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  1. This has happened to me and all i did was go into the helmet cam view (G) and move the soldier from there? worked for me but its a definate bug that needs attention!
  2. The AI has definatly improved but ive still noticed the odd soldier getting lost or stuck behind a wall or barrier, but as someone said using the tactical map is a must at times. As for the ememy AI i think is very good, im playing it on hard setting and the accuracy of the enemy soldiers is very realistic indeed, i like that in a singleplayer, it makes you more wary of your surroundings!
  3. Yea i know what you mean, all i did was highlight rosen and i think there is a use command for him to get in the chopper, but to be honest i just entered the chopper from the left side and he followed me in!? but im sure there is a use command for him
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