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  1. Simsimi, do you have your Windows Installer in your services disabled? Check and make sure it is at Manual.
  2. Pave Low, I have read that entire post you pointed out earlier, and re-read it again to see if I missed something. It is clear that post has to do with Co-op maps & missions, not TDM. Also, everyone of those has to do with hosting, but this problem doesn't. THE only servers (for TDM, RS:V, DM, etc.) that can be seen, ARE just the ones that are immediately playing Calavera. Game type doesn't have a thing to do with it. He's not hosting, and he's not trying to join a Co-op. He's not getting any "cannot establish connection" issues, since he can't see those other servers in the first place. But I would assume the "but the major player is the timing issue and once that is addressed we can then see if any other associated issues remain" is the cover all to this. It would help if I knew GRIN was aware of this further issue that may be linked to the Co-op problem.
  3. This puzzles me, as this only affects my friends game when any map other than Calavera is playing on a server. He can see all servers when they are presently playing Calavera, not the others. Wouldn't a timing issue affect all maps?
  4. OK, we have failure. The strange thing in all of this is that if a server is presently on the Calavera map, he can see it & join. If it is on any other map, it doesn't show up on his server list. He has enabled DMZ in his router, opened every port listed for GRAW 2, isn't running any firewalls or AV's, has uninstalled/cleaned the registry/re-installed (using the 1.03 patch one time, uninstalled/reinstalled using the smaller incremental patches), and still can't see all of the servers we see. His comp/game was working perfectly before the 1.03 patch. He is on a network, and his son's comp can see and join all of the other servers we see. He's run the following progs: AV, adaware/spybot, registry mechanic, hijackthis!, and lspfix. All to no avail. Again, the weird part is the Calavera map situation in all of this. Any ideas? Anyone?
  5. Zoot, we've been working on this, and the last thing we're going to try is to enable the DMZ on his router. We have to wait about 30 minutes for his son to get in and do it. We'll keep you posted.
  6. Hey all, we have a member of our group that has installed the v1.03 patch, and since then he cannot see but about one half of the servers the rest of us see. This includes our server, which he has in his favorite - it only says "Offline". He has uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Before he patched from 1.02, he checked and could see everthing - but when he patched again, the same problem. We have shut down every firewall he's had, shutdown his anti-virus, etc. Still has the problem. This is the only thing that has changed since patching. He hasn't installed anything else, or made any other changes to his sys during this time. Any ideas?
  7. Alright, we have set up a dedicated server and have set the Auto_Balance to "false". We're not sure if this is the correct thing to do, but so far it hasn't done what we had hoped. Whenever our server changes maps, it resets the teams. We would like for the teams to stay the same instead of all the players being scrambled and put on different teams. Are we missing something? What should we do?
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