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  1. care not to comment this anymore.
  2. please remember this Brandemburger! i do seldom do things unintentionally and with this mod i have known exactly what i've been doing. many of the weapons may have the same characteristics, but they are kinda brothers and sisters to each other. so to speak. stocks, sights and caliber may differ, but many come from the same idea. modding GR is a fine line between reality and fiction and that's why it's so fun. but what i do not think it's fun is people like you. you walse in here like mr know-it-all and come with ridiculous outbursts about this and that. im sure there are other people that may appreciate this mod and the work that has been done to create it. NOT only by me, there are many talented guys that has contributed to this. guys that i respect 100% and want to honour. /ingeloop well spoken there clone_ranger.
  3. im absolutely stunned here Brandemburger!!??. . . . . . are you for real? why play GR at all? complain about having too many weapons to choose from, you must be kidding me? have you ever thought of this? Udmurtia is a region in Russia, southern ural area. capital is Izhevsk, home of one of most famous WEAPON factories in the world. they make the kalashnikov there you know. a couple of the best elite forces is there too, Krechet and Sobol. so if you have some imagination, a big part of this GAME is imagination, then perhaps some operators desire certain weapon/weapons for certain operations. i do not think it's a hard thing for their command to get whatever weapon they should need. i have at least 4 diff. units in this mod and i'd like to think they have their own special preference regarding what weapons they like and to use. just because the weapons are there, does not mean you have to go mental and have diff. to choose weapons every mission. pick your own favourite and stick with it. i've spent many hours searching the net and trying to understand how the russian elite forces act, dress and operate. i have not seen any UNIFORMED russian unit to this day and i mean with camo, weapons or anything. they just take the thing that they like. im not saying im an expert or something, but i say that i got a pretty good idea of what im doing here. apparently you Brandemburger are not. /ingeloop
  4. well thank you very much Clone_Ranger, im very glad to hear that you enjoy the Udmurtia Spetsnaz mod. im looking forward to see some screenies from the Airsoft event. good luck with the kit m8. /ingeloop
  5. you'll need a good scope mask. (PM niccola and ask if he can share his) then make sure in the .gun file you have this sniper option <WeaponMotionType>2</WeaponMotionType> or <WeaponMotionType>3</WeaponMotionType> for bolt action rifles. and set the ZOOM in three steps, like this for ex. <ZoomSettings> <Zoom>1</Zoom> <Zoom>4</Zoom> <Zoom>10</Zoom> </ZoomSettings> there is a scopemask in the orig GR and that comes visible in the weapon motion types 2 and 3 if im not mistaken. its kinda big and do not cover everything outside the reticle. but it works. /ingeloop
  6. now that's the spirit Brandemburger im sure you succeed to get a hold of DS and IT. just browse around the internet, have you checked out the GR frontpage, are there not any links to any shops there? /ingeloop
  7. let's stop now Brandemburg and leave the thread to those that perhaps need and want some help with this mod. ok? /ingeloop
  8. hi guys! would you like to get the upper hand on your enemies? well look no further , try my new ACOG and Elcan reticles then. you can either DL them from GR.net Here or this alternative ftp link Alt. /ingeloop
  9. cheers rocky for the quick post.
  10. X2 to that GWDS to Brandenburg: there were quite a few guys ready to step in to help you out, but got cold feet when you got all worked up. i do not blame them, courtesy and respect is A and O here. /ingeloop
  11. All I get when I try to download this mission pack is "We are unable to locate the file to download" Tried about 6X's now. it worked for me also , if you refer to the missionpack. SANDF_EP_v1.zip. i just clicked on the DL button over where you can post comments.
  12. im really sorry about this Read Me file thing. i'll mail Rocky a new Read Me and hope that he can replace the old one. no need to go mental Brandenburger, but i'll follow your advice and stop wasting peoples time. therefor i hereby announce that i'll stop mod useless things that make people go mad ...................................................................................NOT!!!! i'll be the first to admit that im not the greatest modder/creator of things, but please keep in mind that my intentions are all for the best of this community. i can not repay the help that i have recived over these years, i can just try to create things that i hope will help GR get better. you learn from your mistakes, at least i do, i hope cheers / ingeloop
  13. you must have these add ons/mods to play this mod correctly. i think i have made a mistake and not stated that in the Read Me file. but that is more or less a must whatever mod you play. always have MP1 and MP2 as a base of your mod activation list. as Tinker said, the Makarov is in the Mp2 mod. so, do not wait any longer, get these mods ASAP /ingeloop
  14. hi brandemburger! i have checked out the kits and equip folders and the strings.txt and found nothing strange. when i play the screens look like this: as you can see, there is nothing strange here i have the following mods activated, // MODS SETTINGS - LIST OF MODS ACTIVE ON THIS SYSTEM "\mods\mp1" "\mods\mp2" "\mods\udmurtia spetsnaz" so as Migryder pointed to, can it be something with your strings.txt file? or has something happened when translating to polish? i have used the original name token in the .gun file, as seen below <ModelFileName>w_makarov.qob</ModelFileName> <NameToken>WPN_MAKAROV</NameToken> /ingeloop
  15. hi brandemburger! there is no easy way to just have one unit to play with. my suggestion is this: to learn how to GR and modding works, why don't you try to replace the .atr files in for example rifleman folder with the unit you like? that's why i made that atr_chr_data.rtf, a great help. but please make a backup on the folders you're working with. as i said, a great way to get to know GR is to start learning how those .atr , .gun and .kit files work. im going to check up on that other question you had, about the kits. i'll be back on that. /ingeloop
  16. hi xxxooo! im going to see if i can create a MP folder and an exampel .kil file so you can see how it's supposed to look like. then you can create your own things. in the mean time, the best you can do is to look at the Original GR folder to see how the files look like in the MP option. reg. chr and atr files, i think they are quite easy to understand which chr and rsb that belong to a certain .atr file. /ingeloop
  17. i've found the problem with the missing textures. it's two folders missing in the TEXTURES/WEAPONS folder. i'll contact Rocky asap and see if he can post a patch w these missing folders. there is also a alternative link here : UDM_Spetsnaz Patch /ingeloop
  18. what textures are they? can you please check that up niccola? /ingeloop
  19. hmm, that's very odd. i'll have a look into those textures tomorrow. did you DL the mod from GR.net? /Ingeloop
  20. hi! please check out how the .kil files in the original GR folder look like, there are in kits folder. you can easily make your own and put in whatever kits you want. /ingeloop
  21. a wonderful post and i'll second your opinions Ita_killa! /ingeloop
  22. cheers GWDS and GR.net staff /ingeloop
  23. yes, please do that m8, and let me know if those textures still bug you. im glad you like the mod. /ingeloop
  24. and then convert .aif sound files into .wav , then you're ready to take the tube
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