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  1. Guillemot has shares in the company who licenses DRM?
  2. One reason why I havent ditched windows for linux is gaming, I need my pc as my gaming machine. I do not want a ps3 or an xbox! That is no excuse! With linux can you just set auto download if dependences are missing? I would be very happy to pay a donation for a linux copy, and I bet most gamers would do the same.
  3. Well said, there has to be a new revolution of multi-player games, this should be the start!
  4. I am a great co-op believer, when I see a ghost game I think of co-op. If I want to play deathmatch I will play counter-strike source or COD4 modern warfare. I see GRAW as co-op only! I cannot stress that enough! Now, to business, ;-) I have just started playing GRAW again because I missed the friendly people who once populated the servers with me playing co-op. I started with GRAW which IMO is far better than GRAW2. GRAW has a custom loadout of weapons, you can pick what you want, which is how it should be. I hate custom packs with a passion, I want to pick what I want to carry. The "spawn on leader" option is an absolute must with squads of 4. The map must display who is where with their names aswell, very important. There must be a download map option if you join a server and do not have the map, and you should not have to re-start the game after you have downloaded! COD4 MW has this, why cant GRAW! The cross-com system is/has to come to co-op, this would be unbelievably great, to give a player instructions would be a winner in my book. Now, voice-coms has to be an option aswell, counter-stike source has it and it works perfectly. GRAW2 was a big diss-appointment from the start with no spawn on leader so straight away GRAW2 turned into a deathmatch option just like the rest. I tried co-op but it was just not the same, one of the reasons why I stopped playing GRAW series. GRAW put me off because of the obscene loading times, a joke at modern standards. I still think GRAW is the benchmark which [GR 4] should aim at. GRAW with the ability to pickup other players weapons is an absolute winner. Oh, and please no vehicles. ;-) Anything else I can remember I will post later.
  5. For me graw just means coop, no other game kicks Ai ass better than the graw series. I dont play single player games, I just look at multi. If theres the usual suspects like dm, ctf, domination, etc, etc, that gets my attention. BUT if there is coop, then the game is as good as bought.
  6. I didnt know about that, but I cant see a problem with players wondering about on servers? What are they going to findout? You will soon get bored and return to the action.
  7. 2 reasons I have stopped playing graw2 coop. 1. No spawn on leader. 2. No Custom kits. Lots of custom coop maps now available for graw1 with plenty of people still playing. Even if you join an empty server it will soon fillup.
  8. LOL, how very true, one reason why I dont play single player games with squads for very long. The Ai really doesnt match up to anything human. ;-) I also dont like the rebels, "we are holding our position", when you kill most of the bad guys then they come back with "we are moving into position".
  9. Agree about spawn campers, totally ruins the game. 8 to 10 secs spawn protect is enough. TK suggestion I agree aswell, voice reply is good idea.
  10. Yep agree, also when you exit out of a server you press esc, on the next screen the "abort" should read "dissconnect". Even better if you press esc in game you should get the list of servers come up with a "dissconnect" button. The amount of times ive exitied out of a server and said to myself "what was that server ive just played on?"
  11. I miss custom adding a rocket launcher (if theres a tank to take down) or grenades.
  12. Your right with that statement, if I want to play c00p I will play graw1. Thats only because of the lack of people playing on the servers on graw2.
  13. You missed a valid point aswell, they are far too yellow so no camo in the jungle, especially "in_the_cut" map. no no no no NO! You missed MY point! Pencils are just too easy! And don't get me started on the eraser feature If anyone wants to join me in a writing contest, find me in the server. No lead, ballpoint only...all skillz....boiiii! Oh dont get ME started on dual pencils, now that is just a no no, and must be made weaker. Someone will find an exploit and have the eraser (rubber, im english) heatseaking.
  14. 3rd option, BUT for clans in team matches only, I would never play on a public server like that.
  15. It's not so much balancing weapons as the fact that you cannot swing a 23 pound rifle as quick as you can the assault rifles. The M14 has more muzzle climb than the M99 (and more recoil)in game. That's so far from reality it's ridiculous. All we were discussing is to make the weapons perform relative regarding the real one and in comparison to the lesser calibers. I don't care about the one shot, one kill of the M99 one whit. The same goes with the GL. 30m arming distance is not too much to expect since that's how the real deal works and that's how GRIN had it in GRAW1. I understand your point to WK, but you're one of the coop n00bs so maybe you should go play against AI and let the rest of us who aren't scared play against real people. At least the Ai dont whine and moan and complain...... Well it would be hilarious if they did, maybe thats a mod for the modders to sortout.
  16. The thing that bought me to playing the original GR game was the coop. A few of us in our mirc channel would play all night long. There was no other worth playing. So when GRAW was announced I was so pleased, back to coop with the lads. GRAW2 and still no regrets buying it, best option added from GRAW1 is the ability to pickup weapons, big plus. I still play GRAW1 every now and then and gave it a big hammering after I got bored of TDM on the GRAW2 demo. Im not a TDM player really, but there wasnt any coop. When I loadup GRAW2 I first check for coop servers which have people on, if none or very few I play tdm reluctantly. GRAW2 is about coop for me and I appreciate GRiN for making it as there still is no other game worth playing c00p. Only thing I want in the future is another kingpin bagman, if only...........
  17. You missed a valid point aswell, they are far too yellow so no camo in the jungle, especially "in_the_cut" map.
  18. What will be the next weapon that will come under scutiny when the m99 and gl are put back into their boxes? "oh its too powerful", "oh the wrong people are using it", "oh it has to be made so that ....Blah blah blah.... Soon there will be no weapons left to criticise, pass judgement on, or shall we just stick with pencils? The weapons characteristics should be left to the experts, GRiN, the people whos game it is. Im sure they are MORE than capable of doing that.
  19. LOL, lets hope they are reading. Only other thing to do is to limit the m99 to 1 gun per squad, if squads are bought back in.
  20. Im not saying it is css or I want it to be like css, all I said is that 1 weapon will balance the other. You took my whole reply the wrong way. Its a team game and if your team are playing infront of you with their close up weapons, a snipers job is to sit back and takeout what the guys infront of them cant see.... OTHER SNIPERS.
  21. lol, if I knew what that meant or to whom it was aimed at I would of replied.
  22. Oh and just a quick something regarding ladders, its no proof of how good you are or how much you have played. Quality and quantity are ring fenced amongst the selected few. Something like how AA does its loyalty scheme is something close to how much you can proove how long and how good you are.
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