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  1. This patch does not work for Direct2Drive versions of the game
  2. Whenever I try to place a building in the map editor. The buildings are all 500FT away from the object marker. Trying to position them is nearly impossible. Any way to move the buildings once you've placed them outside of rotating them?
  3. Map doesn't matter as they determine no settings or features. Game modes does. So what mode? Always happens in TDM. Has been an issue since the beta.
  4. I'd reply to that if it could even be remotely called a "comeback"
  5. Top notch bunch of guys. Very fun to play with. Sign up peeps!
  6. Camping isnt the issue. 10 year old bush design with no collisions and bad textures is the issue. At least in other games, if you even breathed inside a bush, you made quite a bit of noise. Hell. ALOT of noise. In this game? not a peep
  7. I'm going to stay out of this as much as I can, because this is Keyser's battle. This is not [GR], Ruggbutt. And I sincerely doubt you have played a single scrim for GRAW2. Play the_cut, timber, or crashsite. Every single bush will be shooting at you. The aggressive team looses, end of story. Its impossible for you to move around "Carefully" as you put it on these kinds of maps. And when you do pop out, theres no way for you to know which of the dozen bushes your looking at has a person inside.
  8. Wow, I have a HUD?! Where did I put the damned thing, then? Beretta RX4?! Kickin! I can turn-in my POS M16A2 now, then! And that MSG90 sniper rifle is sure to be a hit with the guys who are still toting M14's! And the ZEUS- gotta be all sorts of handy to have a man-pack guided missile to tote around! EVERYTHING about this game is futuristic! NONE of it is in the field, save for a few of the more conservative firearms. M8? ARE YOU NUTS?! Have you been hiding under a rock for the last four years? WE'RE NOT GETTING IT! PERIOD! SOMEONE may be using it, but they're not in the US military. And the similar interface in the hands of a certain group of soldiers was a test of prototype that lacks a lot of the functionality of this cool CrossCom thing- you still can't designate targets with it for artillery or airstrikes. And I'd bet dollars to pesos that it'll never see the field. Get your facts lined up before you go jumping on the 'BUDDY' train... In one way shape or form everything shown in this game is currently in testing phases, development, or current use. The M8 carbine was dropped because troops felt that it wasn't durable enough to suit the soldiers needs. In 2005 congress denied the funds needed to continue development of the weapon in favor of other weapons systems and in 2007 the program was suspended pending further review. (Real futuristic there buddy) This weapon is available commercially. The M416 is currently being used by Special Forces units along with small amounts of SCAR-Ls and SCAR-Hs. There are many versions of the X4 available commercially today but due to Beretta's hesitance in meeting certain regulations, it is not allowed to be used currently by US military and police forces. The Rx4-Storm (Version seen in the game) is still in development but is slated to begin sales relatively soon. The Italian military is said to be considereing adopting this weapon program (thats a given considereing Beretta is an Italian company) and the US military has considered adopting this as well pending if Beretta can meet US regulations on the weapon. HK's MSG90 was developed in 1987. Nuff said. The MR-C is currently in prototype development to be the next Standard Issue weapon for the military. (Note this is the ONLY weapon in-game that could be considered "Futuristic") G36 was introduced in 1995. Nuff said The Hud system (Over the eye screen) is currently being field tested with certain soldiers on the field. This refers to soldiers operating Robotic weapons systems such as SWORDS, Lockheed' s MULE and various small ground based reconnaissance robots not excluding robots used for bomb disposal. It is also being developed to coordinate information between air, land, and sea forces more efficiently. An Example of this would be that today's new Jets are being fitted with an extremely wide variety of different sensors and cameras that feed information directly to the Command stations as well as commanders on the field to help coordinate troops better. (Another system that you could call slightly "Futuristic") The ZEUS is extremely similar to the Javalin system currently being used by today's forces. I would call that a "handy man-pack guided missile." Also, JASGripen links a weapon system that seems extremely similar to the ZEUS. There we have it buddy. The Ducks are all in a row. Just because WE aren't using it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I also never said that every gun in the game was used by the US military. So how about you get your head out of your ass before you go "Jumping the BUDDY train". Whatever the hell that means.
  9. News flash there buddy. Theres nothing futuristic at all about this game. I'm sure the HUD is not exactly the same. But a similar interface is being used in today's battlefield with certain groups of soldiers. All weapons are currently being used as well with the exception of the MRC which is currently only in prototype developement. Nothing about this game is futuristic at all.
  10. This is my point exactly. If i disagree with your "Opinion" on how the kits should be set up, then I'm not contributing to the thread? You make me laugh Flimflam. The truth of the matter is that most of the people who play this game are just fine with the kit selection is set up. A very small portion of the people who play the game even know these forums exist. Even fewer bother to post in these forums. Of those few people who do post here, even less bother with posting in the threads in regards to the weapon kits because theres nothing wrong with them. There is plenty of variety in each kit and they are set up in a way not to overpower the maps. Zeus in quarry? Thats the biggest joke I've heard all day. Would make the map a cakewalk and is completely unnecessary. I've never played any of the coop maps before last night. So me and a few of my buddies, who also have never played coop before last night, decided to blow through the maps on an empty server just to see if we would have any of the "problems" that so many of you coop players preach about in regards to the limited weapon selections. Other than some issues getting across the bridge on sierra, we had no problems what so ever. The sad, sad truth of the matter that you just don't want to accept is that the coop (Shortened term for Cooperative) maps are designed to be played as such. You need to cooperate with your teammates in order to complete the mission. But the majority of you who play coop don't really want to do that. You just want to roll through the map and blow things up by yourself or with your buddy that you might have with you. You feel that because the other players in the server aren't "cooperating" with you that you need your "perfect" kit so that you can deal with any situation just fine by yourself. So the problem here isn't the weapon kits, its the players that play coop game types and don't actually cooperate with the other players on the server. You coop players need to come to terms with that instead of creating dozens of useless threads on the forums. Oh and btw. My Pots and kettles are silver.
  11. Because all weapons in the game are in the load outs somewhere. The RPG is in as the player can pick up enemy weapons int eh game. And the RPG was selected for the particular mission as a Zeus would have been too easy, but we can remove it so you must C4 the tanks if that would please more. There are far more weapons available to the Ghosts that are not part of the US arsenal then the RPG. I think you just made a VERY good suggestion Wolf. You could still include RPGs as a viable weapon if you place enemies with RPGs in positions where it would be possible for a player to kill said RPGer, take his gun, and shoot it at a tank. Would make the entire experience much more difficult and fun at the same time. This makes getting the optional "Easy" tank kill a little more challenging. Right now, we have 2-3 people running around with RPGs like they are grenade launchers and destroying enemies every time they die. You also have a VERY large portion of the "coop" community that believes the only way to kill said tanks are to use the RPGs. Its not at all difficult to watch the tanks movements and see where they stop. For example, each tank in Quarry has at least 2 spots where it will stop for a period of time. Watch the tanks and find out where those spots are. Move to those spots when the tank is away and wait for it to get close and stop. run up and plant your bomb. Boom. Tank is gone. To prove this point. I played on a quarry server just now with 2-3 other people. By the time all of the normal enemies were dead, I was the only one left in the server. I took out every single tank with nothing but C4 and perfect timeing.
  12. I already have contributed in an entirely different thread. So why don't you check your ego at the door instead of acting like this isn't the 30th thread about this very topic. The bottom line is, people want to have the "perfect" kits so that they can roll through 70% of the map by themselves. Assault-rifle + suppressor + scope + GL + some hand grenades = I don't need any other teammates. Its been a proven fact in GRAW1. So I don't see how this is a "wise crack" at all. Its as simple as that. Having the kit selection not only promotes more teamworks, but almost makes it a necessity. If you know someone is behind a wall, you can bring up a teammate that has a grenade to chuck it over. Hell, thats what you do in real life. If you don't have a nade and you need one, you call for someone who does. Need to cross the street or keep some heads down while you push up? That support guy sure comes in handy. Getting picked off by a sniper? Bring up your own. Getting pinned down by an MG nest? That Grenade Launcher will sure come in handy. With the "perfect kit" you can accomplish all of that by yourself. Why should one guy be able to take out that sniper without breaking a sweat, smoke out a baddie hiding behind a crate, and blow up a patrol of enemies as if it were nothing? This game and these maps were not designed to be played that way. All of these coop maps allow you to have way more than 3 teammates. So the need for completely customized kits is not there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current way the kit system is setup.
  13. I'd like to confirm that there is quite a bit of Crackling in the game when using Audigy soundcards with EAX enabled.
  14. In all honesty, I'm more interested in the maps to come rather than the ones that are unfinished. Some evenly created competition oriented maps are exactly what this game needs right about now.
  15. Even if you did have a screen cap. Its just a map glitch. Ban them and move on. No need for E-drama =\
  16. Definatly for keeping the current kit selection system. Its extremely balanced, minus a few errors here and there. In-depth views on the kit selection and minor imbalances can be read here
  17. It's not that the M8 has been "toned down". Rather every weapon in general has been normalized. There are slight damage variances here and there, but every single non-sniper rifle requires 1 shot to the head and 3 shots to the chest.
  18. Even in a no respawn TDM scenario, having no deaths doesn't necessarily mean that you are the winner. Assuming that Player A died every round, that would mean that 10 rounds were played. Now lets assume that Player C got 4 kills the first round, and 3 kills the 2nd round. Realistic for a camping sniper. What about the rest of the 8 rounds where he hid and didn't kill anyone? These stats don't make any sense >.< Back to answering the OPs post. Obviously Player A pulls out ahead as being a better TDM player. Even if Player B and C were on the opposite team and the extra kills added up would go to a player D, Player A would still be on top. Your positive Score is whats important. Not your KDR
  19. I hardly think that this "attitude" will spill over to other servers. The primary reason that single spawn servers are not popular and probably will never be popular with the majority of the community is that you ALWAYS seem to get that one teammate that just likes to camp a random out of place bush for the entire round. This causes someone who gets noobed by a nade early in the round just sit and sit and sit.
  20. nope. It refers to client side changes of the .xml file that pertains to the weapon stats themselves. I believe what we are seeing here is exactly that. Someone created a weapon or altered a weapon using these methods and the server side is neither overriding the changes nor kicking him for altered game files. The fact that I can pick up a hackers weapon and use it exactly as he would is proof enough of that.
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