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  1. Doh'! I've been found out. The jig is up boys.
  2. Not bad at all considering I think I only got 28 out of 48 my first time. School was never my strong suit though.
  3. The fastest I was able to do this was by the time it reached the M in the word time. I've been doing it every morning for the last week because I was shocked at how badly I did the first time. 48 States Test
  4. Where are you Snake? Are you chicken? I'm waiting in the shadows for you.
  5. The Misfits The Clash The Pixies The End!
  6. I wonder if you could buy it and bulldoze it? They may sell it with certain stipulations in place to protect it though. hmmmm.
  7. Oh man should you ever. Give us another story from the field. Karate Kid is from Minnesota as well.
  8. I'm the best around. Come on in and enjoy my company.
  9. I'm havin a heck of a time getting them. All dead links that I've found.
  10. Is that really you? Come on. Is it? When are you going to get online and play with teamspeak?
  11. I'm good like that. I feel nautious, I'd better get off this green page.
  12. This new forum is jarring and hard to read or follow. The green is god awful. I bet posting drops quite a bit for a while. My 2 cents. The visual change alone is definitely for the worse but maybe the other stuff will help the staff. That's how I felt aboot the ebay motors section when that changed and I still look at that everyday(but we ain't talking cars here if ya get my drift). So sad.
  13. This new forum is jarring and hard to read or follow. The green is god awful. I bet posting drops quite a bit for a while. My 2 cents since I see no thread on it and I don't want to be the bad guy. Was there any improvements or just a change? Because the visual change alone is for the worse.
  14. It's a might bit better than being ###### on in my book m8. It could be worse.
  15. I'm cleaning my guns as we speak. I'll see you directly.
  16. MODERATOR EDIT for breach of forum rule.... [3.2] Personal attacks : Any posts containing personal or racist attacks will be edited or deleted and the originating account risks banning. BTW, I am now locking this poll per the guidelines already set forth by WK.
  17. Did the Embassy mission with some peeps last night online. There was one rebel left at the bottom of the fire escape at the embassy. He capped me and my partner due to carelessness. I had the OIC GL as a weapon, from the spawn zone I launched the first six grenades at the building and the next six over it in the general direction figuring I'd unload since someone else would get the last guy. Wouldn't ya know it! BOOM! The guy who got killed with me had run about 20 feet when I launched them over his head, he couldn't have beleived it if he hadn't seen with his own eyes. I copied that from an old post of mine because it belongs in here as well.
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