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  1. This is GRAW2. Not GRAW1. GRAW2 is an optimized version of GRAW1. So that issue isnt even relevant anymore =\
  2. We must be playing a different game here. I can assure you that you do not have to lead your targets in any way, shape, or form. One of the strongest points of this game is its near perfect Netcode. The only thing a high ping does for you is delay the time it takes the server to register the hits between the players and the server. Thats it. You can put a bullet into someone that has 500ms ping at a dead run, and it the bullet will register a half-second later. So when you say you have difficulties shooting running targets, that leads me to believe that your not a good shot
  3. As a matter of fact I've played that map many times with only the m99 and I never have a problem pushing up with it. Uh. When has lag ever been a factor for anything in GRAW2?
  4. Be sure to visit Here for an indepth discussion on the m99 sniper rifle and more information about m99 Awareness Week!!
  5. We at TeamHOT would like to bring to the community's attention about the atrocities that the m99 causes to servers. This weapon has been known to cause Despair, Outrage, Public Nudity, as well as mass exoduses from populated GRAW2 servers. Widely considered as a "Noob Weapon," this rifle can cause even the most skilled of players to drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Something MUST be done to stop the wanton destruction that this weapon creates. As it is currently, merely being grazed by the massive bullet can send you spiraling off to dreamland and waiting for you to be reborn again. The round can also pass through most objects like a knife through butter (except for Trees. The Trees in GRAW seem to be made of some sort of Super Density Steel that can shield you from all manner of projectiles). You can also bring a 22.76lb (11.38Kg) rifle up to your eye and fire off a round after a full sprint in less time than it takes you to blink. This allows you to run around at full speed and use the weapon virtually the same as a 7lb Assault rifle. Normally a weapon such as this is used to safely detonate ordinance or disable enemy vehicles. But we now see this weapon being used to utterly decimate entire populations of players trying to enjoy the game for what it is. I have even witnessed bored snipers picking off helpless rabbits. Therefore, to raise awareness of the m99 throughout the community, TeamHot will be using this weapon almost exclusivly over the next few days. We will demonstrate exactly how the m99 can be the most powerful weapon in the game and why we, as a community, must voice our concerns over just how overpowered the m99 is. Please voice your concerns in this thread to let the devs know just how unhappy you are with this weapon. The following is a demonstration video of the proper use of the M99 Sniper Rifle http://youtube.com/watch?v=r7bg9SCUPoo Please. Think of the Rabbits. Don't Abuse the m99. TeamHot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post will be updated regularly with suggestions from replys on how the m99 could be changed for the better as I'm sure this thread is going to get rather long. Also, This is a video showing just how difficult it is to handle such a heavy weapon from a standing position. Quite the opposite from what we see in-game. MorphingJar - The best way to nerf this gun would either to severely increase the time it takes for you to bring the scope up to your eye, or to prevent a player from sprinting while he has the weapon out. A combination of the two would be perfect and bring the weapon more to how the devs imagined it should have been used. PersionImmortal - Introduce heavy weapon sway when standing or crouched. |PoRn|-EcKs- - Add a slight delay and breath sound to the firing of the m99 to simulate the sniper "taking a breath"
  6. Its quite simple. Grenade Launchers and m99s are noob weapons. They are for people that are unsure of of their shot and try to take their kills whichever way they can get them. A simple hand grenade is 100x more versitile than a grenade Launcher. You can bounce it off corners, chuck it over a fence, and clear off rooftops. I personally have no respect for users of the noob weapons. Real Players use Assault Kits.
  7. Punkbuster? Seriously? Punkbuster is absolutely terrible at catching hackers. It truly is. About the best punkbuster can do is catch changes to cvars andwhatnot. None of that. Theres also the punkbuster screenshots. This game already has those. Bottom line is this. There are your known hacks, like MSX Security, and then your widely distrubuted and barely functional hacks. While punkbuster is extremely aware of hacks like MSX security, they will only go after the trashy hacks because they are easy to find. and easy to stop. since most of them rely on simple cvar changes. punkbuster will never get rid of hackers who make their own custom hacks or get good ones. only the noob hackers who download them off of trashy sites. Also, I'm not even going to BEGIN to rant on how bad their "Punkbuster Service" is a terrible and resource consuming piece of crap.
  8. The weapon "stats" in singleplayer are merely superficial. According to them, the RX4, SCAR-L, and M416 are exactly the same. The difference between weapon damage of each weapon is negligible (Excluding sniper Rifles). And every single weapon is EXACTLY the same length. The weapon stats also only reflect the base weapon. And don't adjust for attachments like GRAW1 did. So for those who want to know the differences between attachements and what not. Frontgrips have a dramatic reduction in recoil. Surpressers Elimitate muzzle flash and muffle the weapon sound. Combat Sights increase your accuracy slightly and make mid-to-long range shots more accurate in single-fire and burst fire. It also seems to increase recoil slightly. Spraying with combatsights is not recommended. Grenade Launchers Speak for themeslves. All you need to know, at least as far as MP is concerned. Is 1 shot to the head, 3 shots to the chest.
  9. I'm going to go with HH_Calavera. You can spawn, spin, and shoot a GL. Zone is cleared.
  10. Problem is, there are several modes, each with a spawn limit definition, so TDM could be 5 but Siege could be unlimited, RVSA can be 7 and Hamburger hill could be 10. It's going to be hard to get all that in on the server name line, especially if anyone plays in 1024x768 or less as the line with the name can only hold '28' characters ! drop to 800x600 and see for your self. only your server rotates like that though BDA. probably 1 other. 90% of the other servers are single gamemode.
  11. If your server has a set spawn limit. Please note that in your server name so people know what they are getting into
  12. G15 Keyboard + Trillian Pro + TrillianG15 plugin + Xfire plugin = All the Ingame chat you can shack a stick at. Plus no compatability or framerate issues. a 2nd moniter works wonders too
  13. Favorite Map: Lagoon. Least Favorite Map: Nowhere
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