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  1. Are we ever going to get join by IP and ASE support so the ingame browser can be bypassed. No need for it to refresh every time you click on MP.
  2. These maps lend themselves to spawn camping. Whatever happened to random spawns?
  3. Realistic battle depend on whether you get spawn sniped or not too. I am a big booster of an original map pack.
  4. Random spawns, 5 minutes no respawn.
  5. Ya, I finished Recon in Force but was not able to move beyond it. It brings me back to Act I Recon in Force. Clicking on plays Recon in Force from the very beginning.
  6. My SP wouldn't advance. I finished the Recon in Force, flew out but never got the new mission. From the menu I can only restart Recon in Force. Finished with so so grade: Back at menu if I click on either continue or play mission it just starts Recon in Force all over again from the beginning.
  7. I just beat the entire full game in SP with one guy only using a paper clip and one broken elastic. That and I ran backwards the whole game.
  8. SP is OK for a warm up and getting used to the controls, movement, etc. MP is where it is at. I played the first mission in SP so far and if I get the time maybe I will finish it but it certainly isn't the reason I bought this game. I just wish that someone would make an [GR] Map Pack.
  9. Realism is NOT jumping off a building and hitting the parachute. Realism is running a server with no respawns, 5 minutes on Day Docks.
  10. That was just a lithograph. #2500/2500 for $2,500.00 USD
  11. Did you do the artwork for RBI Baseball for the original nintendo? No just PoE, Blackhawk and 2142. 2142 never grabbed my stuff because of the vulgarity in it. I am also going to do a manual, if need be, for Matrix's Campaign Series.
  12. Let me submit my entry as "Chemical Warfare!"
  13. Who do you mean by our? From the original GR boards on UBI with that Troll Doll avatar. That Icky.
  14. I am very interested in seeing an [GR] Map Pack, real soon.
  15. UBI is corporate and like most corporations they loose touch with the little people (consumers).
  16. Tards are in every game. Teams based around doing it, it happens. Full version should have better tools to deal with it.
  17. They have a week to get the server files up and running.
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