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  1. I have IT installed on my PC, and sent Bob the Nailer each of the folders (yes, he has the PC version AND the Mac version of GR1). He then ran the patch, but no dice. I also sent him Earl's Standard Upgrade, which he was able to use with no problems. What are we missing?
  2. Yes, Bob is slower than the molasses in January. I just lead him less.
  3. I hear you. I know my rig needs replacement, and aside from the repreive granted by Ubi's decision (faint praise) not to release a GR2 for PC, I need to get an idea of how much $$$ to throw at the problem by February! Sgt. Rock
  4. Wow. I'm stunned by that "report" and what passes for journalism at Fox. Just totally stunned. It was like something from Steven Colbert (Daily Show) only, it wasn't funny.
  5. I checked out the Xbox version last week, and it was unbelievably bad. It was more like Ikari Warriors than GR1 (brain test for the old timers out there). It had none of the realism aspects of the first one. I'd never seen GR1 or GR2 on the console before, but after reading the above comments, I'm guessing that GR2 really is a piece of crap. I'm not sure if I'm anxiously awaiting or dreading the PC release.
  6. I would agree that IFF capabilities are unrealistic except for one thing - the AI. The AI never has to determine if you are a friend or foe, it just knows. In non co-op games, I think it's a crutch for the run-and-gunners, but in co-ops, it's pretty necessary. As far as the maps go, I think it far less realistic to be able to see a red dot on a map that you can't see on the screen. I know it's trying to make up for the lack of peripheral vision in some cases, but at distances, I'm not sure what purpose it could realistically serve. I think the sensor is a better approach - I'd get rid of the yellow, and just have the red, but only if the enemy is on the move. You obviously can't hear a sniper laying in the grass, waiting...
  7. More like the Adobe Photoshop wing...
  8. I watched the trailer, and it did look impressive - not sure if the trailer was a console version or the PC version. Also didn't see any mention of a Mac version, though that platform has always been a readheaded stepchild (no offense to the red headed stepchildren out there). For those of you lucky enough to have played GR2, any idea how steep the system requirements will be? On some of the GR1 tank-infested maps, the frame rates can get a little slow, and with all the texture detail, I'd be bummed if I had to buy a new rig to play it...
  9. Okay, but given than Bob is a PC noob, I doubt he's going to be building his own. So here's the real question he's asking - is the Alienware Area-51 worth the $$$? And if you take that system and compare it to something Dell or Gateway would build, is it a better deal? Is it better architected? Are apples, as they say, apples? And, at the sub-$2K level, what should the focus be? Faster RAM? More RAM? Which graphics card? Which sound card? Processor - how many MhZ? In short, where is the most bang for the buck?
  10. I'm fascinated by the man-seeking torpedo. Was is launched from a fast attack boat, or a PT boat, or did a Sea Stallion drop it in the water? Did you use dolphins carrying explosives to sink the battleships?
  11. What I look forward to not seeing in GR2 is bad "scenery". How many times have you tried to shoot from around a tent, only to have your bullets impact the invisible part of the tent that covers the tent ropes? Or fired on the Embassy fire escape only to find out bullets can't pass through certain parts of the railing? Or tried to fire through catwalks at the refinery with the same result? You get the idea.
  12. I've been waiting for Snake for at least 6 months now. This ghillie suit of mine is starting to smell...
  13. There's more than 1 edition of Half Life, Mr. Smartypants. Plus expansion packs, etc. I recognized the health and fuel stations.
  14. I was pondering how rearranging some furniture could screw up my ability to host a game and it struck me - my wife's laptop had "grabbed" the IP address with the port forwarding settings even though the desktop uses a cable to attach to a specific port on the router. She was having some problems getting on line on the laptop until I released the ipconfig on her machine, and that led me down the correct path. Doh!
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