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  1. the mod team is working at a slow but steady pace and at this time i can not state the ETA for sure. Tinker may have a better guess about this. a good guess though is a short while into the new year. as a celebration to 2009 and to a good year for [GR]
  2. here comes a small update on some MEND chrs, the guy with the yellow and red hood has got a "bobble" on top of his hod. then we have a new chr with an intimidating hockey/tribalmask. the good man Phlookian has been a great help in creating these chrs. and i can assure you all that these guys mean business ................ best regards/ ingeloop
  3. i am saying again , what does your IKE.LOG say? can you post the text from it? im pretty sure there is a simple explanation. /ingeloop
  4. just DL'd the eq. to teamspeak, it's called teamspeex for mac. so im ready to go, should any one host a coop during the following days.
  5. im really itchin' for some online coop gaming , but it's been so long since i last played online. so guys, shoot me for asking , how can i join up if you're going to set up some coop? /ingeloop
  6. Im also DL right now. thx a lot and congrats to you ApexMods for a great contribution. /Ingeloop
  7. as promised here are some screenies of MEND rebels. please note that some of them are subject to some changes. more to come ............... /ingeloop
  8. yes m8! i can most def send you a pic and you'll know exactly what im after. keep a lookout in your regular mail. /ingeloop
  9. hi guys! im in desperate need of help to make a small attachment. i already have a chr and skin, the chr has a hood/balaclava face, but i would like a small "ball" on top of the head. like a skihood or something like that. if anyone that can model on chrs feels up to it, please PM me. best regards/ Ingeloop
  10. cheers m8! we do our best to deliver the goods i'll post some screenies of the MEND rebels tomorrow if things go well. a good bunch of special chrs to say the least wait and see ................
  11. Cobaka - For being so patient, helpful and always there when needed.
  12. i hope you not mean me m8 well, i tried to contact ATO several times and he explained that he got more and more involved in the security business ( vice president of CIS ). works with a security company that has missions all over the world. guess he gets his action there and not GR. he has not replied my mails for a long time. sad to say though.
  13. it seems that you're trying for the Chernaya Noch mod. this mod is not yet finished, sad to say it was Ato_Architects wish to just have sensors/radios attached to the demo-kits. the sensor is supposed to act as a radio, calling in air support and such things. i was aiding Ato with many things in this mod. /ingeloop
  14. cheers h-hour! what a surprise will DL it asap and get it on.
  15. happy birthday CommandoCrazy and Suicide Commando! hope you guys are OK and hope to see you back sometime
  16. hi guys! is it me or does anyone else has white treepoles on the bridge in the 3rd mission, Inlet map. can it be a texture missing or what? /ingeloop
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