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  1. is anyone making any use of this beautifull model? i'd absolutely love to see it in game. or did i just miss a post in the thread?
  2. looks awesome! how will it perform with the new cartiridge and all?
  3. MK14 EBR http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/t...0-17-093634.jpg any chance this bad boy would be made? its so much more ghost like than the m14 in game [Oversize image changed to URL - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  4. haha ya it is a sweet rifle, just imagine a ghost weilding that bad boy i never played any of the mods for GRAW 1, how do they play (i heard the engine gave modders a hard time?) that would be great to see some really good quality mods come out with new content
  5. ok basically, is there any chance of more weapons being put in game or is it a case of shut-it and be happy? lol and the MK14 isnt a futurustic weapon, simply a modernized classic, that fits well with the Ghosts arsenal of modular weapons, thats all, i see it as an upgrade to the M14 the other things were just thoughts rolling off my head, and the only one of any signifigance is really being able to have different optics for the same weapon.
  6. the guns in GRAW 2 are well done but there is so much room for improvement. first, why use the single shot M14? IRL a team like the ghosts would probably use the MK14 EBR version of the M14. this gun would be so sweet in game because you could then add all types of mods to it, it has full auto, and could be scoped. VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type...ory=0&page= PICS http://images.google.com/images?um=1&t...mp;q=MK14%20EBR i just feel like this gun fits so much better into the GRAW world than the old M-14 in single shot only also my next suggestion is simple but would make the game so much more the ability to mount different sights to the different weapons. for example i want to mount the E0Tech to the M416...why shouldnt i be able to do that? that would also add more room for other optics, such as the ACOG 4x scope, which would be great to use for those medium range shots where the red dot just isnt good enough but the surroundings dont need a full sniper rifle another thing i was thinking about it far less important but would be nice, just being able to choose where to mount to scope, or foregrip. for example mounting the scope closer to the face would be better for CQB but not for longer shots. mounting it farther would be better for longer shots (the dot is smaller covering up less of the target at distance) and a place in the middle the foregrip, closer would be for faster turn rate/weapon agility, farther for more stabilization, and inbetween for a mix of both. just some ideas any possibility any of this could ever happen? or is the support timetable not allow for it. and would it be possible for modders to achieve any of this? thanks so much for the game, gameplay is very good and the potential is there to be absoultely amazing! very fun
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