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  1. Actually, Patch 1.02 does not fix this issue for me. My friend and I were able to host online servers for one evening earlier this week, but it seems to be broken again! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  2. Patch 1.02 fixes this issue for me. Well done to whoever fixed it. Good job.
  3. Right. I have a *partial* solution. This will work if you want to play with one or more friends you know outside the game lobbies. It will let you play all game types - campaign and normal multiplayer - with that group of friends. There is an extremely nifty piece of software called Hamachi which is a software VPN client. It used to be independent, but was recently bought by LogMeIn. However, they still offer the free version, which works perfectly for GRAW. If you want the details of what it is and what it does, go to their website: LogMeIn - Hamachi You can use an existing LogMeIn ID to sign in if you have one, or create a new one. Actually, you might be able to download without registering - didn't try. Anyway, they're a trustworthy company and won't spam you etc. LogMeIn itself is also a good tool. Allows me to fix family computers from my machine without having to drive halfway across the country! I work in IT security , and listen to the Security Now podcasts by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. At the end of 2005, they discussed Hamachi in-depth (in its original free form) from a security standpoint. If you're interested, go to . I strongly recommend listening to all these podcasts from the beginning - they are a really good course in IT security if you're interested. Anyway, I digress... Using Hamachi, you can *very easily* (2 mins from install, including reading the tutorial) set up a VPN between you and your friends. This becomes your LAN (automatically) as far as GRAW 2 is concerned (and another games you might like to try, I imagine), and if you host a "LAN Server" or "LAN Campaign Server", it will appear in the list of local servers when your friends go into multiplayer. You end up with direct connections, so you should get really good pings. Played with my friend for an hour or so, and it worked excellently. You'll end up with a 'Hamachi' network adapter under your network connections, but you can disable it when you're not using it if it bothers you or interferes with anything. Just a disclaimer - if you install Hamachi and it messes something up, it's not my fault! Make a system restore point before you install it. I did find it made GRAW pause a bit more than normal in the menus, but once in-game it was fine. My friend didn't have any trouble at all. If you can't work it out, please post any questions and I'll attempt to answer them. I hope that lets you two that have posted so far play your co-op games with your friend(s). I'm still looking for an answer to the original problem, though. Still can't host servers that appear on the online list. Anyone throw any light on this? I've looked into my firewall settings in depth, and I doubt it's that. Cheers, -Dan P.S. If we can't sort this problem out, maybe we could create our own splinter Hamachi GRAW community. If anyone's interested in talking about it, post here or message me!
  4. Dan - Glad it's not just us! We were trying to do co-op together too, but can't get any game type to show up. It must be possible as there are other people hosting servers. Hopefully some kind soul will tell us what we're doing wrong! -OriginalDan
  5. Evenin' All, Have just started playing GRAW 2 after rushing out to get it. Looks awesome! My PhysX card is winging it's way to me - can't wait! Have been playing lots of multiplayer today - great fun! However, while my friend and I can join the MP servers on the list, we don't seem to be able to get a server up on the list. Are we missing something? We both have different machine set-ups and different ISPs, so don't think it's that. When one of us creates an online server, it just doesn't appear in the lists and we're getting a bit frustrated! Can anyone help? Are we being really stupid?? Many thanks in advance for any replies! **EDIT** This is fixed by patch 1.02 (for me, anyway). See you in the fray! -Dan
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