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  1. Hey guys, I'd be willing to play, a long time ago I used to play [GR] competitively, still greatest tactical FPS ever. brooklynzoo81, if you want we can team up just PM me some details for a TS, or I can supply a TS if you want. I am in Australia so the time in which we play might not suit, but I normally have weekends free to play. Let me know. Thanks!
  2. I got this bug for the first time today in tdm_lagoon with M8 Carbine (Assault 9). What happened was I was typing in 't' chat and I heard a click and after I finished typing I was stuck on single shot Just some info for devs thats all.
  3. Same same when you are in deathcam, you got no clue. Comms is like "Nice shot, did you kill him?"
  4. Hi YD, long time no see. Is your brother going to be playing?
  5. Do you mean dropping as in losing connection, or GRAW2 crashing or you get killed alot?
  6. Nope, TDM, HH, Siege and RvsA all rotated. It needs some tweaking in the settings but it's good.
  7. What Aussie servers? GA haven't got their finger out of their bum to do such a thing. Visc is the only good Dedi Aussie server and thats rarely up, so by implementing this feature you are restricting Aussie's using Official USA servers which have no lag anyway and also restricting my online gaming because I'm on wireless and my ping is going to be over 150 anyway even on Aussie servers.
  8. All very good points Another one I'd like to see is binoculars, they should be included with all character classes just like old school GR. More maps for online multiplayer, some of those SP maps will be awesome in MP *cough* embassy *cough* Ingame mod selection, will there be one?
  9. Good game GRIN, really enjoy it Coop Campaign is awesome, awesome to the max!
  10. When my silenced M4 ran out in some mission I was like, oh no MP5 cut that away. So i grabbed an enemy G36K and bam 5 fresh mags Ammo is not a problem in SP, u can always resupply at those MULE things but I don't bother, easier to grab a dead guys gun.
  11. Maybe it's because you guys aren't supposed to have the game yet. Yer I thought that aswell Never!!!! That person at EB shouldn't have sold it to me then Very odd that they removed their patch, *looks at desktop* ahhh there she is v1.01
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