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  1. Isn't that the truth, lol. I've yet to see someone try it out. I'm revamping it in a few days. Right now there's only 2 maps in the bundle, but I have 13 ready to include into it and some minor tweaks to add.
  2. Tinker, lol you got the bug also? Apparently everytime you use the editor with the Dam or Industry map (both of these have underground bunkers), this texture problem occurs. All you need to do (this worked for me) is make all your changes in the editor and when done save. Then open that new file in notepad, copy the entire thing, then open one of the original world.xml's and paste over everything in it. Save and place in your folder. It should be fine then. It's screwy I know, doesn't make sense why that would work, but it's the only work around I found.
  3. Nah, put it in the custom_levels folder. Be prepared, it's quite brutal.......
  4. Hmmmm, I don't know what's happening on your end. I fire up the mod and see 83 servers at this moment.
  5. Parasite, there is a function that allows you and others to start a Vote to kick a player. If I remember correctly, bring up your chat windown and type: /vote_kick # (hit Enter key) <----the (#)number of the player you wish to vote on. You can get their number by looking at the statistics screen, it will be to the left of their name. Then, it depends on everyone else voting to get the neccessary votes so the kick will pass. Good luck. PS: The command is either "/vote_kick #", or "/vote kick #".
  6. This is going to get interesting, lol. I'm a GRAW player, have played COD4 (to rank 55), and have my thoughts on COD4. Also, most my clan is the same as I am. So, I've heard what the GRAW players have to say about COD4. To now be able to hear what the COD4 peeps have to say about GRAW2 & this mod should be enlightening.
  7. That's good to hear, I'm interested in the feedback you'll have. I thought it was a shame that these new toys weren't made available to us in a multiplayer setting other than RvsA.
  8. A mod I have been working on is now ready for the masses. This mod is called ALL OUT WAR. It is based on the gametype "TDM", but has the following changes. 1. C4 is plantable on just about everything. (Demolition & Support classes only) 2. The Tagging system is operational. (Snipers have Tagging ability, Scouts have Heartbeat Tagging ability, and Scramblers have Detagging ability.) 3. The RPG is usable in the Demolition class. 4. All classes (except Sniper & Demolition) get a varied amount of both Frags & Smoke grenades. 5. The red "Hit" indicator within the reticle has been removed. 6. Minor tweaks to weapons. 7. 4 spawn points, initial team spawns are randomized. 8. 2 additional classes: Scout and Scrambler. At this time, I have only incorporated the following maps for this mod: Arroyo, and Calavera. When setting up a server, these will be listed as: aow_arroyo_x, and aow_calavera_x. Read the "aow_readme.txt" file that is included in the zip. In that file are the installation instructions. Enjoy! Here's the link: AOW.zip
  9. Well, I bit off more than I can chew with this one. I have found out the following: You can assign C4 to be "attachable" to every unit in the game, BUT each unit MUST be given it's own line of code in the *_rules.xml. Where it becomes a labor, is that in the world.xml, each unit you want to make "attachable" must have a "name_id"; and if they don't you must add one to it. I tried using a single name_id for several units, but that wouldn't work. Game started fine but wouldn't let you attach C4 to anything. Also, as for the landscape being attachable, it would only let you attach to structures above the pavement. In Arroyo alone, we are talking about 132 entries in the *_rules.xml alone - lol.
  10. Tinker, thx for the reply......and after you listed it for me, I found it in the *_rules.xml. LOL, so, if you wanted everything to be "attachable" it appears you would have to list everything located in the world.xml into the *_rules.xml also? Good Lord, that would get huge. I wonder if you can make the landscape "attachable" instead? Will have to try.....
  11. Has anyone looked into making the C4 plantable in a TDM setting to use like a claymore? I've looked into all the files I can think of. Any ideas?
  12. This caught my eye, so I went ahead and put together a Maps & Environments pack. These maps are stripped down versions of all of the GRAW2 maps (SP & MP). At present, I don't have a finished minimap for Retrieve, but the one included will work for now. I left all of the file/folder structures in order, and the mission.xml is included for reference. Enjoy! Here's the link: Maps & Environments
  13. You'd think UBI would understand that, they're French and test their women out before they marry them.......
  14. Wolfsong, I've been working mainly with the mayhem_tdm.bundle.
  15. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled GRAW2, and still the same problem. Any ideas?
  16. Ok, I've done everything I can think of. I've made quite a few bundles before the 1.05 patch. No problems there. I've dragged the folder onto the bundle.bat, and even used the Command Prompt as Tinker did. It bundles up but is not recognized. I again unbundled a working bundle, rebundled it without making any changes, and still it is not recognized.
  17. Wolf, the 1.04 bundle does work in 1.05. What I am saying is that anything I now bundle after the 1.05 patch doesn't work. Even if I take a working 1.04 bundle, unbundle it and simply rebundle it (absolutely no changes made), the new bundle isn't recognized.
  18. Name: Black Sheep Retribution From: Multinational General Language: English Homepage: http://www.teambsr.com GRAW 2 contact: Ruggbutt Voice Com: Ventrilo XFire: None Other games: America's Army, ArmA, Cod4, Lock-On Servers: None
  19. Ok, so now if I reinstall and only update to version 1.04 and bundle up a game-type/map, it is recognized by the game. v1.05 and Bundler not working for game types, but v1.04 is.........this blows.
  20. Ok, so I'm working on a new game type, and when bundled it doesn't appear when Creating Server. Here's what I've found out so far, anyone with ideas definitely let me know: All the bundles I earlier did (version 1.04) with a custom game type still work. Yet, when I unbundle them and rebundle they do not work. Exactly as I said, a simple unbundle and re-bundle of the same bundle and the game doesn't recognize it. Anyone else having this issue?
  21. Possibly, but couldn't this "game logging" also create lag on the client side?
  22. Take it for what it's worth, but since the new patch these crashes are more common. It has nothing to do with Brettzies............
  23. We gave your alpha a run last night, and even using the Tracker class, couldn't get the Tagging to work. We even checked the settings in the xml and couldn't get it running.
  24. Wolfsong, from the looks of the different classes you setup, it seems that you may be setting up the TAG system for adversarial (TDM). Would that be the Tracker that tags? Is the Tag system operational yet in this alpha?
  25. Ok, i just found that from the moment I patched GRAW2 (1.05), I am now saving files in my "game_log" folder of GRAW 2. The funny thing is, I never host any games, and for the life of me can't figure why it is saving "game logs" of all matches, etc. I've been in since the patch? Is there a way to turn this off?
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