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  1. Nevermind I got it. Couldn't find a thread delete button.
  2. I've dl'ed CENTCOM in two different places (Ghostaholic and Filefront?) and both download files had an extension of .z7 if I remember correctly. What is a .z7 and what do I do with it? I have WinRar if needed. Thanks.
  3. Do you mean it didn't render correctly? There should be no reason for the graphics to "go to hell". There is the possibility (very low) that you have a defective video card. But the greater possibility is that something on your system is borked software-wise. Did you do the full-blown Driver Cleaner Pro process? - uninstall driver normally - reboot to safe mode - run cab cleaner - run Driver Cleaner in "nvidia" mode - reboot - install fresh driver Nothing should be "wack" with that card so I wouldn't take it lightly. Everything should look peachy with that card - no exceptions. You might have a defective video card. But keep in mind that, IMHO, ~95% of all problems are either software or user related. It's quite rare to have a hardware failure but it happens.
  4. SWAT 4 is actually kinda slow and methodical - not what you'd call a "twitch-shooter". Your goal is to use your tactical aids effectively so you can arrest perps and don't have get into gun battles. Shoot as a last resort - yeah, easier said than done. The only time it gets "twitchy" is when you see the perp's gun muzzle start to raise up. At that point, you probably have less than half a second to fire and take him down. Thanks for the AI tips, I'll try and use them to get my mates more involved.
  5. Have you tried SWAT 4 at all? I find it to be very sweet because it's so fast and its as accurate as moving your mouse pointer. I don't know what my mouse wheel is set to. I never mess much with my mouse other than plugging it in. It's a simple Logitech optical using the XP default driver. I don't mind using the mouse wheel for scope-zooming but I find it a little too rough for fine control. But it's definitely not a game-breaker. If I knew how to effectively use my AI mates in SP I probably wouldn't give a hoot about the interface. Rabbi, I don't know the BF2 system, can you explain it a bit? I used to play RvS but can't remember much about it.
  6. I hadn't played GRAW for a few days so I went in to give another look at using the middle mouse button. And I have to admit it was pretty ugly. I basically am putting the game on hold for a couple seconds and hope I don't get shot in the process of giving a command. I use a typical Logitech optical mouse - which I really like. Since the time it takes me to issue a command borders on idiotic, I decided to try to pick up the speed to what one would expect to do while under fire and when I pressed the mid-button to pick the command, the mouse wheel turned just enough to ruin my selection. I compare this to method of giving orders in SWAT 4. The method is: - right-click and hold - slide mouse toward you until correct command it highlighted - let go of right-mouse button With practice you can do this method extremely fast - in under a second - it's an incredibly smooth and effective method. And that's using the same mouse. Oh well, no biggie, it's not like my AI mates are effective at doing much anyway. And I"m concentrating more on co-op play now anyway. I'm just really surprised that GRIN didn't pick up on the SWAT 4 method - it really rocks.
  7. I really find the command system with middle mouse button and scroll wheel to be very awkward. I don't think games should assign mission-critical, often-used functions to the middle mouse button. Of all the "keys' available to a PC gamer, the mid-mouse button has the worst tactical feedback. Compare how fast you can click a key or press the left or right mouse button compared to the mid-mouse button. And it's much worse on some mice than others. I always have to be so careful when pressing it to make sure I'm not spinning it at the same time. The mid-mouse button is fine for stuff that isn't so critical or is not used when you're deep in the stuff. The scroll wheel can be great for a lot of things like scope zooming. But how well it works all depends on the way that the software controls it. The combination of "stickiness" between commands and the delays put into the scrolling itself can make or break how responsive and accurate its use is. Unfortunately, this level of smoothness is not built into GRAW's use of the mouse wheel. Way too many times I overshoot or undershoot the selection of the command I want. What bugs me is that stuff like this is so simple to program and modify. If they wanted to use this type of command system well, they simply had to look at SWAT 4 which lets you accomplish alot without all the fumbling trying to get the right command selected. I'm sure many of you consider yourselves quite capable at giving commands - I'm just saying the accuracy, speed and responsiveness of that "interface" could have been much better.
  8. Good call, Dannik. For a second I thought maybe he was playing a different game...or doing some heavy acid.
  9. I can't really change res as I'm running on a flat panel. And I just upgraded to the 6.11s which are running great. I really doubt the 6.12s would fix this. Can't believe they put out a new driver so fast - sometimes its months and even more weird, sometimes its weeks. I guess the colored base thing isn't that big a deal. I didn't find much use for the little topo map anyway. I guess it shows you your position and your co-op buddies' positions? My friend can simply "call out" the locations of the base to me anyway. Thanks for the suggestions on kicking it up a notch. I'm done with the "easter-egg-tango" hunts. If I want any of those, I'll crank up GR1 which seems better at those anyway. I like GRAW for intense action and pitched firefights.
  10. I just played my first GRAW co-op game ever with my co-op gaming buddy - only took me about 9 months to get here - geez. My buddy was telling me of colored bases in the upper right-hand topo map, a green and a red. The red (enemy) base changed color when we capped all the tangoes there. None of these bases appeared at all for me with an ATI X1900GT running the 6.11 CATs. Does that make any sense? I didn't really find the little topo map very useful nor did I find the big map ('M' key) very useful either - coming from someone who's played about 1 day of MP. Our first map was Mayday Mayday as I thought we should be playing [GR]. It was daylight. It wasn't much fun as looking for tangoes was like an easter egg hunt on a HUGE map. It was a little disappointing in that I was hoping for the brutal intensity that I found in the first 3 SP missions. I then realized that regular co-op now has the "End on Leader dying" option so I switched to regular co-op and had a bigger and better choice of maps - obviously. We played the Contact! map and the action was alot better. Hoping that the action on Coup d'Etat will be even more intense. The game doesn't seem to throw as many tangoes at you in co-op as it does in SP. I'm playing on Hard. Basically, I'm looking for "max-adrenaline-rush" combat with little tango-hunting needed. After playing the first 5 or 6 mission of SP, Coup d'Etat seems like it would fit the bill. And am looking forward to the VIP mission too. Having come from GR1 and VietCong and other tactical shooters, my buddy doesn't realize just how much lead can fly with GRAW - am looking to introduce him to that "frightful" concept. If anyone has any pointers on "picking up the action" (in co-op) I'd appreciate it...and oh yeah, my ATI question above. On to day two of GRAW MP...
  11. I think you're going to be sorely disappointed. Try 800x600 with everything either LOW or unticked(off) and keep your fingers crossed. Even still, your frames may be too low. At best, the frame might be close to playable but you'll get some serious glitching.
  12. I've heard a little about this but figured it was all talk. I'll give them a shot a tonight - thanks for the heads up! I usually use the Zeropoints (6.10 version is not out yet) but I guess I'll use the plain vanilla ones. Hopefully, the install will let me bypass the install of CCC.
  13. Um, yeah, Bob, I could have warned you about that one. Your 7600GT dictates that you should play the game on all LOW settings. For an added boost, you might want to turn off Shadows and Dynamic Lighting (if you have to). I have a Venice clocked at 2.6Ghz and an X1900GT with some big-time overclocks and 2GB of RAM and I play at all Medium settings and I average about 45fps. Enjoy the game!
  14. To anyone whose sitting on the fence about buying [GR] (and exp. packs), consider this thought. What if there never comes another game that is as good? Hard to get one's mind around that but I have this "fear" based on the games I've seen coming out the last couple of years that nothing as good as [GR] will ever come out. Especially if you're a co-op player. Yeah, [GR] is that good. Whenever a new OS or a new version of DirectX comes out, my first thought is...will it be compatible with [GR]? At some point in the future, they may not be - depending on the evolution of DirectX. GRAW has better graphics, physics, realism and AI but [GR] has significantly better gameplay mechanics and options. And if I had to choose between the two sets of items, I'd definitely go with the latter ([GR]). GRAW is really hampered by being limited, for the most part, to urban combat. [GR] is in all its glory when you're in a forest, or a jungle or the desert, etc., etc. BTW, [GR] comes all together with both exp. packs on a single DVD - totally sweet!
  15. I would think that that business model would only work with MMORPGs and the like. Our purchase price should have been for a working game. If it's not working that GRIN should be fixing it without further monetary incentive from any of us. Further money spent can be for added content in the form of expansion packs. Can you imagine having us subscribed with a monthly fee and then find that GRIN's work was unacceptable as in buggy or non-working? Can you say "riot"?
  16. http://www.areag51.com/sneakpeek.htm I really like the ultra-modern look. Looking forward to a full-blown site and your GR1 content!
  17. So what exactly happens when all the players die? Does it completely reload the map? Or move on to the next map in the cycle? Anything involving respawning should simply be a selectable server setting as in: Respawns?: - no - instant - time delay - team (whole team has to die before team is respawned) This should be teamed up with an option as to whether or not the map is restarted when the entire team dies - a yes/no option. If set to yes, the entire map is restarted or the next map in the cycle starts depending on other settings. It's not a matter of someone hating this or not. Not having these options simply sucks. If you don't want respawns on your server then don't enable them. Depending on how a map in a game is configured, it might be impossible to complete without respawns. Remember the mods in [GR] to fight against 200 tangoes? The more options we have to select from the more we can customize the online experience.
  18. I have no doubt with a system like that...it simply kicks butt. The 7800GS is the best AGP card out there but ouch, what a price to pay for "older" technology. You could get a Athlon 64 mainboard for $70 (just like mine) and a Venice 3800+ for only $87 and be well on your way to an Athlon 64 platform for only about $165. And your new 7800GS may very well be held back by your processor and memory bandwidth on your current setup. But enough said. Enjoy your new card - I'm sure it'll kick some butt in games. I was gonna suggest a 6800GS just because it's so much cheaper and would allow you to play GRAW at about 25-40fps. I just bought a used X800GTO for a friend and unlocked the extra 4 pipes. Unfortunately, I could only pull 29fps average out of it in GRAW will all settings totally castrated at 10x7 res. I did use the managed_textures tweak on a rig that only had 1GB of RAM. It didn't boost frame rates but got rid of alot of "lag" when entering new areas. So I recommend people try that tweak even if they only have 1GB. If you use FRAPS, you see your frame rates plummet when you move into a new area. The tweak helps alot with that. I've yet to try GRAW on my new X1900GT. I have a pretty insane overclocking profile setup that I can use that boosts the card's performance to X1900XTX heights so I'll probably do fine though on medium settings.
  19. Kram, as mentioned, download and install FRAPS to check out your frame rates. From what I've seen of the specs and benchmarks of your video card, you're going to be hard-pressed to get sufficient frame rates to play GRAW smoothly. All of the performance tweaks will be found under Options>Video>Advanced Options. There you can turn options to either low or off. You don't have nearly enough RAM to do the managed_textures tweak. Good luck.
  20. Here is the one I use. Excellent build quality - sturdy enclosure and base. Durable metal finish. I highly recommend it. Comes with its own internal cooling fan and backup software.
  21. I have to agree. Most of the matches I've played in any co-op game have been instant respawn. You have to find the "hardcore" servers in order to have norespawn or "teamrespawn" where the whole team has to die before you respawn. And often, the servers will even have the word teamrespawn or teamplay right in their name. By far, I prefer norespawn/teamrespawn but then again I'm one of those guys who chews glass and puts on grease paint before every online match (that was a joke...sort of). But most of my online gaming consists of me and one gaming buddy in co-op and for us to do norespawn is nuts because we'll spend most of our time either sitting out or playing solo. But with more than two players, norespawn can be awesome. It definitely should be a server option in any tactical shooter game.
  22. Rabbi, with your rig you should be maxing everything out on [GR]. 16x12 res. if you can. At least 4x AA and 16XAF and yeah everything at 32-bit. I think there's a v-sync option right in the [GR] option screens but I've never seen it on by default. I even slide the performance/quality slider all the way to quality and save that in an [GR] game profile. I remember breaking 400fps on [GR] and that was with a 6600GT a while ago. Of course, I had to stare at a wall to do it though! One 6800GT will eat [GR] alive - two will decimate it. OT: I recently switched from Nvidia using their older control panel to ATI using ATI Tray Tools. I proceeded to tweak the snot out of my brightest, gamma, and contrast and made some major IQ improvements in the game. With Nvidia's prior control panel, I was never able to tweak these settings very well. It always seemed that my buddy with his super-high-contrast flat panel could get the "jump" on tangoes quicker than me with my washed-out-looking GR. Now the game looks awesome but still "realistic". One thing you might want to try is to spin your character around with v-sync on and then v-sync off. With it on, when turning/spinning, you should see a more stable picture - one in which you can visually identify things better than with it off. Food for thought. I have it off now but want to go back and give this a try again.
  23. Another possibility for anyone looking for drivers is to go to www.driverheavendownloads.net and pick from the Omegas or the Zeropoints. Or go to www.tweaksrus.com and get the WarCats. All of these "tweaked" drivers either don't come with CCC or let you bypass its install foregoing the need for the .net framework. I've tried the WarCats for Nvidia and the Omegas and Zeropoints for ATI. By foregoing the bloatware app known as Catalyst Control Center, you can use the incredibly amazing app known as ATI Tray Tools to do any tweaking or overclocking you want to do. It's about 1/50th(?) the size of CCC and lets you do a boatload of things with your card. I use it for game profiles, gamma/brightness/contrast hotkeys, temp monitoring, etc. I used to use it for fan control and hope to use it for a GRAW game profile that will dynamically bump my card's voltages and GPU and video memory clocks for better GRAW performance. ATT is available at www.guru3d.com. An new release candidate ( has just come out.
  24. I may actually experiment with going from 2GB of RAM back to 1GB with GRAW. With 1GB (2x512MB sticks) I can use a Command Rate of 1T (memory setting in bios) but with 2x1GB sticks, a 1T command rate is impossible. A command rate of 1T is very beneficial to Athlon 64 systems and with Memtest86, I've confirmed that memory throughput goes way up with "1T". At some point I'll do some benching in GRAW with ATI Tray Tools and see what performs better, 1GB RAM with 1T or 2GB RAM with 2T. </geek rant>
  25. Flim, you're thinking of the 7950GX2. He's linking to the 7950GT. The 7950GT is a single core card. @Hoe, this card should be excellent for any game that's out today. That's alot of bang for your buck too.
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