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  1. i'll check my HD and see what i can find. but i can't promise anything, but i'll try.
  2. there is still quite bit of work to be done, but nothing impossible.
  3. i'll check with Tinker and see if we can give this lovely baby a new go.
  4. i saw that the jurassic park map is included in the GRPA 5 mod at Monomans MacGamingMods site http://www.macgamingmods.com/ /Ingeloop
  5. as Mig stated you need Photoshop or PS pro and the .rsb plug-in. then you take some screenshots with HUD disabled, F9 i think of your objectives. minimum 1 and maximum four different objectives in the briefing and let's say 3 screens of each objective. then you resize the screenshots to 126 x 94 px, this is a good size. PM me if you want a template. / Ingeloop
  6. cheers guys! should you ever visit sweden during summer, then bbq it is. with of course thx a lot guys for the congrats
  7. yes, that may be the case. been a while since i played that mod. are you looking for a mod that has all the players wearing the JTF camo? if so, you can easily edit the resp. actor files for the Rifle, Heavy, Demo and Sniper classes. Important! this may be done for strictly personal use. and not for public without permission from the modder. /ingeloop
  8. what do you mean? there is some great jtf skins in this mod.
  9. hi billy! i'll check my HD and come back with info. think i got a working version of BJB Canadian Ops, but i must check first. /ingeloop
  10. hi guys! here comes new screenies/teasers of MEND rebels and player characters. (New Jokermask, courtesy of Phlookian) Ghosts (Player characters) (courtesy of Eskwaad) /Ingeloop
  11. i can assure you all that this mod is going to be great, but then again im not surprised when guys like Migryder, Phlookian and Cobaka has been involved. this is going to rock!!!
  12. hi kyle_k_ski! the wearers english is poor and i think it add a nice touch with some pidgin english i will also go over the MEND chrs and give them a more "dirty" look, but on quite a few pics they actually has got rather white and clean shirts. perhaps just out of the laundry thx for the input m8
  13. fantastic work m8! absolutely great, im speechless
  14. i think it would be a nice touch i come to think of a crawl situation in Tof's traffic map, you have to take a small crawl to enter the laboratory from the hidden tunnel. i like the idea of some hidden spaces/secret hideouts behind doors or such. what happens when you quicksave i do not know as im no scripter
  15. instead of posting a number of posts id like to nominate, GWDS Tinker Migryder Thales Sixpence Eskwaad Phlookian and last but least myself inspirational and good men regards/ ingeloop i may have broken the rules, but hey, sue me [GR] rocks on!!!
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