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  1. Another option is somewhat more complex but doable, I saw it in a HX4 mission 1) have a plan trigger where the opfor assaults the position (pace=run, Move ROE=run, path = single path element on the position), but don't assign it 2) have a flag ("action"), set it to true every time anyone dies 3) have a time elapsed event that checks the flag, redirects to another block ("charge") if its false, and sets the flag false if it was true (i.e. redirectif(not(getFlagState) group charge ), next response would be setFlag to false) 4) in the "charge" call a loop teams in company 5) in the loop call abort the team's current plan and assign the plan mentioned in #1 Now if a certain amount of time passes with no deaths, they assault. Obviously you can add other conditions in the time elapsed event to better suit your mission
  2. I found what appears to have been the problem - I had 2 startup scripts; when I removed one all these problems seemed to go away.
  3. Summary: AIs don't shoot after they've been made visible, vulnerable Details: I've just started modding [GR] missions and I ran into a problem I can't seem to find any answers for - I'm guessing it's a simple mistake on my part. Hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. I have a mod where there are a number of enemy platoons that onStartup are set to: 1) undetectable, invisible 2) assigned a plan that sets them to recon, hold, upright, bored 3) set a timer Later on a timer expired event those same platoons 1) are told to abort their plan 2) made visible and vulnerable 3) assigned a new plan that has a path and movement ROE They follow their path, but do not react to player actions; nor do they shoot. I've tried giving them explicit suppress combat orders, turning AI on, and a variety of other plan actions. I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a fix for this issue - any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
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