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  1. Well this blows, here we go again. I swear to god i'm certain the PC version is the best possible one it can be but the follow thru is non existant. It is only when you compare the 360 version to this one do you realize all the flaws in this one. I love the maps and the mission design so much better on the PC but you guys shot yourselves in the foot on loading issues and interface problems and the fact you cant change certain options on campaign. Its like GRAW :PC all over again. I own this game I paid money for it and here it is still sitting on the shelf. I bought the 360 version and downloaded the free map packs for it and have been playing that ever since. GRAW1 and 2 for PC should be token out of the company of the original and the r6 series. They(graw) are brilliance without refinement which means their not worth the time. It looks like holding your breathe for patches is a joke to them. Still cant play mission 12 in campaign mode on a lan(server timeout bug). You sure you guys didnt work on FlashPoint? The similarities on borderline greatness are quite striking.
  2. since it doesnt have any co-op i think i will be passing this up. I mostly play on my home lan and DM gets boring and team dm isnt my thing either. COD2 had co-op for xbox which was a good thing. COD3 sucked.
  3. totally depressing, I understand the design of both aren't very similar,I downloaded them for the 360 version and they are fun and really kick ass maps, too bad someone can import the textures and models to use in some new mods or something. anywho have a good one!
  4. I was saying thanks in advance to Grin for GRAW2 not thanks Grin for Vegas maps, but really i'm pretty sure its not really hurting anybody's feelings if I thank the wrong team if i did do that. You can correct the mispelling and grammar also I dont mind.
  5. I am a big fan of of Vegas and GRAW2. Ubisoft has released for free the Vegas map pack that was first released to 360 and has added months of more gameplay to this co-op fan here. They have just released the 360 maps for free: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/marketplace...ackmappack2.htm Is this coming out for PC as well and if so do you know when? Thanks GRIN! btw, i am sure im not alone in this one when I say theat you guys could just release map packs every now and then and I would pay far out the ##### for them with a Grin on my face. Hell if you released an addon to the [GR] I would purchase it still.
  6. Lan campaign server is flaky no matter how your setup. I am thinking I need to switch to gigabit on all my machines to play it. I own GRAW2 as well as a friend of mine. He brings his pc and we play co-op I dont autologin and we can join in just fine until we get to the last mission. After the first mission failed it says server timeout. It will not go away until we both exit the game. The load times are horrid enough when you dont have to exit the game totally. Tried various trouble shooting, just some bug I seem to be experiencing since i dont see it elsewhere. It has happened on other missions but only once in a while. I have tried different routers, switches, made my machine the dhcp server, crossover, you name it. Only thing left to try is gigabit cards and switch. I dont have any other problems hosting even if my internet is offline or not, besides mission 10. The person will join the mission voices start going choppy then it shows user exiting, then server timeout.
  7. I got my copy also as well as my roomate. My first initial response was wow this is awesome. It feels alot more like ghost recon the original with a little bit of ravenshield. the difficulty ranges go from easy which seems a little too easy, medium which is a nice balance, and hard where a tank can snipe you from 200 yards through the jungle at dusk. In hard they always seem to know where you're at all times no matter if you go around the world on your belly they know. In [GR] coop mode there is 3 missions for lan. The multiplayer options dont allow for respawn amounts or really any kind of options. You have unlimited respawns no matter if your teammate is alive or not. You can select from 5 different classes and actually have time to choose the first time, after that the other respawns give you five seconds to make your choice. In lan campaign mode you are given the whole rundown of the mission with video and all, a nice touch. You are not given any options for respawns but you can respawn all day as long as one teammate stays alive and is not under fire. If you all go, get ready for a huge load time. Sometimes on Vista it will disconnect you from the server saying it times out. only after loading for 5 minutes. I have had to exit all the way out to fix it for two times then it did it again. On mission 5 there seems to be some bug where you get kicked for team killing even though the guys are trying to kill you and will if you dont man up. To sum it up they got the gameplay right, they do have some nice options, they just need to get rid of the bugs and give more options in multiplayer. The controls are tight, the graphics are nice and run better than the demo. I dont see why you have to reload the whole mission when failing in lan campaign, It really puts alot of wait time in gaming that shouldnt be there. btw for the guy with wrong version showing I had that trouble when I mistakenly would run the demo instead of the full game.
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