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  1. Jon, GRIN_Straha was the weapon modeler for GRAW 2 he might be able to help work through this, not sure. I'm sure if we get Wolf he might be able to get a hold of him for a few questions. Bottman
  2. Thanks for the Tip. It looks like the Aug A3 is in Sniper Canon 2.1, Although could modeled much better. I found the F2000 in shootout 2, but I would rather see the tactical F2000 versus the standard F2000. Also, can someone not mod in the GL or make a version without the GL. The F2000 tactical doesn't have the huge optic, it just has a 1911 rail. Thanks to anyone who is willing to take these on!!
  3. You have the FN F2000 done? If so, is it in a mod? Here is a pict of an Steyr Aug A3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Start_01.JPG It is not an Aug para. Thanks for the help.
  4. Gang, I'm looking for a mod, or the best mod/mods that contain the: FN F2000 Steyr Aug A3 Do any exist? If not can some one put these together? Thanks, Bottman
  5. Ok, got it to work. Thanks Spring... You hit the nail on the head.
  6. Exactly the same way as described for the M1014, but change the entries for the Crye instead. Ok, I obviously missed something. I unbundled the patch bundle, modified weapon_data.xml (changed the MR-C to secondary and the class id 3 to or something like that), rebundled the data folder called it my own bundle, placed it in the mods folder and modified the context.xml. What am I missing. Sill lost. Thanks for the help .
  7. So is there an easy way to change the MR-C to a secondary spot? If so, how? Thanks.
  8. Awesome Mod Brett!! Keep up the great work. I would love to see an MP-7 as a secondary for 1.5.
  9. open your u_teammates.xml and make your Hume look like this: @teammate_ai_macro( teammate_hume, ghost_team_cloth, teammate_hume_husk, joh_, john_sound ) <!-- @teammate_inv_macro( teammate_hume_inv, ghost_team, teammate_hume_husk, joh_, john_sound ) --> @teammate_player_macro( teammate_hume_player, ghost_team_cloth, teammate_hume_husk, john_sound ) @teammate_husk_macro( teammate_hume_husk, ghost_team_cloth, joh_, john_sound, HUME ) the important part is the CLOTH in "ghost_team_cloth"! Awesome Thanks! I have an Ageia card, but I wan't sure where or how to get this to work. Thanks SpringMan!
  10. Did someone ever figure out the Sniper Ghillie suit? I remember reading about a Hume? model that contained a ghillie suit... I think that would be an awesome addition. Wolf, any info??
  11. Any News on this Mod Whisper? We need this Weapon!
  12. Now Brett, You have made 4 fantastic primary AR's and 1 excellent pistol... can I interest you in a secondary weapon? I think it would be great to have an excellent CQB weapon with a high ROF and Kevlar piercing rounds; small compact with a reflex scope. Hummm? Ahh, a MP-7. That would be one kick ###### mod! You're the best Brettzies!
  13. No, there is still a gag order for any unreleased content. There will be no word of a patch or anything else, until a release has occured. Have a nice day.
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