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  1. Guillemot has shares in the company who licenses DRM?
  2. One reason why I havent ditched windows for linux is gaming, I need my pc as my gaming machine. I do not want a ps3 or an xbox! That is no excuse! With linux can you just set auto download if dependences are missing? I would be very happy to pay a donation for a linux copy, and I bet most gamers would do the same.
  3. Well said, there has to be a new revolution of multi-player games, this should be the start!
  4. I am a great co-op believer, when I see a ghost game I think of co-op. If I want to play deathmatch I will play counter-strike source or COD4 modern warfare. I see GRAW as co-op only! I cannot stress that enough! Now, to business, ;-) I have just started playing GRAW again because I missed the friendly people who once populated the servers with me playing co-op. I started with GRAW which IMO is far better than GRAW2. GRAW has a custom loadout of weapons, you can pick what you want, which is how it should be. I hate custom packs with a passion, I want to pick what I want to carry. The "s
  5. For me graw just means coop, no other game kicks Ai ass better than the graw series. I dont play single player games, I just look at multi. If theres the usual suspects like dm, ctf, domination, etc, etc, that gets my attention. BUT if there is coop, then the game is as good as bought.
  6. I didnt know about that, but I cant see a problem with players wondering about on servers? What are they going to findout? You will soon get bored and return to the action.
  7. 2 reasons I have stopped playing graw2 coop. 1. No spawn on leader. 2. No Custom kits. Lots of custom coop maps now available for graw1 with plenty of people still playing. Even if you join an empty server it will soon fillup.
  8. LOL, how very true, one reason why I dont play single player games with squads for very long. The Ai really doesnt match up to anything human. ;-) I also dont like the rebels, "we are holding our position", when you kill most of the bad guys then they come back with "we are moving into position".
  9. Agree about spawn campers, totally ruins the game. 8 to 10 secs spawn protect is enough. TK suggestion I agree aswell, voice reply is good idea.
  10. Yep agree, also when you exit out of a server you press esc, on the next screen the "abort" should read "dissconnect". Even better if you press esc in game you should get the list of servers come up with a "dissconnect" button. The amount of times ive exitied out of a server and said to myself "what was that server ive just played on?"
  11. I miss custom adding a rocket launcher (if theres a tank to take down) or grenades.
  12. Your right with that statement, if I want to play c00p I will play graw1. Thats only because of the lack of people playing on the servers on graw2.
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