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  1. Have you tried disabling the firewall? BTW, I have the same problem and have to reset my modem. It works for me.....good luck.
  2. From what I can figure out when GRAW2 is fired up, it only recognizes the maps/mods that are present at that time within the bundle structure. "Autodownload" can't work because for the new map/mod to be recognized - the game would have to be restarted. Autodownload would have been nice, but at the present time this feature just can't be instituted ....... Actually, the custom levels of "mhm" I put together did not conflict or crash with Biro's Castle Map as the structure I used REQUIRED the existence of Biro's map. It depended on Biro's textures, etc. This could have easily been done by other authors to avoid the crashes/conflicts. Still, the "Autodownload" wouldn't have any affect on such if all custom level bundles used unique names all would be well.
  3. Actually, I don't remember what the reasons were as I was going by what was in the forums concerning the Dam and Hacienda maps not being optimized..... BTW, what's this 300m draw distance on Dam that Wolfsong is talking about??? Are we getting a new draw distance in this patch?
  4. Really now, out of 5 maps we only get one that is Deathmatch? 3 are RvsA, and 2 are Coop? This is ridiculous. Before I threw out the maps I worked on, I'd never coded before; and in all honesty, to convert any of the maps they are offering would have been very easy to include TDM & Deathmatch. Not to mention, they could have easily updated the TDM to handle random respawn insertion points on all maps - new & old. Wow, I'm impressed......
  5. I'll call your two "moths" and raise a "squirrel" in heat......
  6. I pray you and yours have a very Merry Christmas this year!
  7. I'll bet chalk/money/or marbles that GRAW 3 will be the same let down...... As long as the "console" kiddies are the ones in control of development, we'll be looking at the same old crap - just a different bow tied around it. They just can't fathom the importance of: Pre/Post-game chat screens, auto-downloads for maps, squad designations (as in [GR]), AND REPLAYS! Whoever is assigned to do a GRAW 3 should be made (at gunpoint if neccessary) to play [GR] in a "clan ladder" environment for a few months so they could possibly understand what we all have been telling them. It's definitely NOT about pretty graphics with the following gameplay: spawn - run 'n gun to the opponents spawn - spawn rape - die - respawn - repeat until you wear the hair off your palms.........
  8. No thx, I've been "ported" enough by UBI & my ex......at least my ex said she loved me before she stuck it in...................
  9. What I'd like to see is a breakdown of the following sales: Ghost Recon (PC) Ghost Recon (Consoles) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege (PC) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege (Consoles) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (PC) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (Consoles) Ghost Recon 2 (Consoles) GRAW1 (PC) GRAW1 (Consoles) GRAW2 (PC) GRAW2 (Consoles) I think those statistics would give a better overall picture of which platform owns the larger part of the 15 million copies. Only 62,000 for GRAW2, and 309,000 for GRAW1, that leaves more than 14.5 million copies that were sold, and to who? I would go so far as to think the PC community has the larger share. And if it is as I suspect, then who in their right mind at UBI would think that "consoles" are the way of the future?
  10. No, I wouldn't touch anything they do. From all appearances, they "Don't get it", and never will. GR was a masterpiece, but since then the "console" mindset has taken over. All of the pre-game options (chat screens, squad selections, etc.) were tossed and with it they tossed the feel of "community". Everything seems geared for instant gratification as an individual, not a team. Start game, join server, fragfest, respawn, rinse & repeat.......how boring, uninspiring, and un-original They should have made it mandatory that GRIN, or whoever, extensively play the original in a clan environment/laddering SO that they could see what made it great. Bring on Ground Branch & [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising].
  11. You're in the mood and she isn't, and you yell out "X UP, DAMMIT, X UP!!!"
  12. Kenobi, have you also downloaded any other "castle" map that's available ou there?
  13. I think that depends on who you're playing Scrabble with....
  14. We have now placed all of the "Mayhem" game type bundles into an installer and it is now available for download. Simply download, unzip, and double click to start the install. The game type "Mayhem", for those who may not know is basically the exact same thing as TDM with the following changes: 1. Initial game team spawns are completely random amongst 4 spawn points (each team will spawn as a team in one location). All 12 permutations possible. 2. Enemies are not tagged when in the opponent's spawn. 3. 18 maps, each in 4 different environments. (Day, Dusk, Fog, Night) The maps included are as follows: Arroyo, Calaveras, Castle, Crashsite, Dam, El Paso, Fort, Guadalajara, Hacienda, Juarez, Lagoon, Mexicali, Mexico City, Nowhere, Quarry, Sierra, The_Cut, and Timber . That makes 72 maps to work with, including the excellent Castle_Day by Biro makes it 73. For anyone wishing to run these on their servers, the Mayhem game type is found as "mhm" in their maps listing of GRAW2 Create Server screen. The naming convention is fairly simple, and follows these parameters: A. (map name)_(environment)m. For example: El Paso in the Fog environment, would be listed as such "mhm_el_paso_fogm". These maps are best played as one round per map, which will guarantee the complete randomness of the spawns. The Mayhem Pack Installer can be found at this link: Mayhem Pack Installer exe v2.0 We at BSR will be hosting all 18 maps and changing the environments amongst them on a daily basis. Come in and give Mayhem a try, you just might sweat a little. You can find us on the BSR servers in GRAW2.
  15. PMC Bourne, Granted, having unlimited Ghost respawns may completely unbalance the game, but then again: to each their own. Personaly, I only play TDM, but don't mind seeing someone else posting about how to change a particular game type to suit their needs. As I see it, the GRAW2 community is already small as it is, and if you go around kicking (for reasons other than cheating, following server rules, or glitching, etc.) or "giving away" someones position to the enemy also doesn't help the community, but causes harm. So, if a game type can be changed and tweaked for a particular clan to promote their vision of fun, doesn't that strengthen the community? You don't have to play it, and neither does anyone else if they don't want to. More choices are always better, just ask the russians......
  16. OK, so it is in your custom_levels folder? If I'm reading this right, after you put it in your custom_levels folder you are trying to open the file? Not neccessary, just start GRAW2 and create a server and see if the "trr" game type is available on any maps. If it is, everything is working.
  17. On the initial winrar screen there will be a "continue" on the bottom left, click it. It will then show you what is in the file.......click the bundle and extract. Either extract to the folder suggested in these earlier posts, or somewhere else and the copy/cut and paste to the folder neccessary.
  18. Save to disk. At the page where you are downloading from it gives the size of the file. Use that to verify you are getting the entire file.
  19. earthling, As FlimFlam has stated, you apparently have a corrupted rar file. You need to re-download it and try again. Make sure that your rar file is the size it should be once you have dowloaded it. If not, keep trying. Once you get it and can unpack it, you should be good to go. Let us know if not.
  20. Fripounet, Here's what you are looking at: A. If you are wanting to run the TRR pack, then as Biro has said, you will need to remove the castle_day.bundle from your custom_levels folder. B. If you are wanting to run Biro's castle_day.bundle, you will need to remove the TRR pack containing Lightspeed's castle_day version. And..... C. If you are wanting to run the mayhem_castle.bundle (BSR), you will need to remove the TRR pack containing Lightspeed's castle_day version, AND make certain that Biro's castle_day.bundle is also in your custom_levels folder - the mayhem pack (BSR) requires Biro's in order to work correctly.
  21. TXgunner, they should all go into the first custom_levels folder. Which maps are you putting in?
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