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  1. Payment in USD is on its way. Thanks a ton, Rocky - great job!
  2. Rocky, I think there's a problem with Weapons of War in the Download section. One mod says WOW 3.1 but the description in the table below says v3.0. Based on the file size (~28MB), it appears that that file is indeed WOW 3.0 and not WOW 3.1. I have a file called WOW 3.1 on my HDD and it says it is 4586KB (~4.5MB). Do you want to check that out?
  3. Variable, when you say multi-player capable...are you including co-op or is that just adverserial?
  4. Tinker, you Ghost Recon bad azz! Awesome - thanks! Are you the TinkerTom who is hosting that file? Some related notes.... I'm going to try and get my hands on every GR co-op mod that is publicly known and create a "somewhat" all- encompassing GR DVD set of co-op maps and missions. I did this with VietCong and ended up with over 200 custom maps! Who knew!? WHO KNEW!?! With Ghostaholics no longer hosting, I'm a bit late to the game here. I get the feeling that even with GR.NET and Filefront combined I'm still going to find a few things missing. If I find I have some mods in my possession that I can no longer find on the net, I guess I'll let Rocky know. I could not find a link at GR.net for that US Map Pack. I did various word searches at this site as well as scour the categories manually. @Rocky, are there any legal issues with hosting a bunch of GR mods on one's own server? It would be to direct others to if they were going to play GR with me and they are missing mods. Edit: by co-op I basically mean anything that is not adverserial.
  5. There's a map pack for GR called =US= Map Pack Beta which contains maps called: Ancient Ruins Desert City Mog (which always crashes upon loading) I forget the rest. I cannot find a download link for it anywhere. Here are some pics from it: Anybody have a link I can pass on to another GR player? (BTW, if you view those screenies full-size, you can see what 8XAA does for GR - thanks to nHancer)
  6. Classic stuff! When I want to get a laugh out of my co-op buddy, I say... "Trung-si, VC down by riva!"
  7. Don't forget that in order to play VC online, you also have to get the sequel, Fist Alpha. No one plays VietCong. You have to play Fist Alpha patched to 1.6 Install order is: VietCong Fist Alpha VietCong Patch 1.6 VietCong 2 was a total bust. No one plays it. The only "official" community co-op servers that were up have been permanently taken down. If you can look past the textures in GR, you can definitely look past those in VC. It came out 3 years later. I'll acknowledge that some of the textures are dated but the dev crew actually went to Vietnam and shot a gazillion photos and feet of video for the game. There are some maps where you can tell they did a helluva job.
  8. Yes, VC had a very robust co-op community. Similar to GR, there are a wealth of custom maps (not mods) and modders are still active today putting out new maps. The co-op community flourished with this game and their were servers where you could play under a Team Leader and a zero-tolerance policy was enforced...i.e. they had a set of rules that enforced teamplay. Co-op plays out in a very similar way to GR with the exception that the enemy AI in VC is a bit more mobile, dynamic and aggressive. Even though the game is not a one-shot-one-kill game per se, it does play like one because you can get jacked up very quickly. The concept of a having a person play medic to heal you (partially) and an engineer to provide ammo added much to the teamplay of the game. Nothing has the feel of authenticity like GR does but I have to say that no other combat game's enemy AI spooked me like that of VC. You can still jump on a co-op server today. Many still appear in the MP game browser. No I haven't. I just read up on it a bit and it says you play in third person?
  9. I'm sure that many can relate to your situation. A friend and I have been playing Vegas 2 co-op for a good amount of time now and our gaming sessions are amazingly fun. The aggressiveness of the enemy AI really "makes" the game. Just before that we had a very long "tour" of VietCong co-op and that was even more satisfying. But as some point you need a bit of a change. The choice was either SWAT 4 or GR. I consider my buddy to be one of GR's biggest fans on the planet so I started planting the "GR" seed in his mind. I was actually griping about GR saying that we needed to play focused missions, not wander huge maps in Firefight mode. I was actually a bit leary of going back to GR. I'm the guy who likes to blow the doors with C4 and rescue hostages while my friend, by far, is more an "open-field combat" kind of guy. So we start GR, and all I get from him is griping and moaning about GR. Compared to GR, the guns in Vegas 2 are like mini-guns so that was one gripe. When I myself started up GR, I actually enjoyed the challenge using the vanilla M16 - kit# 1!!! It appears that Vegas 2 has spoiled him a bit. But in my case, Vegas 2 now seems a bit silly and it's hard to take seriously. If you die, you're back in the action in less that 10 seconds and you spawn right in the action. For me, GR is now the only game I can play. I've even stopped playing unrelated games like Assassin's Creed and The Witcher. When gaming alone, all I play are MP LAN missions with AI backup. And I'm playing it whenever I get the chance. All other games are gathering dust. All I can think about is being out on the "battlefield" again. I still don't think anyone has ever really been able to verbalize what makes GR so much better, but its obvious that nothing can hold a candle to this game. My goal is to heavily research all the mods and find ways of playing that are more enjoyable then what we've done in the past: wandering large maps in firefight mode. So that means looking at all the gametypes the mods offer.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't understand your reply. Are you saying that we don't have binocs but have a spot scope instead? And what does the 25X full screen refer to?
  11. I just started the Sniper Team training map and when I go to spot for the sniper, his binocs act exactly like the sniper's scope. As soon as you zoom, the whole screen goes black and you're left with a small hole in the middle like you're looking through a scope and not binoculars. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? The description of the mod says 25x full screen binocs. With that pinhole, I wouldn't be able to find my butt with both hands. I saw this thread but that seems to address a scaling problem for widescreen users and not what I'm describing.
  12. Any luck with that Tinker? I'm probably going to be trying to do the same thing. I've been reading the old posts on editing the .TOE files and found this thread. I have one main gaming buddy and we're going to do another "tour of GR" as we've played all the co-op maps in Vegas 2 and as fun as that game is, we need a new "core" game. Vegas 2 just doesn't have enough maps...yet. In the past, we would play co-op without AI backup and the game simply went like this: die, respawn, run to catch-up with buddy, die, respawn, run to catch-up with buddy, die... You get my drift? So I'm looking for ways to inject more fun in the game and not just that but ways to improve gameplay as well...and to improve our chances for success. I just played the first mission in Demon Rage with AI backup and it was a blast! So I'm thinking that I want to start playing GR co-op with AI backup. In many of the games we play, we look at each other and say..."you know most of these maps were meant for more than just two guys!" Any luck using a modifed .TOE file?
  13. Hey Wombat, I figured it out. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Data\Save\game and open the file defplayr.keys with Notepad. It appears like a bunch of XML for bound keys. To switch from 'Z' or 'R' for reload to only 'R', change this line: <bind action = "change_magazine" key1 = "key_z" key2 = "key_r"/> to this line: <bind action = "change_magazine" key1 = "key_r" key2 = ""/> Save the file and poof!...your only reload key is now 'R'. BTW, my example refers to how I have the Reload keys defined. The key here is that key1 represents the first key assignment for that function and key2 represents the alternate key assignment for that function. Put the key you want to use in the key1 stuff and you can leave key2 as null ("").
  14. I just reinstalled GR after a long break and I can't stand the default key assignments. I try to go prone instantly to keep from head from getting blown off and I end up reloading or with a map stuck on my screen. I added the "R" key for reload but the "Z" key stays. How do I get rid of the "Z" key assignment so I don't get "undesireable behavior" in emergency situations?
  15. IMHO, Alderei nailed it with his answer about differing objectives between the two fighting forces. Counter-Terrorist units are closer in approach to SWAT teams - timing can be deathly critical. GR more resembles a special forces army unit...they have objectives but things might differ depending on what they encounter...patrols, etc. IMHO, both games, RvS and GR, took a logical approach. To me the real-time commands make a lot more sense in GR and I don't think planning would have worked out as well in GR as it did in a game like R6, RS or RvS. I think Alderei had a great answer on the kits too. It looked like RedStorm wanted you to have to think about your "class" and what you wanted to carry based on your "role". The opposite being something maybe like R6:Vegas, IIRC, where you access to the "full arsenal". I kinda like the way Vegas 2 implemented the experience points which unlocked new weapons. I wonder how that would have "felt" in GR. Without mods, the gun selection in [GR] is minimal. I just reinstalled GR and am re-evaluating it to see if my co-op gaming buddy and I want to do another "tour of GR". Without such a limited initial selection, I'm using a vanilla SD MP4. WOOHOO! Your post kinda reminds me of the old days where tactical shooters required thinking and not just lightning-fast reflexes. The "planning days" are long gone and I feel we'll never see anything like that again - it's just too much of a "niche" product. Vegas 2 is now the state of the Tom Clancy Tac Shooter and as fun as it is, it's a whole different type of game.
  16. LOL - you sure don't! It's way too scripted. To me, COD 4 (SP demo) was like COD 2 re-skinned.
  17. I agree completely. We've seen absolutely nothing from Ubisoft to make us believe that they would "revert" to a thinking-man's shooter. They seem to be moving away from that actually in order to make their games more "accessible".
  18. I use VirtualDub for editing and Super@ for encoding and compression. But I hear Windows Movie Maker is great and is probably easier to learn than these free 3rd party apps.
  19. Zone, I can relate to your frustration. The accuracy of the enemy AI in GR is a bit over the top. But, then again, the accuracy of the player isn't too shabby either. Maybe a better perspective on GR is that it's not that GR is so hard, but rather, other games are simply much too easy. What makes GR so much fun is that it challenges you to play as "tactically" as possible as mentioned in the posts above mine. If you could mop up in GR like you do in R6:Vegas, the game would never have earned its crown as one of the best tac shooters ever made. Why bother playing tactically if you can simply "Ahh-nold" the whole map with little trouble? I remember talking about this a while back...about notching down the accuracy of the enemy AI. I think the core issue here is that the guns that the enemy AI uses (lots of Russian and AK variants) have very high accuracy attributes. The map pack "Trafic" allowed me to try these guns out and I found them to be extremely accurate. There's probably more to the issue than that though. I don't know if this applies to single-player but there is a mod I use called Snoopy's Realism mod (IIRC) that supposedly notches down the enemy AI accuracy a bit. We use it but haven't really noticed the enemy missing much more. The first map can be a bit tough for a newcomer - there's very little cover and a lot of open forest. But keep in mind that at one point we were all exactly where you were...muttering obscenities under our breath from not understanding why we were dying so much. But we all stuck with it and realized that that's part of why GR is so great!
  20. Way cool...I knew there had to be a point or this would simply be a waste of bandwidth.
  21. Thanks for all your great input! The idea of doing is wiki is intriguing but I know very little about that. I was thinking about IGOR as a possible way to "scoot" through a map. Right now I'm in the middle of a new build that is not going well. I finally made the switch from AMD to Intel and I seem to have ended up with a board that's not stable when overclocking - but that's a whole nother story. My gaming rig is just a big pile of parts sitting on the dining room table. As such, I can't even get started yet. I intend to enlist my "creative" photoshop buddy for the graphics for the "catalog". My intention is to make it graphically interesting and not just a typical, white, informational web page format. When I've got something started, maybe I can show the format and solicit some criticism - constructive that is.
  22. Well, it would definitely start with all the "biggies". I'm not even sure I could do every map made for GR because I think the project would never end. As I said, it would not include any weapons - there are simply too many. And even if there weren't, I doubt I could convey meaningful information that would enable a player to look at the info and say, hey, that's the one I want to use. I'm also not sure if I could convey enough information about "missions" to make their inclusion worthwhile. I suppose I could include enlargeable thumbs of the maps used in the mission pack along with the canned description from the d/l section but that would be something that would I do after I had finished dealing with the actual map packs if at all. Can anyone recommend the easiest way for me to traverse a map to take screenies without getting my butt shot off? Maybe do a "quick mission" and use a cheat? IIRC, not every map offers the ability to play it in "quick mission" - pardon if I'm using the wrong term - it's been a while since I've played GR. All the games start to blur a bit.
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