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  1. Me figure out random respawns? LOL, nah, I was thinking of getting ahold of lightspeed and see if he teach an old dog new tricks............
  2. Yeah, it's been a sickness of mine........... Also, there are new map packs for Sierra, Quarry, and Ageia Island. All flavors in TDM.
  3. YW GHOST_DesignatedX and glad you liked them. There is the Fog_Dusk_Maps pack in the DL section here, and a few more on the way. These will include Day_Maps, Dusk_Maps, Night_Maps, and Fog_Day_Maps. I have changed every GRAW2 MP map's environment and it gives a whole new feel to them. Thx again, and enjoy!
  4. Lancer, yes it will affect NV. Which makes sense, since the ambient light is lower, NV is less powerful.
  5. Monk, try these settings out. Ofcourse, change the <sky name="hacienda5".....to whatever it says in the .xml you are using. This is really dark and no moon. Only problem I'm running into is the distant landscape (out of play scenery) is lighter than the playable area.
  6. I think he's asking about the actual tree that works. Monk's tree, and he had it working did not include the "levels" folder (per the path below). Mine and Evilducky's tree that does work is as follows: "data/levels/custom_levels/my_level/xml/"
  7. Thanks for the help Monk & Evilducky. After communicating with Evilducky, and my not being able to do a simple bundle extract - I've uninstalled/reinstalled GRAW 2 and everything is working now. That, and Evilducky working with on cleaning up some code and path. Thanks again -
  8. Monk, here's the bundle log file. It's strange, because in the local/english folder it works, but the moment I bundle it and place in the custom_levels folder, it still won't show up in the Create Server map lists.
  9. MonK & Evilducky, thanks for the help - but there is still problems. In local, the game fires up no problems, the map shows up in the Create Server map list, loads and plays fine. BUT, when I bundle it and place in the "custom_levels" folder, it still doesn't show up in the Create Server map list. Monk, that all makes sense to me now, glad you explained that. I hadn't gotten that out of all of the threads & tut's I read. LOL, I'm calling it a night, but will get at this again tomorrow. Any ideas why it shows locally, but once bundled it doesn't?
  10. Monk, I understand what you are saying. I have mine setup a bit differently, but my bundle structure appears to be correct. Here is how it is laid out: Isn't this correct? From what I see in your post, you're using a folder structure only containing "my_level/custom_levels/my_level" located in your bundler folder when you run your bundle.bat? How do your other folders get generated?
  11. Monk, I appreciate the effort, but shouldn't my file structure be as follows for a simple map edit? Also, I've added the "type" to the Mission Script Path in the world_info.xml, as found in the tut's. All paths are correct within my xml's. I've tried bundling this in all sorts of ways, including your suggestions and still no luck. BTW, nothing "instant" here for gratification, I've been on this now for 4 days...............
  12. Ok, maybe I'm just burned out, but I can't get this map to show up in the Create Server maps list. I've gone completely through the tutorials, and these forums, and still can't pin this one down. What am I missing?
  13. No, not using xmb's in the bundling. My newest problem after some changes is that the map no longer shows up in the create server map list.
  14. Is anyone else getting an "invalid path" error with this map? It keeps crashing me to DT with the above error staring at me aftwerwards.
  15. Thanks Cangaroo, but no go. Talk about totally frustrating....... Apparently now, if I change anything in my bundle, it won't show up in the create server maps. The original bundle shows up fine. Even if I extract the working bundle, then rebundle it - it's ok. BUT, if I extract the bundle, change a file name, then change that file name back to what it was before - when I bundle it it doesn't show up in the create server maps. Figure that one out.........
  16. Ok, going from one problem to the next. At this time, I can't get the Rebel team to spawn in a TDM map I'm working on. The spawn points in my world.xml work, this I know as I swapped them out between the Ghost team, and they spawn correctly. Also, in my _rules.xml I believe this problem is residing. Apparently if I leave the standard tdm_rules entry alone, I get a "Spawn location for "tdm_spawn_b" + is not defined" error. But, if I place a "</element>" tag directly after the Spawn A location element, then I don't get the error - ONLY then the Rebel team is unable to spawn. Any ideas?
  17. Ok, here's what I found out: When using my own (or the tdm_rules.xml) file, the error was being caused by not having a "</element>" tag after each of the "<element type=........" entries. It originally looked like this: Now, it looks like this: Don't ask me why, as that is the default throughout the quick.bundle. Now, I just have to reset my spawn points.....
  18. Alright, in adding the "common" folder, GRAW2 now won't start and says that my map has an invalid path. But, when I rebundle it without the "common" folder, at least GRAW2 starts up. The settings in the "common" folder of the tdm_rules.xml is identical to my world.xml as far as the "tdm_spawn_b" is concerned. Just can't seem to figure this out. Any other ideas?
  19. Won't I then have to change the path in my missions.xml?
  20. Ok, if you will, do I place the *_rules.xml in my custom_levels folder? Also, which way do I write the code for the spawns, you gave me 2 examples: thx
  21. rules.xml? I wasn't even aware I need that file. Are you sure that shouldn't be in the mission.xml ?
  22. I'm renaming locations that are already there.
  23. Hey all, I am getting this error with a map I'm working on: I have gone completely through everything, and can't seem to find the problem. I've set the location & parameters in the world.xml. Any ideas?
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