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  1. hi there everyone! i just wonder if it´s possible to get some swedish uniforms and kits to GR on my mac? i know there is a swedish mod, but it´s for pc and done by wolfsong i think. anyone know some tricks or have a clue? ) /ingeloop
  2. hi ruin! easily fixed? may i ask how? im not a super-modder. i would be grateful if you could explain. /ingeloop
  3. hi! i try to run the Vympel-mod in the desert siege campaign, but i seem to have a small problem. the riflemens uniforms are just plain white, everyone else is allright. it´s just the riflemens uniforms that are something wrong with. has anyone a clue or a solution? best regards/ ingeloop
  4. hi there everyone! i´ve followed the instructions how to run IT on a mac with the help of the mac-patch. everything seem to work, but there is just a little thing that bugs me. there seems to be something wrong with the textures, some things are just plain white, chopper some trees etc etc. how do i fix this? has someone else run into this? please help / Mikael (ingeloop)
  5. hi! i just want to thank all the guys and perhaps girls that does a fantastic job creating mods for GR, both mac and PC. feels great to be able to enhance the game with diff. stuff. i myself can not create something like that but im full of praise to those who can. best regards from Mikael (ingeloop)
  6. hi there! i´ve downloaded the conv. Black sun and tried to play the missions in a campaign. the first five missions went ok, but mission 6 (start inside castle,dragons tooth i think) just crashes to desktop when i try to start. anyone got a clue?
  7. thanx a million dark ranger! the mac mods-link (dynamic) worked so well. i´ve downloaded a couple that i will have a go at tonight. thanx again / ingeloop
  8. hi! i downloade the mac mod HX3 from the news page. title: "mac owners rejoice" ????? and i can´t semm to get it to work. the game just crashes. i added the mod to the folder-started the game-went to options/mods- and try to activate the sucker and the it crashes. what im i supposed to do? /ingeloop
  9. hi everbody...again ) ! about mods for mac, i´ve tried to download some things from the fileplanet free slot. but it seems impossible, the only option it seems is to subscribe to some magazine or what. i don´t want that. i can gladly tribute to the one that made the mod or something like that. clearly there must be someone with a mac that plays GR? best regards/ingeloop
  10. hi and thanx! i think you´re right about my card. im thinking about buying a ati radeon 8500 64mb. will that do the trick? /Mikael
  11. hi there! i seem to have a problem with my screen res. when playing desrt siege. in options i have set the screen for 800*600*32bit and the zbuffer to 32 bit. but when the missions begin the z-buffer is not set to any bit at all and the only option that you can pick is 16 bit. i have a mac g4 733mhz 512 ram and a 32 mb geforce 2mx card. i hope anyone can me/ mikael
  12. hi! i wonder if there is one or more mods made for mac by anyone? or is everything just made for pc? where can the be downloaded? best regards/mikael
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