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  1. "Install registry fix from local machine so that GRAW2 patches know where your GRAW2 is installed on server." what's the registry fix?, i was tryed import any registrys keys with the keyword "ghost recon" or "ubi" but the todays patch say that "the game isnt installed". Please UBI its incredible that we need touch registry settings for install a single patch
  2. how can i set a ranked server? i was enabled <gamespy_ranked value="true"/> <ranking_system value="true"/> and tha ranking system show ingame, but the players are ALWAYS in the lower rank
  3. hi from spain. i have 2 problems 1) i access to my windows 2003 dedicated server by terminal server, but the full game dont want install by terminal server. 2)I cant load graw2 in a pc for get the dedicated_game_info.xml with a rotation because my computer is linux and i access to the server(windows) by terminal server. Please can anyone post a full dedicated_game_info.xml with a rotation. thanks and sorry for my english
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