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  1. Thanks, weazie. Looks like I stumbled on the answer to my own problem. In case anyone reads this looking for the answer: You have to complete a campaign before multiplayer is unlocked. OK, you knew that. But, if you select the character that you've been playing and that character just happens to be on the last campaign in the Desert Seige section, the multiplayer mode is greyed out (I guess they assume you will not be playing multi-player since you are at the end). So, just switch the campaign to an earlier campaign. OK, I'm as dumb as I suspected.
  2. Being one of the struggling newbees, I think that's an excellent idea. It was the first heading I looked for. But I wonder who will be reading it to respond with answers. Won't it just attract a bunch of novices like myself? Is it just a case of the blind soldiers leading the blind soldiers?
  3. Totally new to the forum & I feel pretty dumb asking this newbee question. I've been playing GR for a couple of months now on my PS2 and I love it, but have yet to figure out how to unlock the stinkin' multiplayer mode. It has come up before, but not regularly. I'm sure it's something dumb and obvious, but it escapes my feeble mind. Any answers? Much appreciated. Gadgetronica
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