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  1. So i'm putting together a small skin mod for personal use, my question is how can i get the D-boy skin from NMM2.0 to show woodland BDU in IT and GR and desert BDU in DS? I have the patches that allow me to get the woodland D-boy i was just wondering if this is even possible to do, perhaps with alittle file editing? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help you all just made my week! my old collection is now complete and being backed up as we speak thanks again i really appreciate it.
  3. hey HybridMenace i've been looking for anyway to get the betav2 of TOML without any success is there anyway you can help me out with a link to a working download anyways glad to see your back!
  4. i'd just like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! can't wait
  5. so my pc crashed on me and i lost all my favorite mods, some of my friends were able to help me get most of my collection back but can anyone help me find a link to download That Others May Live Betvav2 it was one of my favorites and i can't seem to find a link except for the v1 beta does anyone have the files that they could e-mail or mail me or provide me with a working link i'd really appreciate any help thanks
  6. hey just wanted to say your mod is my favorite i've been waiting for someone to do top notch skins of D-boys since the G8 special forces mod first came out so mad props to you man. also as a relative nobody in the ghost recon mod scene don't let some of these guys get you down cuase theirs alot more that would kill just to see all your skins let alone use them in GR hope to see more of your work in the future......and thanks for the effort, your fan.
  7. So my pc crashed on me and i lost nearly all my favorite mods. can anyone help me find: Argylls Delta Cag as well as his SOF mod and the complete version of That Others May Live I'd appreciate any help i can get with finding these mods
  8. thanks argyll really nice skins great work
  9. Argyll great skins man, love the mod. My question is what do you have to do to get the usmc frecon skins i mean what do you do to edit a specilist file keep in mind i'm not an expierenced modder
  10. JFT-2 thanks and i got the combining to work, really cool i got one more ? is there some way the i can change the head/helmet of the delta from G8 one of baja-bravos first mods to that of say his newer delta let me know and thanks again you were a big help cya
  11. JFT-2 k for some reason the art. file isn't pasting? there's no error it just doesn't paste any thing on and i'm fallowing your directions exactly
  12. hey for some reason th woodland delta camo i nmm2.2 dosn't work for me either in IT i just get the normal in game specialists, why? Because ten i get the desert camo deltas in GR and DS while the mod is active and nmm2.2 is set at priority
  13. JTF-2 thanks i'll give it a try, and the skins you retextured look great, and who was it that made the naveyseals2 mod maybe theyed be interrested in a Delta mod.
  14. JTF-2 the skins on your banner are those woodland delta from nmm?
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