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  1. Thanks Rocky! I've also asked for a set, which I hope isn't too greedy I tried to PM you but the system says no go.
  2. Yup, I wasted a whole evening coop campaigning wi my buddy. Good going GRIN.
  3. UK English. As far as the thread on the Ubi site goes, I didn't put into the default path, and it patched.
  4. Well seeing as I've only got one mate to play this with, I'd be happy to find more GRAWers . Thanks for the hamachi link, it'll come in handy for work also.
  5. Well, if you're stupid, I'm in good company. I tried to do the same, as I had a mate who wanted to play co-op campaign wid me. No dice. I tried running it. he tried running it. I even tried a dedicated server and still neither of us could see it . I hope someone pipes up on how to get this beggar to work. - OtherDan
  6. I got this (or similar) as well. I'm running XP64 and I noticed that both the demo and the retail do not add shortcuts for launch. Yesterday, when I went to patch, it reported that GRAW2 wasn't installed, som couldn't patch. I reintstalled to "F:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2" and it patched fine. It was in my "Program Files (x86)" folder before. Obviously you wouldn't have that issue, but it might be an issue with the path you did choose. I still don't get shortcuts, but it patched now
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