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  1. As I work on a mac I use differant programs. I use a program called capturescratch for the capture itself. I then convert using visualhub which will do sound and video. I then use Final Cut Pro for final edits. But then again I'm in school doing video and film editing so I have access to all the cool toys. But have fun and just keep plugging away.
  2. Here is my penny worth of thoughts. Love GR, tolerate ArmA. GR was easy to learn. Not too many buttons, very clean. ArmA on the other hand can become very confusing in a short time as there is a button for everything. The other thing I found playing ArmA for awhile was there was no real CQB. It was all snipe from long range.. run .. reposition .. snipe rinse and repeat. Then steal a vech, or the one you brought and finish the last few. Pffft. Im a CQB junkie. At Alpha Squad we even tried tweaking a few things to allow for CQB but still ended up being thrashed. I can't say ArmA is all bad as some of the concepts were kinda cool. tangos that actively flank. The bad side, fastest runners since Ben Johnson and they don't seem to tire like you do. But not to ramble on and on, that's my penny.
  3. AFD was first, Assault Force Dragons god I can't believe I put that in. Then started SB Sneekie Baztards for an Alpha Squad tourney. And from that tourney recruited to Alpha Squad and still with them.
  4. Sometimes the info boxes that scripters put up are a bit short and hard to read. I'm trying to remember this certain mission but at the moment I can't recall so I will have to find the mod again and try it out again to see.
  5. The Mexican government can't even keep tourists safe from drug gangs in the major vacation areas. The drug gangs are mostly kids with no fear of police or the military. However it is possable that their southern neighbours could stage such a cross boarder incursion as they have been trained and equiped and have been fighting for years. Never attribute to malace that which can easily be explained by stupidity.
  6. Yes it was planned to close the server but as soon as the donation was in place I persoanly posted in these forums about the huge donation from TEK and that the server would stay live. On any weekend you can find a few peeps still playing the way it's ment to be played. And again many thanks to TEK.
  7. Yea this is one of those annoying GR things. It's kind of hit and miss on how much can be saved before it just dumps replays. Same thing with IGOR it has a max of anywhere from 100 to 190mb before it just crashes. So yes there is a limit. But no one knows what that is exactly. Tinker has the best solution which is the same I have used for years. Name it, save it and move it.
  8. Hello and welcome to the best game ever and the best place for info and help for that game. I think you will find that everyone here has a passion for this game. Yes passion. Alot of us here have been playing this game for 6 yrs and still play it over the newer and so called better games or versions of GR. I can say for the re surgance of GR it is true. At our Alpha Squad public server we have seen over the last month quite a rise in the number of players in the server. And again thanks to the guys at TEK for helping out with a huge donation and keeping the server running. On the weekends I have seen anywhere from 6 to 12 playing on a now somewhat regular basis and now the number of players during the week have risin as well. If you were to ask why I would simply say it is due to the fact that the game industry dropped the ball after not realising the potential of this game and what could have and should have been done to fully exploite its possabilitys and a wee bit o forsight. The community here with the modders and scripters did however see the potential and went for the gold. We figured out things I don't think any of the dev's could have immagined or thought possable. Is it worth the few bucks to get this game ? YES Is it worth playing a 6yr old game ? YES Will you as well find this to be the best tac sim to date ? YES Will you like rest of us find yourself leaning in your chair trying to peek a corner or jumping right out of it ? YES YES YES. Hope that helps. The way it's ment to be played Creatch[AS]
  9. So why is it that every artical I read these days about co-op based gaming only seems to mention 2 players ? Ghost Recon came out of the gate with 9 and modders later upped that to as many as 27. Yup 3 9 man squads. I will admit it got a bit busy with that many players on the limited sized maps we had for GR but it came with 9 man mission based co-op.Over and over in this artical it mentions only 2 players. As the mighty Buehg has said it was the tools. The community then took over and started experimenting with what could be done. As a scripter I was still finding new things I could do with IGOR. Fog that got thicker over time or thinner. Random lightning effects the were in fact just fog settings but with the right env it was amazing to see what you could see during the flashes and what you could'nt when they were not there. Eye candy while very nice is not always the saving grace of a game anymore. GRAW is a good example of this. Great sound, great effects, fantasic looking enviroments. But little to no content. Give me the same Ghost Recon graphics with larger maps and a tweaked IGOR and I will be a very happy gamer. Give me the long nights of prepping for the next touney mission or match. Give me the hours of playing Rattenkrieg with 18 or some of the custom FF's. Give me the friends and foes and the community I had. It is somewhat bemusing to me that RSE could do something that seems to be so long ago with by what todays standars would be hugely substandard. And even with all the breakthroughs in gaming nothing has come even close nor has anyone even attempted it.
  10. I think we all agree on the fact that the AI in the game on either side can be frustrating. Tangos on full auto hitting you from god knows where and your guys putting out enough lead to make a large bridge and hitting nothing. Then the moment of clairity and everything seems to work just right and it almost seems easy. As far as which ROE to use depends on what classes of grunt you have along and what your objectives are. I gear for the mission. Rescues = no support guys, All out FF's and I bring the SAW's and things that go boom. I only use two of the ROE's myself. Recon and Suppress. And hence the reason I got so into playing co-op online with real players. 9 or more communicating on comms and working like a real ghost team to get the mission done. I can remember the first time I did Rattenkrieg with 12 and took on the center area on two sides at the same time. What a racket. Scared the crud out of my roomate. Makes you shudder at the thought some guys do this for real. Alot of modders and scripters tweek the AI in their mods. I know I have for Tourney missions and others. Tends to make the friendly AI a bit unreliable and unpredictable. Works well for tango AI, and sometimes to the extreem. Did one tweek and the tangos could see further and were 1 shot 1 kill experts. Had to change that.
  11. The unfortunate thing about this is that the rumor flying around now is an RVS / GR mix in one game. Lets see now. Vegas was a huge flop. GRAW was not much better. So we put the two together and get what ? An easy way out for UBI in hopes it will fill the gap. There are other developers out there working on a game that will or will not come in the next year or so but the progress seems painfully slow. And Buehgler is quite correct about just harping in unguided posts about this game. We did alot of begging with GRIN to come out to the Alpha Squad server and see what was being done and why the game became more than just a game to alot of us. We made all kinds of offers to show them what we loved so much and never saw a single one show up to see what we were talking about. We offerd to close the public server for an eve or two so they could come out and play and experiance GR. But no one showed. They said they were interested in what we wanted but never tried it the way it was.
  12. Here we are again in another thread hoping beyond hope that maybe just maybe UBI will revisit GR and re do it with a newer feel. And I'm not talking GRAW. As I have said many times in many threads on this very subject. I will stand behind anything and help in any way I can to see this happen. But in all reality this is a low priority on the UBI to do list. The main problem lies in two areas when you strip all the other fodder away. One. GR lasted far longer than anyone could have predicted and a company is fed by it's bottom line. You don't make investors happy with something that lasts too long in the game industry. Look at the amount of games produced for consoles every year. Todays generation is all about whats new and whats next and why can't I have it now. Instant gratification breeds quick bordom. The second problem was that no one at UBI jumped on the truck and saw the potential for the exspantion market even though they saw huge sales with Desert Seige and Island Thunder and then the Gold Edition. How many of us would have kept bying exspantion packs even if they were just new maps and enviroments ? What they did see and hear was a huge market for the next GR. We want cool graphics, we want cool sound. We want cool weapons and tanks and trucks and on and on. But to do that they needed a newer engine to handle it. So came GRAW. And we got alot of what we wanted. Awsome graphics, awsome sounds. Helos, tanks, cool weapons and a list of other things. What we did'nt get for many was content and the ease of IGOR for editing. I can hear every modder and scripter laughing right now. Ease of igor ? But the newer game was far to linear in design to allow the open game play we had with GR. And for alot of us scripters like myself. Just far too difficult. Then we start to complain about what we have. Even though we do sales hit recourds. Awards are won. Money is made. Then we complain some more. Do I want another game like GR. Ah how to put this politely...... Yes ! I have yet to find anything that comes anywhere close to the experiance that I got from GR and still do. Will we see it from UBI ? That remains to be seen but I doubt it.
  13. Even the Socom will penitrate most doors. Except metal that is. But if your unsure if someone is standing behind a wooden door, empty a mag into it before you go in. Or put a claymor in front of the door or grenade or even a GL.
  14. I'm not sure if UBI supports MP other than the TvT stuff any more. If it's true Co-op your looking for there are a few servers still out there playing it. The Way It's Ment To Be Played. Like Alpha Squads public server which is always running and open to the public thanks to the guys at TEK and a few other donators who are keeping the game alive.
  15. You guys are getting me itchy to re-install now... One thing: I didn't enjoy the IT patch as it made the enemies so much more deadly...unfairly so at times, I thought. I'm a Ghost, I should be better at killing than a run of the mill FRC mercenary... Second thing: Some parts of Frostbite played more like Rainbow Six. Not a bad thing, but I prefer the more wide-open aspects rather than the CQC aspects. Still, Frostbite is amazing as it feels like a produced expansion, not a mod. I've got to re-install when I get home... While I will agree that the IT patch brought about the infamous Russian Butt rifle. Or to put it in english tangos tended to kill you before they even turned around, hence the butt rifle. But overall it made the game that much more intense as you had to be even more deliberate and cautious about your movements. Frostbite brought CQC to Ghost Recon. Which imo was needed badly. Some of us prefer it up close and personal. But yes FB was more like produced expansion. Very professionaly done and scripted.
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