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  1. Yeah...cool. I hope to try YOTM soon. Sounds great since I'm a big VietCong fan. Be good to see what it's like to play without the red dots. Hey, Wombat, good to hear from ya.
  2. I find that having the TI on gives you far less an advantage than the red diamonds or dots that are displayed on the map when you have visual on an enemy or are very close to an enemy. In some situations, when I see a bunch of red dots on the map, I can just sit there and wait for them to come through the door or wall opening and mow them all down. We use this tactic all the time. I think it would be alot better not to know the enemy's exact location even when at close range. This would create alot more in-game tension. I could even argue that it would be better not to have any diamonds even when, technically, you have LOS on an enemy but in reality you have no clue where the enemy is. Why should the game tell me I can see the enemy when, being the ###### I am, I can't see jack half the time? I like the TI because it tells me that an enemy is near but doesn't really help with the direction. The yellow segments seem to only help in pointing out the general direction of enemy troops. Thus, when only one tango is left, all the yellow segments disappear. I think the red diamond creates alot of good in-game tension. When the TI is turned off, we still rely on the red dots anyway. So my thought is that the red dots give too much help. The yellow segments are helpful when you get towards the end of a mission and need to find the last few stragglers. Having both a day job and an evening job, I appreciate that kind of help. I'm reading a book about a Special Forces guy who was in 'Nam for seven years. He stated, probably with a little exaggeration, that he could smell a VC at 100 yards...due to the unusually fragrant foods they ate and drank, etc., etc. He kind of had his own TI. Ideally, I'd like to play with the TI on but the red diamonds off. Too bad that's not possible. It seems that turning off the TI is "scripture" in GR. Just thought I'd say there's someone here with a different opinion.
  3. Thanks, Harntrox. I just dl'ed it. OPFOR...I think the only game I've heard that in is Full Spectrum Warrior. Wow! 19 posts in about 3 years - I better learn to keep my flapper shut!
  4. I have a map somewhere in my massive GR map collection that has you spawn right next to a broken cement building foundation with a burning helicopter nearby. I think one version of the map had the word "Dawn" or "Dusk" in it. It wasn't night but the lighting was low. It's one of my all-time favorite GR maps. In co-op the enemy comes at you pretty visciously and we used to get jacked up really bad. Can anyone....name that map?
  5. I voted for library buildings so I could kick open doors, throw in a bang and cuff all their sorry arses! . . . Oops! Wrong forum! I voted for Tropical Jungle as I thought the maps and immersion in IT were the best. Being a diehard VietCong fan also steered me in that direction. But in another way, I agree with Hawker, gimme urban as well. I like woodland-maps when they're kinda small like "Creekbed" but I don't like huge, open woodland maps like that stock (I think) GR map with the big evergreen forest. I guess I greatly prefer limited-sight-distance maps with alot of hard cover and the higher intensity of more CQB-type encounters.
  6. wombat50, do the alpha squad missions support co-op? Nevermind, I went to the Alpha Squad link and checked them out myself.
  7. All the movie links are currently broken.
  8. I'm currently just starting the original in co-op with a buddy. We intend to do the whole game and then move on to Ten Hammers. The game is very scripted but I simply look at it as a game with very low replayability. Not a showstopper for what I paid for it. I'm incredibly impressed with what I've seen so far. I'm sure they've included a bunch of improvments in TH. FSW never seemed to stir up that much excitement in the "media" nor did it have a loyal community - at least I haven't found it yet. I found it to have more of a realistic feeling than any other combat game I've played - but I guess it's only for the truly "tactical" and doesn't appeal to everyone.
  9. Sounds like your friends have some twitchy trigger fingers. To get them used to co-op you might want to disable "friendly fire" until they get used to the notion that "you're all on the same team". Then, further down the road, you can re-enable it without letting them know. Kind of like training a dog with an electric fence so-to-speak. GR requires a ton of patience when going up against bots in co-op. Probably more patience than any other game I've ever played. There are a bunch of great weapons mods out there. Not sure if they'll work without DS and IT installed though: PD Weapons Mod (PD=Psycho Dad) WOW (weapons of war) Hitman's Arsenal Good luck with your buddies.
  10. Not only do I get a quick answer...I get a good laugh as well! Ever since I was a Raven Shield whore, anything moving is a possible tango! Even when I'm playing Vietcong co-op, sometimes I'll slip and say "Tango down!". No one ever seems to mind. It just sounds funny as the only "tangoes" in the jungles of 'Nam are the big honkin' mosquitoes! Does this mean we could have told Natty that "tango" was a type of tropical fruit? HX5, IIRC, is "Red Sun".
  11. Can someone tell me which HX mod lets you have something like 80+ tangoes in co-op? I know I have it on my mega-dvd of GR mods but I can't remember what it's called. I tried HX 2.5 Massive Assault but that didn't seem to be the one.
  12. There's no avoiding it...I have to recommend you get Desert Siege and Island Thunder for you and your friends. All of my favorite stock maps come from these two expansions. What really made GR insanely fun for me was playing co-op. I think your enjoyment would be so much greater than playing 3v3 or "king of the hill". When just one of my friends and I go at it against the "Russian hordes", he gets so jazzed he has trouble sleeping that night - it's quite a blast! The best way to put it is that the possibilities are endless given the unbelievable number of mods, maps, and missions for this game. I know you said you're not die-hard gamers but I'd pick up DS and IT and try co-op. (If you do, look for the GR Gold pack. It has all 3 and by now is dirt cheap). If you're not totally hooked by then, well at least you have a better idea of the possibiliities.
  13. Maybe I'm a little dense here but won't ASE automatically list my server when it's up and running? I know that GR doesn't have this itself, but I'm coming from games where all you have to do is start your server and people will see you in their server list. ASE doesnt' do this? If I remember, GreyHaired, weren't you the guy who asked me to play with your group? It was years ago...and seems like a lifetime ago. If so, good to see you're still hanging around.
  14. Ouch! That's the same as SWAT 4 but at least you get to watch! I kind of like the VC method where they jumped right into the game and you had to give them text directions on how to find you. No waiting involved. So if I start a co-op GR game, people won't see my server listed unless I do something?
  15. My main gaming buddy and myself are back into GR co-op full force. Last night we had a blast playing the Trafic Pack maps. Back in the day, we never used ASE or Ubi game service. With VietCong and SWAT 4, I've opened my non-ded. server to the public but have some questions about that in GR: Can someone join a GR co-op game that's already in progress? In VC, the new player simply hops into the game that's in progress. In SWAT 4, you get a message that someone has joined but they can't play until the current game is done. How does it work in GR? Does everyone have to "meet" at the same exact time to have a GR co-op game? Is the only way to get guys to join is to send them your IP? Will my non-ded. server show up in ASE and if so, could they just jump in? Is there a "max players" setting in GR somewhere that I have to make sure is set correctly? Or something else that might interfere with others joining? TIA.
  16. MCarr, nice sig...the guy on the left looks a bit like Hornster, the M60 dude from VietCong. Actually, I have to take back my comment about GRAW. If the co-op is good (I assume it will have co-op), I'll give it a shot. I'm just not a vehicle, air strike, or tech gadget kind of "soldier". Speaking of mods, I'm amazed I didn't delete all my old GR mods from my HDD. I just burned a gig of them to a DVD. Yeah, the co-op in GR is amazing.
  17. I bumped into this old thread trying to find out if you could map extra keys to display chat messages - I've come to the conclusion that you could not - aside from the 10 slots you normally get. But I felt this subject was very interesting because it's so central to all co-op combat games and one that I dealt with in VietCong. And, was curious how it played out in GR. In VC, some of you may already know, that clans were formed which put up dedicated servers that were "zero-tolerance" servers. This meant that you had to follow all the rules of that server or you were kicked or banned. The most important rule was to obey the TL or Team Leader. Discipline was absolute. And the clans or organizations had a large list of roaming admins who would enforce the rules. It worked extremely well. And they were dead serious about zero-tolerance - if you even "smelled" like trouble, you were gone. Guys who ran off to rambo, were immediatly kicked. The TL or squad leader would dictate the movements and actions of every soldier. When done well, it was a thing of beauty and enabled us to complete maps with little or no casualties where before, without a TL, we'd get slaughtered. Amazingly, in some of the best games I played, voice comms were not used. The TL commanded the squad using text chat! And through the use of PHP, your stats would be tracked at the clan's site. So for those of you who shun co-op because of the lack of teamplay, let me at least say that it is possible and that if you do find a serious, disciplined group of players, it will be the best co-op action you've ever had. I don't know if these sort of servers or clans or whatever existed or do exist in the GR community. I assumed they did based on the nature of the game and the overall "professionalism" of the GR community. But if they don't, all I can say to people disappointed with co-op is go ahead and adopt your own zero-tolerance, disciplined approach to whatever co-op game you play - it works incredibly.
  18. I did alot of digging through old SOAF map threads but the links to SOAF maps are broken. I couldn't find the map converter utility here either. I own both GR and SOAF was hoping to port the maps from SOAF->GR. Any one have any working links? Am I too late?
  19. I have to admit that, by far, the best co-op gameplay I've ever experienced was in VietCong. And that was mostly as a result of the excellent enemy AI and other gameplay strengths. But that game was made several years after GR. The VietCong co-op community faded and I dropped VC for SWAT 4. But I've had my eyes constantly open for good co-op combat games. The first write-ups of GR2 were disappointing and it never came to PC anyway. I'm guessing that I won't be playing GRAW either. GR was so great that it spoiled me. I enjoyed RvS but it wasn't the classic that GR was. Aside from VietCong, nothing really measured up to GR. And I didn't care for CoD at all. Alot of the big titles like MOHAA and Battlefield 1942 and BFV either had no co-op or it sucked - from what I heard. Being done with VC and tired of waiting for something to come along, I just reloaded GR Gold Edition. I'm now loading up LAN co-op games by myself trying to determine how to play GR well given all I've learned playing tactical shooters over the years. I'm trying to tone down the difficulty as getting killed by bots with superhuman accuracy and reflexes gets old. But nothing I've tried really affects this. Just got to get used to it again, I guess. Taking into consideration that newer games have huge advantages over older ones, I'd have to say that GR was one of the best games ever made. I look forward to getting back into some co-op action. Another perk is cranking up every graphic option possible and still averaging about 100 fps!
  20. I've played a ton of co-op in GR, VietCong, and Swat 4 over the years. And I'd have to say that the co-op in VietCong, in terms of enemy AI, was light-years ahead of that in GR. With their tendency to use cover and flank and simulate human behavior, it often felt as if you were playing human opponents. The phenomenal implementation of iron sights and automatically raising up over cover when you aimed made weapon usage the best of any game I've played. Swat 4 co-op can be awesome when you use strict team discipline and your goal is to subdue and arrest, not kill, the perps. Taking down a large room with 5 perps and 3 hostages by having one player enter one door and one player enter another door deploying CS is a total rush! But SWAT 4 is so different from any other combat game, you can't make comparisons - suffice to say it's simply awesome. But it takes a HUGE adjustment in how you approach the game. You prove your studliness not by killing perps but by arresting them while they're trying to blow your head off. Since there's nothing new out there with good co-op, I reloaded GR/DS/IT. My main beef with GR is that there are no firefights per se because the enemy AI is way too accurate when they fire at short or medium range. Couple that with their faster than human reaction speed and it gets very aggravating. One of the strengths of VC was the long intense engagements with both sides make good use of cover.
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