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  1. There wouldn't be a bash in the first place if this wasn't posted They could, but the server XML files should always override in the case of the user not being kicked by the anti-cheat, as every bullet path is determined on the server side, not on the player side. I also find it gut-busting hilarious that these hacks surface the day after this post discussing this very thing was created.
  2. According to GRIN, as was stated by a dev, It is. But as we've seen. It's not
  3. I've just confirmed something. And this is something that GRIN really needs to pay attention to. Because they obviously don't know what they are doing. In other posts, and I will try to find it later, GRIN Absolutly positivly assured us that Clientside changes to weapons would NOT take place as the server would always override them. I have proven this to be a load of ######. The hacker in question had the balls to return to the server twice. On the 2nd occasion It dawned on me. Hmm. I wonder what happens when i pick up his weapon. So I braved all odds to run into his spawn where he was TKing everyone. Kill him. Steal his MRC with the grenade launcher. And sure enough. I had unlimited grenades, and the need to reload was not there. I proceeded to "Unleashed the fury" as they say. So Obviously. Client side changes to weapons ARE Taking place on the server
  4. Apparently another member of our clan witness someone using an M99 like a semi-auto. Whatever the hack is, it must have come out yesterday. because before that there were no hacks. Here you go grin. Your first test of your "anti-cheat" system. Get this stuff sorted out.
  5. Yes. At first I was convinced that there were no hacks of real concequence in this game yet. Having played through the beta and demo from beginning to end, I have not come accross a single hacker. Last night in BDA server however, I was blessed with my first sighting. A player simply named "viper" was pulling some impressive scores. Now normally when somene complains about speedhacks, I simply think that the person lagged out and suddenly came back in the the middle of a run. This causes the server to readjust you to where you are "supposed" to be. I have had this happen on multiple occasions to myself. Mostly when I am running off a rock or ledge. So I take the speed hacking accusations with a grain of salt. I still have yet to physically see someone speed hacking. However what caught my eye, was viper's ability to toss a continuous stream of grenades. He would throw 2-3 of them at a time. Then throw a couple more. He apparently had unlimited grenades. This time I saw it with my very own eyes as I followed him around specifically. Unfortunately we were unable to get fraps video of him doing it because Bottobot was a noob and called him out on it. Hackers have a tendancy to freak out when you find out exactly what hacks they are using. Oh and btw "B017LD31", Punkbuster is the worst anti-cheat you could possibly implement in a game. It's absolutly worthless. But theres another thread entirely about that discussion, so lets not start it up here.
  6. I have NO idea what this means. But, if it means how it reads, I would think it would make a lot of people happy I wonder if this information can be changed at the client end to alter the weapons characteristics? That would be called hacking
  7. TeamHot has created a Xfire group specifically for helping teams get in touch with each other for various things such as scrims or matches. We would like at least 2 members from each clan to go to the following website and sign up. This will ease the need to gather dozens of different clan's xfires tremendously. www.Xfire.com/clans/graw2scrim For those of you that do not have Xfire or have not heard of it. Xfire is the Premier Free chat utility Made exclusively By Gamers for Gamers. You can see what games your friends are playing and even join the servers they are in. Another feature, which is currently disabled for GRAW2, is that you can chat to your friends while they are playing games via In-Game Chat. As well as Transfer files to each other, simple voice chat, and automatic downloads like patches and demos. Visit today and sign up!
  8. This thread has nothing to do with coop. The Kit selection in general is the main focus here. Then I respectfully suggest you specify that in your thread title since it's a touchy topic for coop as well. Your title leaves it WIDE open for interpretation. There's alot of multiplayer this and multiplayer in different threads that and all people are talking about is adversarial gametypes when many of the things they are talking about bleed over into coop. Many of the suggestions are quite poor for coop and may not be wanted or to the detriment of it's gameplay. If GRIN were to take this thread as inclusive to all multiplayer gametypes then COOP players would be screwed. I think it's VERY important to target your thread especially when you have not intention of including cooperative play yet the features you are speaking of are inclusive to it. As such I think it's quite valid to bring the coop perspective into the thread. Next time be more specific. I personally don't see what the COOP players are getting all bent out of shape for. There is nothing at all wrong with kit selections in "COOP vs Multiplayer". I wasn't aware that there was such a split between the two communities. While we are talking about diversities here, lets take it one more step. My understanding of the whole argument is that Since the teams are Humans vs AI, there is no need for any "balance" issues such as the kit selection. So the COOP side of the line wants to have every weapon and attachment available to them. They want to be able to fully customize their loadout to make them into a virtual One-man-army. I think the biggest thing that seems to be forgotten here is that the COOP players are taking the "coop" out of the game. You have a significantly larger amount of teammates available to you. So the need for One person to have, for example, a Grenade launcher plus a large amount of hand grenades is completely unwarranted. Perhaps you should try and actually cooperate with your teammates and use actual teamwork to accomplish your goals. Have the support person pull up and start spamming a corner of the street for cover while the rest of your teammates crosses the streets. I played a little COOP back in the day with GRAW1 and more often than not, you would see one or two players with the "perfect kits" clear out 70% of the map by themselves. Limiting each person's equipment actually promotes more teamwork between the players to try and overcome the AI. Coop Perspective included
  9. Actually, if you have paid attention to my previous "Awareness" threads, this thread is exactly that. Just in a different context. The M99 thread was more of a bash depicting just how broken the M99 sniper rifle is. But it was an awareness all the same. There is a significantly larger portion of the GR.net community that knows just how overpowered the M99 is than just your usuall complaint of "The M99 is so stupid! Get rid of it!". On this point, there are quite a few players that question why the kits are set up the way they are and why GRIN decided not to implement the same kit selection system as GRAW1 MP. This thread attempts to explain The differences between the kits, the reasons behind why they were set up that way, and offers suggestions to GRIN on how to improve it. This thread has nothing to do with coop. The Kit selection in general is the main focus here.
  10. Unlike GRAW1, Grin decided to make GRAW2 all about balance. The Weapon kits are balanced in a way that no specific kit is more powerful than the next. The none of the Demolitions kits have suppressed primary weapons. All of the primary weapons in the Assault Class have front-grips where applicable. Just about all of the Rifleman kits are blessed with a G18 when the primary weapon is silenced and a MP5SD when not. Theres not really much to Support and Sniper as their primary weapons are the kits themselves. - Demolitions is pretty straight forward. Boom Your Dead - Assault leans for Primary weapon Stability and Grenades - Rifleman Kits lean more for accuracy with the Combat Sights and Suppressors. Another benefit of the Rifleman kits is that most of them also include the G18. Which is arguably the best close range weapon in the game. - Support kits are there for Gun Spamming to keep heads down. - Sniper Kits are there to pick off targets at long range There is more than enough kits to choose from to enable you to get a good mix of weapons. But, as always, when you have that many kits, you start to get kits that are a little out of place. The most out of place kits usually have to deal with the M8 and the MR-C. The M8 more so than the MR-C. For example, nearly every class that deals with these two weapons has a Combat sight on them. This fact is the same through all of the Assault, demolitions and rifleman kits. Now lets get into the nitty-gritty shall we? Can someone explain to me why you would pick Rifleman 10 over assault 9? Anyone? Someone? You wouldn't. Rifleman 10 is inferior to Assault 9 in ever way imaginable. You still get the suppressed M8 Carbine with the combat sight. But you are stuck with an unsilenced MP5 and lets not forget the lack of grenades. Speaking of Combat sights, why is it that the M8 and the MR-C are the only weapons in the Assault Class and Demolitions class that get Combat Sights? Whats wrong with the Iron sights? Quite frankly, I think that a slight redesign of the available kits is in order. I know for a fact that the reason behind the MR-C and the M8s having combat sights in the assault kits is because these weapons do not have the option of a front-grip. Well. What about giving them more ammunition? An extra clip or two would certainly offset the lack of that. Not to mention the fact that both weapons have inherently better stability than other weapons without the front grips. Demolitions 10 and 11 should not be there. The combat sight from Assault 9 and 2 should be removed. And the MK45 in Rifleman 4 should be replaced with a G18. (That was just silly). Also, Think about the possibility of perhaps adding a suppressor to Sniper 1 to give the kit at least SOME distinction between that and Sniper 2. Currently, there is none. And remember folks. If we had the kit selection from GRAW1. Everyone would be running around with assault rifles with suppressors, Grenade launchers, and Hand Grenades as their only weapons. This is one of the primary reasons that GRAW1 was such a flop. Kudos to the GRIN team for an outstanding job, if not slightly mind boggling at times, at creating a very balanced kit selection system. This has been another informative post brought to you by TeamHOT for Preset Kit Awareness Day
  11. Those maps can't be fixed with multiple spawn points as there isn't room for it. Like said before, they are best played with 10-12 players. And personally I suggest only playing DM on them, and then there is no problem. Very small maps like Arroyo, Nowhere, and Fort are extremely bad examples of this. You know it. And I know it. Having these sort of maps on servers with a large max player limit only leads to Spawn camping by one team or another. But would it be unreasonable to stretch out the spawn areas on very large maps like The_Cut, Crashsite, or Timber? Calavera is also a map that has had the spawns in question since the beginning of the beta. The way the map is designed, you can be spawncamped from over 50% of the map for either spawn.
  12. I can probably think of a good reason why there aren't a lot of posts. Most of the suggestions to help change the M99 for the better have already been made. Weapon Sway, slower scope up time, and inability to sprint while weapon is out are the 3 most logical places to start. Decreasing the weapon damage or removing ability for it to shoot through objects would take away from what the weapon is. Theres also the fact that they might be afraid of posting their thoughts because of people like you who try and shoot down everyone because you feel that as long as people use the weapon "As intended" that theres no problem with it.
  13. Your definitions of most references are poor (in my view) to say the least, abit like 'Teamhotz' video skillz. Using a weapon to it's fullest use does not mean going around popping of kids on a public server, playing like a rank armature. Also your comparison to Alcohol is a poor one too, get some alcohol awareness, learn to use the weapon in game like you do and see what happens in a real match. If you are one of those teams, (mentioning no names) and all you want to do is snipe, then do it and see what happens when your team is nuked with a barrage of tubes. The whole point is, the weapon has no problem, like you said, it's the lameoid that abuses it that's the problem, this is a game not the constitution of America. The abuse of any weapon happens in public servers, spawn killing, as you demonstrated, it's endless. I'm pretty confident, that this will become a not issue and all those that want the M99 & GL disabled will not get their wish. All this is getting personal especially since the last page, with the introduction of 'TEAMHOT' . AGAIN you miss the point by a mile. You impress me at every turn Viiiper. You haven't provided a single constructive post either for or against the issue other than firmly stamping your foot to the ground and spouting your own personal beliefs on how YOU think the weapon should be used. The issue here isn't about removing the M99 from this server or removing the GLs from that server. The issue is that the M99 is utterly imbalanced compared to the other sniper rifles. Explain to me why nearly every single weapon in the game share virtually the same damage, has the same recoil, and the same accuracy as their brothers. Minor Differences excluding, no one weapon gives you more of an advantage over another. The weapon you choose is Personal taste and preference. A single shot to the head or three shots to the chest. Two shots to the chest if your using a Sniper Rifle. Or one shot ANYWHERE if your using the M99. The Scopes on both the m14 and the MSG90 are also 2-3 times slower pulling up to the eye than the M99 depending on how long you've been jogging. Not to mention the fact that the M99 has a better zoom as well. It seems to me like the M99 is getting a little singled out. And not in a good way. I'll also say this again. The video I made was not a "Skillz" video. It was not a glory video. It was merely a video showing exactly how imbalanced the M99 is when used by someone who doesn't fit your perfect "definition" of how a sniper should play this game. It wouldn't have mattered who I was playing against. How I used the weapon and the end results would have been completely the same. Oh and PS. If your going to try and insult someone. At least try and use Spellcheck.
  14. Im not saying it is css or I want it to be like css, all I said is that 1 weapon will balance the other. You took my whole reply the wrong way. Its a team game and if your team are playing infront of you with their close up weapons, a snipers job is to sit back and takeout what the guys infront of them cant see.... OTHER SNIPERS. Actually. Theres a pretty big debate about GLs. And in no way shape or form to GLs "balance" out anything to be honest. But that discussion is for another thread.
  15. Exactly. I just entered a random server and and started hoofing it as fast as I could to the other side of the map to get into the face of the other team. This wasn't a skill video. This wasn't a glory video. This was just a video showing exactly how the M99 can be exploited to be used as a shotgun as you called it. (I describe it like that too when i talk to people on vent ). The complaint I keep hearing is that snipers are supposed to be tactical. They are supposed to be hiding in spots. They are supposed to be in a bush. They are supposed to be looking for that lucky pick. However this weapon can favor the aggressive player as well. As a matter of fact, its actually more suited for the aggressive player. Merely shooting a players finger will cause him to die. It has near instantaneous zoom. And the quickshot, while difficult at times, is extremely effective at close to medium range. No one doubts the weapon is effective at range and close range the lift up time is fast, but when used as you demonstrated, it can look (and be) abusive to that point, where anyone inc. you could of taken any scoped weapon. Your real complaint if I may, is the effectiveness of other weapons to wound and not kill is out of proportion to it. Like was said earlier in this thread, the wound model for all other weapons feels poor, making this one stand out (and the tube). In GR1 the effectiveness of all other weapons were greater and this is what you see, if the single shot from the M99 did not guarantee a kill on hit to any part of the body then it may fall into line with others. The scope up time looks fast in the video but in a real server (not public bug hunt) the gun is rarely used as demonstrated as the sniper would be deal with. You pet hate is for public servers, where the problem is prevalent, if GRIN slows the pull up speed while run to stance, this is not a big problem for private/ clan servers as its use is diffrent. But to be honest, when things settle down, will you be running and gunning on these type of servers ? I think not, as you seem too knowledgeable to be satisfied with them. I have never run and gun with the M99 and I use it alot, I normally take cover (number 1), I scout the area, then locate possible targets and try to eliminate them in an order where the first kill does not give the second tango my position. All I can say is we are in the midst of two communities forming, in which GR1 never really had to contend with. What ever your ideas for a solution, should not impose negative factors on the pro players that love this game for what it really is. I'm not agreeing, I'm just not disagreeing Just because YOU prefer not to use the weapon to its fullest of capabilities does not mean that there is nothing wrong with the weapon. At the same time, Just because some people prefer NOT to abuse alcohol, doest mean that there's not an alcohol problem. I'm sure the entire community is grateful that you are one less person that abuses the M99. Now Viiiper. Since you seem to think that both of the Other sniper scopes can be abused in the same way as the M99, I challenge you or anyone else to use those weapons as such. To use the weapon in close range, on the run, and fire off rounds quickly to destroy people and go back into hideing. "The Scopeup time looks fast?" The scopeup time is insanely fast when compared to the MSG90 or the M14 after a jog. Believe me. If people had problems with the MSG90 or the M14, we would have heard all about it. Haha no STI40. Again sorry for that. Easton was drunk and giving a play by play of you and Cooper. So I popped shots off at both of you. He found it quite hilarious. It was all in good fun.
  16. Exactly. I just entered a random server and and started hoofing it as fast as I could to the other side of the map to get into the face of the other team. This wasn't a skill video. This wasn't a glory video. This was just a video showing exactly how the M99 can be exploited to be used as a shotgun as you called it. (I describe it like that too when i talk to people on vent ). The complaint I keep hearing is that snipers are supposed to be tactical. They are supposed to be hiding in spots. They are supposed to be in a bush. They are supposed to be looking for that lucky pick. However this weapon can favor the aggressive player as well. As a matter of fact, its actually more suited for the aggressive player. Merely shooting a players finger will cause him to die. It has near instantaneous zoom. And the quickshot, while difficult at times, is extremely effective at close to medium range.
  17. Bump. And who was the one that challenged you to use the 99 on Arroyo? Looks like he can eat his words. That was the best piece of lame video I ever saw, Lets recap, you or a member of your team going around killing a load of disorganized armatures, you going into the spawn area of the other team to take kills, you demonstrating how easy it is to use a M99 as a rifle, where you had several misses and the opposition were so dumb, that they didn't even hear you running up to there area. No one bothered to tube you? just amazing, how nice, TeamHot. Lets get the facts straight if you want to use a M99 or any rifle against a load of kids to prove a point then your not making your point very well. When you fight against a true tac team then make your lame video if you can. But we don't do kiddy popping. Don't try to kid the wise. Again. As always, you miss the point here. Not every player is part of a "true tac" team. As a matter of fact, well over 90% of the people that play this game are not part of a "true tac" team. And I hate to break the news. But I've had the exact same results playing against entire groups of clans in various servers. Ghost has already admitted to that. Not according to Jar. He told me specifically that you guys were world champions at GR. I asked when they were held because we were on two ladders where we held first place and (sigh) we weren't invited. Like I said, a bit of smack talk is fine w/me in servers. It's the behavior of 3 of your members tk'ing teammates which disturbs me most. Disturbs me mainly because it's hard to believe that someone that ignorant is able to function in society. Now now Ruggbutt. Lets not put words into peoples mouths. "I told you specifically" that TeamHOT is a top clan in the world and has won championships in a variety of games. Specifically.
  18. Lets gather 'round kids and be amazed. For your viewing Pleasure, here is an informative video on the proper use of the M99 Sniper Rifle. Enjoy! Link to Youtube
  19. There were several suggestions mentioned in the first post. Intruducing heavy weapon sway when not prone, increase the time it takes for you to bring the scope up to your eye, as well as limiting the ability to "Sprint" while the weapon is out.
  20. No problems. I didnt mean that to look as if it was directed specifically at you. But to all the people trying to sidetrack M99 Awareness Week.
  21. To be honest I have a bigger problem with the "noob tube" as well. I could only see a few changes you could do to the GL... like no running while equip, but I don't see that being sufficient enough.. but yes I want it changed. How about a 40% chance it blows up in the users face? *SNAP* *SNAP* Lets try and keep this on topic shall we? This thread is about M99 Awareness week.
  22. Not one person has said anything different. No one was accusing you nor your teammates. Relax, take a deep breath. The Implications are there. But thats beside the point. I bet if these screenshots were from Clone members, you'd be jumping down Constantine's throat
  23. These screenshots are about TeamHOT playing in WDA server last night. I can assure you that TeamHOT prides itself on professionalism and not a single person in HOT uses any sort of hack. The Admin Screengrabs introduced in GRAW2 are very inconsistant. You cannot take them at face value, especially over something as minor as discolorations over the top and bottom of the screen. www.TeamHot.net
  24. TeamHOT server will be up in a matter of days. No m99. No GL. All Skill.
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