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  1. ok sorry, thought everone has this and it's not hardware specific cause it happens also on my brothers rig with complete different hardware. did you try it and don't have it ? HK21E is the 2nd support kit's primary weapon, at least I think it's called HK21E have this bug from the demo to v1.03 tested it with generic hardware, software, Audigy 2 and 4 at both medium and high quality, EAX on and off, latest drivers. OS is XP SP2. Hope this helps, but I'm quite sure this isn't hardware specific
  2. Sound bug HK21E: the firing sound of the first shots can't be heard by other people. You can head it yourself, but someone else can't hear you shooting. But support isn't used much anyway so it isn't that big of a problem
  3. BIOS update fixed the crackling, and "high" setting instead of "medium" fixed the randomly missing footsteps on arroyo...
  4. This is common in games, far more common then you know probably. It's because the clipping plane is not curved. It's a straight plane 150 meters in front of the player. Extending that plane to the sides and then following a point from the center in front of the player then going right or left makes the distance between the player and the point longer then 150 meters, and as such you see longer gradually longer towards the edged of the screen. so please raise drawing distance before someone asks for a curved clipping plane
  5. try 160.02 ( http://winfuture.de/news,31805.html ) they run great with all shadows on my 8800 gtx
  6. YEEHAAA ! Just solved my sound problems with an bios update !!! Sorry for bothering you with that, Wolfsong
  7. my problem with drawing distance is not that I can't shoot someone from far away but that I can't see him. For example, if you are defending on a siege map, and you watch the field in front of you which ends at the map boundings, you THINK you would see someone passing this field, but if he is further away than 150m, you would NOT see him. He passes and gets in the zone; you loose... If there was fog, or you couldn't see the map boundaries, then I wouldn't think I could have seen him and there wasn't a problem, BUT as the view SEEMS to be clear and infinite(to the map boundary) you HAVE a problem, especially in a clan match with an organized defense. The low end system balancing argument doesn't count for me, BF2 and many other MP games have this option
  8. Audigy2 ZS Gamer and no issues w/sound. hmm, I'll wait for the patch, but if nothing changes this map is unplayable for me about the drawing distance: players with low end systems DO have disadvantages anyway, regardless of some people having higher drawing distance. So please add a slider for the drawing distance!!! (a guess, hopefully I'm wrong: this 150m is hardcoded in many places in the engine and changing that is a lot of work, so it's not about low end systems but about a lot of work for GRIN) If you CAN add a slider, please DO it, maybe you do something good for world economy because some people consider on buying a new PC Please don't wait with that untill GRAW3 !!!
  9. Blueberry, this is not very productive About the sound issue: same probs as Bota:16 here, I'm on Win XP tried Audigy 2 and Audigy 4 with newest drivers and tried Hardware(high, middle) and Software(middle), it keeps the same hope you'll find something ! Anyone with SB Audigy not having problems with arroyo ?
  10. GREAT NEWS !! but what about the sound issues, especially in arroyo ?
  11. This probably happend because the server's CPU couldn't handle the number of players, so it took quite a while for it to calculate the things happend. The Netcode is great, but hardware requirements for the servers are quite high. Give GRiN some time, I'd rather have a longer support than a quick patch and that's it
  12. There is a flaw in your logic. It is much more likely that on an unlimited respawn server someone would sacrifice himself and do the team a favour e.g. in holding the HH zone and drawing the fire because he can be there again in 30-45 secs if the team still has mapcontrol. About A, B or C: In tdm A did the biggest score for the team (+15) But to me its more likely that if all played the same time A is an assaulter and B and C are snipers and it says nothing about who is better or worse...
  13. Just wanted to add: The multiplayer part is freaking awesome, maps are great, netcode is fantastic, visuals and animations are very nice !!! Keep it up ! Greets, XtRa[]CliP
  14. one thing that I think isn't pointed out enough is the left out "squad leader spawning". I think this feature is one of the most importent features which made BF2 such a success. I really like to have this feature back again. another thing that should be addressed IMO is that you can't lay down when reloading. When I'm shot at, I'll hit the dirt immediately no matter if I have no hand free to rest on, though reloading should be canceled then. It would be great if GRiN finds some time to look at this
  15. so what you people are trying to tell us "whiners" is, that if a weapon is unbalanced we have to get better to counter it ?
  16. you havn't played this game very much, do you ? What I think is really funny is, that the same people who want spawnlimit are the ones who are afraid the M99 could be weakened
  17. maybe I'm just a player who wants a game he is really loving get a little more into his optinion of how it's ment to be played btw. i like: 1. m99 scope should take longer to get in scope. EDIT: and while doing it, more off traget shooting and i like: 2. Should be able to run while reloading. (Legs don't work while hands are moving?) and i don't like this AAO style thing: 3. MORE of a stun shake while being shot. (not sure what its called) a. Should be a lot harder to return fire while being shot. *** there IS adrenaline *** and i really like: We must be playing a different game here. I can assure you that you do not have to lead your targets in any way, shape, or form. One of the strongest points of this game is its near perfect Netcode. The only thing a high ping does for you is delay the time it takes the server to register the hits between the players and the server. Thats it. You can put a bullet into someone that has 500ms ping at a dead run, and it the bullet will register a half-second later. So when you say you have difficulties shooting running targets, that leads me to believe that your not a good shot and to all you snipers out there: we aim for the head ! Oh how I like this game: can I get a silencer on secondary demo 7 PLEASE
  18. well, it might not be a exactly a "noob" thing, but at least there is the opinion that it is unfair, und whoever uses something that is unfair is ... whatever. This threat is about an balancing issue, and if people who use this weapon or even admit that it is unfair are against changing it, this thread becomes even more necessary. Maybe it really is a good idea to make all these things serverside options, but as there aren't that much players these days and finding a crowded server with the map and gametype you like isn't that easy, I really don't want too much customization as this makes things even more difficult. What really is annoying about the M99 is when you get killed with it in close combat. I really like to see a little more disadvantage of an instagib weapon in close combat and maybe a little less damage so you won't get killed by a toe-shot. I really don't want to see more and more skilled players to pick this weapon because it is the easiest and fastest way to eliminate the threat.
  19. in my opinion it is a noob weapon AND much too strong in the hand of a high skilled player
  20. Yeah, I also think the M99 is much too strong I like those suggestions about longer time bringing it up, be unable to run with it out and I also think weapon sway would be nice. My first idea would be to decrease impact of this weapon, but that probably wouldn't meet the claim of a M99. I think another good idea would be the ability the disable some kits serverside. As long as nothing is done to it, the only hope is that the community will blame the M99 users as noobs I really like to see a lot of agreeance to this topic, but I think it will be hard to push it through because for quite a lot of people it is the only weapon they use...
  21. yeah, how right you are... I'm a noob and all the good players became so good cause they played on spawnlimited servers
  22. I assume most GR players are a little smarter than your cat and waiting for the sniper to move his ass doesn't learn me anything but frustration or camping next round myself. You get better by training, not by punishment !!!
  23. but you can't prevent people from telling their clanmate via TS where you are, even when you shot them, so dead isn't that dead... How could you die an awful lot an a spawnlimited server ? Nevertheless, you won because your opponents didn't know what to do. I don't know why this bothers you and I don't know why you could think spawnlimits could turn this into better. Really don't get your point here. What I've seen in GRAW1 and didn't like with HH and spawnlimit (more than 1 live, but not unlimited) is that one team could wait and let the other team make points and then won at last, because the other team couldn't respawn anymore. To me this sounds more like TDM and you simply were an idiot going to the zone, because everbody knew where you are... In GRAW2 it's better with the zone-time limit, so there is no need to finish the game with spawn restriction. No spawns is definately an interesting new thing in an HH like gamemode, but in my optinion will only work out real good in organized clan matches. But maybe I've just made too many bad experiences in public play which aren't representative. But nevertheless, everything between no spawns and unlimited spawns doesn't make sense to me in HH. btw.: unless you didn't know, CS has NO RESPAWNS at all, if anything, then this should be ingrained. To me it's not about playing good or bad, it's more about how aggressive/defensive you play the game. I really don't want the non-stop running of BF2 in this game, but I also want a little more movement than playing P.O.W. Everybody who takes one down everytime he dies is good enough. I'm more the style of player that will get 13-13 in a round (what you might call noobish) than getting 3-3, but it is definately more difficult to get 12-3 than getting 4-1 in a round, so the one with 12-3 must be the better one. But that's not the point, the point to me with spawn limit is, that there always are campers on public servers, which are uselsess in gamemodes like HH. And if one is in your team, and your whole team that has give so much to reach the objective but didn't succeed simply because the other team had a better aiming, has to wait until this dumb ass sniper finally gets killed or time runs up. Camping is relative, but I'm sure everybody drove crazy sometime while waiting for a camping teammate. You won't have to, with unlimited spawns or no spawns and shorter roundtimes. In this game rushing just is ineffective, so to all you snipers who are so afraid of getting rushed away: the rushers can't jump around hoping to make a lucky shot. Walkspeed is so slow and weapons are so accurate that the sneaky guy who sees the rusher first will always win! This game won't get Quake just because of unlimited spawns... Well, you learn of mistakes, and if you can die more often, you can lern more
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