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  1. This is exactly the type of attitude which really ticks me off I hate to burst your bubble, but trying to get average players on a public server to "fight their way out" doesn't work. If your team is being spawn raped with enemy players camped in extremely hard to hit positions, you have exactly a couple of seconds (if that) to react before they kill you. Sometimes I find I can't even switch to my hand grenade fast enough before I'm dead. You get two, three or four reasonably skilled players surrounding your spawn in hidden or hard to hit locations and shooting right into it and they will rack up at least twice to three times the kills your team will, if not more. They win the match, it's no competition. You might manage to recover after respawning a dozen times, but guess what, a lot of servers now have spawn limits (like the 3 respawn limit on the BDA servers), so you're royally screwed in those cases. Team stacking is also already becoming evident, where the experienced players will all move to the winning side (since the servers don't autobalance by default). So it's next to impossible to "fight your way out" when your team is full of semi-skilled or relatively new players vs. highly experienced players. I'm getting damn tired of being called a whiner, and to be honest I've had a gutful of the attitude the "GRAW community" - namely the like it or lump it thing that keeps coming up. If you're so damn keen to block out new players, then I recommend you password lock your servers. Sadly I won't be able to get a refund on GRAW 2, but I will pay close attention to what GRIN does with this game, and will warn my readers accordingly. Best that more people don't drop money on this game until it becomes clear how much of the game is going to be fixed. I've tried to give constructive feedback on this forum, reporting real problems, bugs and issues which not only affect me, but actually affect many other players. I'm not getting "owned" online, I can hold my own. Yet all I see here are people insisting that everything is perfect, and that I must be a whiner. All games require balance adjustments and improvements, GRAW 2 in particular has physical bugs and gameplay balance issues which need to be patched out, not left up to modders. But I see no sign of GRIN or the community even acknowledging or addressing many of the important issues. No word from GRIN on things like the nonsensical awp-like M99, or the spammy GL with no minimum range. No word on any genuine spawn protect options. No word on making all the objective modes actually reward players for achieving objectives rather than kills. But hey, if all you guys want to do is spawn rape and awp each other then all the best to you. If that's what a tactical shooter is to you, I'm really not patient enough to contribute further suggestions. If the community is not mature enough to let the game evolve and remain balanced, fair and genuinely tactical, then no amount of code or gameplay changes by GRIN will alter the generally poor state of GRAW 2 online. Anyway last post on these forums from me, I'll find better things to do with my time.
  2. Great to hear, let's hope more people pick up on this and implement similar steps to stop the spawn abuse
  3. Yep, if the option is enabled. So far the servers I've played on barely have any spawn protect on, much less this option Just got off yet another server where half the game involved spawn camping and complaints about it. No surprise that the highest kills went to the people who were killing enemy as they respawned...
  4. I agree that a no respawn game with good quality players would be great fun. In fact virtually any online game when played with good, decent players is always a blast. But that's not the case in public servers. Public servers should work on being set up to prevent the lowest common denominator from ruining games. Right now, virtually every TDM game I play in devolves into some form of spawn camping/spawn raping at some point during the match, resulting in a lot of frustration and abuse. I've even argued with teammates over it to try to get them out of the enemy spawn, it doesn't matter. If they can get easy kills by spawn camping, they'll do it. Well known and often very good players will deliberately go into or a few meters from enemy spawn and shoot the enemy as they respawn. That's the reality of the situation. No respawn is an optional step that some players can take on their private servers. Public servers with no respawn will just be a case of whoever can get to key positions on the map first and sit and wait, or whoever can get to the enemy spawn first, and hence win. It's not going to be a long game of chess played among equals. Mandatory spawn protection and steps like not counting kills made in spawn will go much further towards making the game truly tactical than any 'no respawn' nostalgia kicks. I tend to resent the way that many members of the community want to throw the people playing on public servers to the dogs. Once again, when I bought this game it did not say I had to run a server of my own or be part of a clan to play multiplayer. Game balance and respawn issues need to be addressed by the core game and responsible server owners to prevent abuse and the death of this game on pub servers.
  5. The problem is that in Seige or Hamburger Hill, the "winner" on the scoreboard is represented by whoever has the highest kills - unlike RvsA for example, where you get points for completing objectives, tagging/detagging etc. and the scoreboard is ranked by points, not kills. So if we want more tactical gameplay especially in the objective modes, rather than people trying to rack up the highest kills, then make Seige and HH use the same scoring system as RvsA. In particular the longer you are inside the zone, the more points you rack up. Making Seige and HH use the same weapons promotion system as RvsA would further encourage people to pursue objectives so they can get their favorite weapons. That way you don't end up with the current situation where you literally have to beg your teammates to help you defend/take the zone since they're too busy racking up kills to care about the obj.
  6. Everything on my system is 100% up to date and optimal. It's not a system issue. No other game crackles through my Audigy 2ZS, whether DirectSound or OpenAL. While Creative sound cards are known to have issues with the PCI bus which can cause crackling, the strongest likelihood in this case is that the issue is specific to GRAW 2, hence it's being pointed out for GRIN to examine and fix if possible. It's not a major issue since we can still use the Generic Hardware option at worst, which isn't bad at all. Yes, this is on XP SP2 fully updated. On Vista EAX should work since GRAW 2 is an OpenAL game; it's only DirectSound games for which hardware-accelerated features like EAX require the Creative ALchemy solution people may be referring to. In any case again it's worth investigating for GRIN, but it's not the highest priority problem at the moment - I'd say the random crashes are far more annoying.
  7. This is a silly argument. On public servers, no respawn = no gameplay. The people who would benefit the most from a no respawn rule would be those who simply pick a hidden spot and wait. That's about as riveting as watching paint dry. Let's not fancy it up or make it sound like it's something honorable. It's not tactics, it's called attrition - you bore your opponent into moving first, then you kill him and win. The reason why camping is universally hated is because it's boring, not because it's hard. There's a clear difference between moving slowly, checking your surroundings, engaging the enemy and winning. That's called skill. Sitting in a bush or secluded spot (which is what most campers do), especially near the enemy's spawn exit points, is not particularly skillful, and would turn TDM into nothing more than TEDIUM. What we really need is for this great option that Cangaroo has pointed out to be enabled, along with a decent amount of spawn protect (e.g. 5-8 seconds). This will force people to actually venture out of their own spawn, and try engaging the enemy in all sorts of different and interesting ways. It also forces people not to take the easy way out and camp around the enemy spawn, getting cheap kills. Note that I've played many years of America's Army, where there is no respawn, but the rounds are limited to around 9-10 minutes. At least that way you're not waiting half an hour for that last entrenched camper to die. Also note that in America's Army despite all the attempts to make it more realistic and tactical, the no respawn idea has not resulted in any real tactical gameplay whatsoever.
  8. Just found a major glitch in single player. In Act 1, one of my new saved games (auto-saved under 1.03) has developed a major problem. One of my squad members is now always aiming upwards, and won't move when commanded (he confirms the command but won't move). He just stands in the same spot with the same pose, and even if you budge him to another position, or give him another command, or he comes under fire, he still aims upwards and won't follow orders. I've reloaded the game and the savedgame several times and the glitch is always the same:
  9. Good job on the patch so far. Just for future reference, I'll list the bugs I've experienced since the patch. This is using GRAW 2 on Windows XP: - Random crashes are still there. The last one I had was in multiplayer. My crashlog.txt file says: - I joined a deathmatch game and found that for the first three rounds I couldn't see all the players on the scoreboard, both at the end of the round and also during the game any time I pressed TAB to view the scoreboard. After 3 rounds this problem seemed to resolve itself. - Using the new 'SoundBlaster Audigy2ZS' audio renderer +EAX results in a lot of crackling during the game. I have no problems with my Audigy2ZS in any other game, all drivers are up to date and the system is rock solid.
  10. I'm not having a go at GRIN as I'm sure they are under certain financial or other restraints. However if the first major patch is released a month after the game is out, and the game itself is - let's be honest - only going to last around 12-15 months at the most, this is not something to be overly thankful for. Consumers used to expect games to be quite complete and solid out of the box. For us to start thanking game developers for slowly patching faults out of the game is a bit silly in my opinion; I didn't pay for GRAW 2 on an installment plan, so I don't expect it to be fixed on an installment plan. There should have been more than enough feedback from the beta and the public demo to resolve these issues sooner. Once again, the wonderful advice people have about mods allowing various servers to run different settings to address balance issues is pretty much pointless. There are only literally a handful of populated servers currently available. Ignoring the fact that some of them lag badly (likely due to CPU issues, not ping), several of them already have silly rules, such as the 3 respawn limit, and I've just come from a clan server (SRT server) where they say it's ok to spawn camp (i.e. sit right inside enemy spawn and kill people as they respawn). I mean really, if all the various balance and cheat issues are being left in the hands of server owners and clans, then all the game will do is suit particular server owners/clans. In other words if you're not in a clan which owns a server, you have to accept all sorts of wacky crap that server owners decide is good for you. If they decide to mod out a weapon you like, or create an imbalance to suit their own preferences, tough luck, you have to accept it because there are no other servers to play on. People who know me and who've played with me know that I can play reasonably well, that I don't like cheap tactics, and I don't complain while I'm playing. But this is not what I paid for when I purchased GRAW 2, the box didn't say "Limited online playing opportunities and gameplay may vary significantly on different servers". I've started advising people not to purchase GRAW 2 until it becomes clearer what fixes are coming up. Sorry if that seems "whiney", but a multiplayer game with a few servers, most of which are designed to suit the server owner is not my idea of a fun time online.
  11. I beg to differ, and as you know I raise some of these issues not for myself, but for other players who find it much harder to counter certain tactics and imbalances. Anyway we won't get into details here, I still feel strongly that imbalances such as the M99 and GL require proper fixes, but I won't bog down this thread with a debate on this all over again. I agree, and my main concern is for the patches to keep on coming. If they do, then it won't be a major issue, but given what happened with GRAW 1, and what happens with many other games, where after the initial sales period the patches just stop, I'm hoping it won't happen with GRAW 2.
  12. Thanks for letting us know about the changes. While there are important updates such as crash and bug fixes, it doesn't look like many of the issues discussed on this forum are being incorporated into this patch, such as M99/GL issues, spawn protect issues, anti-cheat issues, etc. This is very unfortunate. I wonder if GRIN can confirm if these other issues will ever be addressed or whether they've decided that they can't do so?
  13. Well we have a range of opinions, that's fine. The point is that if the handful of populated servers start having their own version of what's "best", such as 3 respawn caps in TDM, then all it does is suit a particular group of people. For those of us who wish to play this game without these sorts of restrictions, we have no real choice given the lack of populated servers. Ultimately a range of important issues have been raised, from gameplay balance to cheating to spawn issues. As mentioned, GRIN is working on a patch, so I'll wait to see what they can provide in the way of changes before providing more feedback or considering whether to continue playing this game.
  14. For clan matches or competition, sounds perfectly fine to have very few if any respawns. On a public server it makes for boring matches. I like strategy as much as the next guy, but playing TDM with 3 respawns means the only real strategy which works is picking a spot and staying motionless/dead silent for most of the match. This tends to be most effective for the snipers. It also means that when the enemy team camps/rapes your spawn, you're screwed. You lose one or two of your respawns because spawn protect is not enabled (or possibly set to 1 or 2 seconds) on that same server. A quicker way for GRAW 2 to die there probably isn't. Anyway I didn't mean to take the thread way off topic, again my point was that by relying on "the community" to provide everything, from active servers to anti-cheat policing to modifications to fix gameplay balance problems, GRIN is dooming this game to a tiny niche group of players. Simply put the scenarios I'm seeing now pretty much say that majority rules, and if the majority decides that I am a cheat, apparently I have to abide by it, since I'll be banned from the handful of active servers that are available and there's no way to actually provide solid evidence to counter the claims. Same with server rules and server setup - since there are so few populated servers, majority rules in determining the server setups. So you get things like 3 respawn caps, virtually no spawn protect, and ultimately a recipe for lots of one-sided matches. I like this game and I want to keep playing it, but without balanced, impartial and forward-thinking changes being incorporated into the core game, and not reliance on the particular tastes and desires of particular individuals or clans, GRAW 2 will simply become a game played by a small group of people. While that sounds nice for the hardcore players, it is a bit of a rip off for the rest of us who purchased this game expecting much more from it.
  15. To be honest given that it's next to impossible to find a populated server out of dozens of empty servers, I think the game may well die its death due to lack of attention. Worse still, when you do find a populated server, it's been altered to suit a particular clan. For example the BDA server now has a 3 respawn maximum, even for team deathmatch. That's quite frankly just a recipe for sniper camping, which makes for boring matches. So I think an anti-cheat is probably the least of GRAW 2's worries.
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