this, WE THE PLAYERS MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE TODAY, without any of us, you wouldn't exist, well if you were remembering, you wouldnt treat us like you are now. So solve your damm problems GRIN, and UBI, and act like so call professionnal, like you should be. Stop fiding excuse and find some answers, to solve your problems with your buggy game.
  2. Hello Again! Well bad news the problem on connecting to my server is back again so to all of you guys sorry, and GRIN get your butt on a patch, cause all of these guys in here are saying the truth. I have fix the problem but suddenly after playing on my server, the problem came back again. So I am not defragging, cleaning and fxing registry, except uninstalling your damm 3rd class game. Am ###### off right now.
  3. Well there was I guess with 1.02 patch. On my server info, it was showing 60, for 60 minutes, and I am the one, that have changed it, to that time, with the XML server file. But I don't know if there is a limited time with the new 1.03 patch, but when I go to my server info, when the game is launch it says 15, so I guess it's 15 for 15 minutes.
  4. Hello! Can someone tell me if there is a way to solved this little problem. I have played the game and have notice that the MP5A4, shoot one round burst and full auto, but when I choose the 3 round burst, it still shoot full auto. Thank you!
  5. Hello! I have my own Online Coop Camapign Server set up, when I start the game, and go to my server info, I see match lenght 15. How do I change this? When setting my sever from the in game set up menu, I don't see any match lenght option, so where can I change this to a longer set up. Before the 1.03 patch I was able to change match lenght to 60 minutes, but now since patch 1.03, I don't see the line to be changed anymore, in the GRAW2 directory. So can anyone help me with this please, cause 15 minutes is not long enough, for a real TEAMWORK Coop. Thank You!
  6. Hello! OK I have finaly solved the problem on the maps that wouldn't load up, when I was hosting a server online. The ONLY maps that would load up, were the number 1, 2, and 7 maps. All other maps would give me a connection issue error, and I could not play or host them. So I did what most players do in that case, I uninstall the game totally, when I say totally, it's the grand total. So I made sure all traces of GRAW2 would disappear from my PC. Cleaning up the registry base, defragging, etc. I have use some tools, and very easy one, to make me achieve this: First I have used: Ccleaner Second: Advanced WindowsCare Personal I have then defrag and restarted my computer. Make sure on your C drive that all folder from GRAW2 if any exist after this, you destroy them. NO TRACES OF FORMER INSTALL MUST RESIDE ON YOUR COMPUTER. So again make sure all traces from the game will be erased. Then I have reinstalled the game, patch it, and defrag again, and restarted my comp. And it worked the game now launch all maps when I host an Online Coop Campaign. and no crash. [Merged with your existing thread - Please try to stick to one thread]
  7. Well here another guy having the same issues here. Add me to the list then. The ONLY Coop campaign online I can host, after testing all maps, are the number 1, 2, and 7 maps. All other maps I get the same error message like you all do. And I have no mods pure clean install, and registry cleaned up. So UBI shame on you. I have never had this problem before patch 1.03. Thank you for your dedication, of making this game worst then before.
  8. Hello! I have set up a server and I cannot launch any other maps then the first 2 campaign mission. I go to my server set up screen, when I launch the server after waiting a certain period of time, it say's that server could not make connection, and to check my internet connection. But after testing all maps on my server, the ONLY maps I can launch from all 10 maps, are the number 1, 2, and 7, all other maps cannot launch and I have for all them the same error message. But my internet connection is very fine. So whats the problem again? Also I cannot see my ping on a Test dedicated server I have created, I have a " ? " mark, even if I right click on the server nothing show up, firewall is not activated, and finaly if I get to server info, nothing show up in the little window regarding my server specifacations. So whats the deal here? Can anyone help please? Thank you! [Merged with existing thread on this problem]
  9. Hi! I have a server for online campaign coop, ( not a dedicated one ) and since the new patch I can't disable the respawn. I use to have on my online server patch to 1.02 a no respawn setting, but since new patch I can't disable it, well I can't even find it, in the server settings. I am doing something am not suppose to do. So is there anyone who can tell me what to do to deactivated the damm respawn. I go into my GRAW 2 server and I open the XML file from my server, and it say's: max death value =0 but when someone die in my server they respawn, so whats the problem please? Thank you!
  10. Hello! For the last week or so, I have put up a server, ( not dedicated ) but it's mine anyway. A server that I can play on, with other people, without any of the immature, unrespectful, aggressive, punk, racist, sexist, and team killers attitude and comments, that we see on most server out there. Of course there is some servers that act in civilised manners and that enforced seriously the " R " word, that most people don't even know what it means anymore, or even some never heard ove it. " R " means: RESPECT. WOW what a beautiful word don't you think so? So BE ADVISED then, if you want to join my server, you're all welcome, unless you wanna act like an animal? Well then you'll get the BAN, on the spot. Don't forget by joining my server or any other server, your ONLY a guest, exactly like if you would enter my home or any people home. You're just a GUEST again. Your not the King and the Queen of the house, but JUST guest, you get my point? RESPECT starts by accepting, obeying, any of the rules made by the owners of the home. They make the rules you don't. They say take off your shoes you do, why? Cause you have manners and respect has the guest in a house that doesnt belong to you. Get my point again? You don't like the rules well you get out of the home, simple has that, again you get my point? DON'T FORGET BEFORE JOINING ANY SERVER READ THE SERVER INFO, it's simple, get my point again? Here you will see, my server info, so read it carefully cause if you want to join it, I will enforced those rules seriously. Thank you! BlackShadow Company Looking for Teamplay and Teamwork? Tired of idiots running around gun blazing, team killing, and showing no sign of RESPECT? Then welcome on my server, and enjoy finaly Teamwork! Be advise, anyone who doesn't show and act with civilized manners, and Teamwork, will be BAN on the spot! Oh yeah! BTW No Respawn! Your Host: ArchAngel"
  11. Hello! Amazing weapon mods, I love it, but here what happen to me online yesterday playing with a buddy of mine. After a while playing map #1, when buddy told me that he couldn't ear the sounds of my M4A1, also he notice that he couldn't see any weapons in my hand from your mod. If I was using the in game weapons he could see the weapons I was carrying with me or holding in my hands. Also while I was loading my weapons in combat gear menu, before starting the game with him, he told me, that the ONLY weapons he could see was the smoke and nades, in my inventory. I have to tell you my buddy wasn't using your mod. So if anyone joining a server, that doesn't use your mod, they have all the same problem that my buddy had with me, when we played together. - After a while they can't ear the sound anymore - They dont see any of your weapons on my load out when am choosing my gears in the cambat gear menu - While in game they cannot see any weapons in my hands or my back. My hands has they say are totally empty Thank you!
  12. HI! Well I look at the forum 4 times a week every week, those are the days that I am not working. Cya!
  13. From a former soldier, I wish you the BESt. Be safe and may God be with you! ArchAngel
  14. Damm! even the BEST of the BEST Elite military soldier on is own, couldn't do this at that rate of speed, and accuracy. I guess GRIN and UBI don't give a ###### about players been complaining for years. Money talks ###### walks!
  15. And why not 3000? The in game set-up when configuring your server is set to 3000, and some mention on a tweaking guide on how to set-up a server, to set it up to 5000. So what's the rpoblem then to set-it up at 3 or 5 thousands?
  16. I totally AGREE also. GRIN work on a patch guy's pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  17. As you can see from the image Core 0 = GRAW1 Core 1 = GRAW2 Core 2 = other games Core 3 = other games The occupancy of the core for GRAW1 is 100% (as usual) but GRAW2 is around 40% both run core affinity (which is single core occupancy on a multi core system) hope it helps This is for DEDICATED MODE p.s. What would be nice is a tutorial, like "Beaver" is asking for for the in & outs of setting up multi dedicated etc, instead of trial and error method which is in place at the moment. But Grin will speak soon.. Hi! I don't know where you got your info from, but I have check also opening up my GRAW 2, but I wasn't able to take a picture of my CPU usage, with the print screen button. But after opening up my game, my CPU usage was 100%. And I wasn't even playing just on the set-up screen. By closing down my game I gain back 98% of my CPU. So my question here is: Did I miss something? if so what? Thank you! Legionnaire Dan
  18. I have to agree with you guy's, what ###### me off the most, is exactly what your are mentionning on this topic. I mean it's ok to have some sort of challenged, but it becomes seriously unrealistic, that these AI a SUPER AI . It is incredible and unbelievable what these AI can do and peform with this game. I mean UBI guy's gives us a patch man, cause no matter how good we are or even great some human plauers are, we can't even come close to what these AI can do, so level up the AI intelligence, and fix those bugs, please. Thank you!
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