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  1. I couldnt of said it better dood, other than the adjustments ive said theres no need to remove or filter the guns.
  2. LOL, you discribe the cut as a jungle map? A park more like. Ive probably put more hours into GRAW2 than you.
  3. First thing I will add is that a just love using the m99, and so do many others. If its being filtered by servers then watch them servers stay empty. Its a similar weapon to the AWP on css, if someone is using it then I just grab a few grenades and the balance is equal. The same can be said about the m99, its balance is the GL. A couple of things about it that could be changed are that if im shooting at someones foot then it should reduce their health by for example 20%?? not kill them. I agree that if you are carrying one your sprint should be slightly slower than someone whos not carrying one and you cant aim if your not standing still. Its also the maps, now, if there are urban type maps with plenty of inclosed spaces the m99 would be a poor choice. Im waiting for a jungle map aswell, the gfx support this type of map and would be very popular IMHO.
  4. Agree, locked kits suck, in GRAW1 I would have a sniper rifle as my main weapon, then small mp5 and grenades. With GRAW2 you are stuck with a pistol. Big dissapointment, the only way for spawn on leader to evolve is for the squad leader to assign a SRA "safe respawn area" via his commands, like behind a wall or truck. The same way he assigns his Ai team in SP. With the original version, it was a little bit of a pain in the backside when you would get someone respawn right infront of you when you were just about to take a shot. Squads are a must. Ive mentioned this on previous thread but just to reiterate, all kills displayed as in the demo, with an "enemy down" or "man down" if your team mate gets killed, but with the option of turning it off if you want.
  5. res 1440 x 900 refesh 75 tex quality med (cant set to high?) anti 8x evrything else high except anti aliasing off 40 to 50 fps Think it might be my lcd thats the weak link. am2 4800 DC | 2 gig ddr2 533 | gf 8800 gts 320meg | Asus mobo with sound onboard.
  6. A couple of things which I prefered in the first one is the gun layout when choosing, alot neater than 2. Im not a fan of the weapon list, I prefer next and previous weapon. Too many icons on the screen, who shot who should be at the bottom, preferably to the left. Where it is, makes your viewing area obscure. When someone chats on screen a little sound when its received, different sounds for "all" and "team" would be nice. "Enemy down" sound is very helpful, so when your team mate kills someone, and is next to you, you hear his "enemy down" aswell so you know that the person both of you were firing at is dead. Other than that I cant wait for it to be released.
  7. I just came off UK2 TDM and 1 player was flyin around the map at 100mph, he was complainin of lag but I didnt believe it. He was only there for 20 mins because of the amount of players complaining.
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