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  1. Name: 17th Division Multigaming Team Polska (old PL Team) From: Multinational General Language: Polish + English, Deutsch Homepage: http://www17th.pl & http://ghostrecon.org GRAW 2 contact: everyone on administracja@17th.pl Voice Com: Team Speak 3 rs7.teamspeak.pl:2300 XFire: N/A Other games: ARMA 2, MOH, CS:S, COD, rF Servers: (1) ARMA 2, (1) CS:S, (1) GRAW 2
  2. Give us a REAL modding tools... 3D editor, easy converters from 3ds to editor and else... Give us some tools that we can create a "Desert Combat from Battlefield 1942".
  3. Great map Galor, as always we check your map this evening.
  4. In my mind there will be coop so at this time - ai_graph will be there.
  5. New map based on sierra landscape to download: DOWNLOAD LINK On the server - there must be a heavy_down.bundle in the custom levels folder for working! Online on PL TEAM server #1 (open) Juice!
  6. Just brilliant. Many of work. Thank u Radiator - from all PL Team.
  7. We (PL clan members) always play custom maps. True is that we have only temporary servers (for nights of week). Playing on officjal maps NOW is borring. And every evening many of players have fun with us in (for example) your maps Galor. When u go to our site, u will see in the download section that we have every of maps that was created. We like them. There are some problems when map is changed - 50% of users are quit because they haven't. But they back in 15 min I do not know what politics is on other team servers but that is true. They used custom maps in a small percent.
  8. In our world... without new maps - this is dainty. There is so many bugs on this map but it's ok
  9. We have (=PL=) play today in Official Ubisoft Server by NGZ (21:55 CET +01) and there was a cheater named HITMAN. Cheats: speed (like 400%) and no GL limit. Is there any way to bann him from the GapeSpy? There was no admin at that server. I'm borring of that /vote kick ...
  10. Maybe The Forest map... but I think that The Cut is the only one.
  11. Brilliant! On what program u've made the ship?
  12. I've add this map to our collection in Poland. Thank u Galor.
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