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  1. Holy smokes! You are twisted more than I ever knew Snake.
  2. Yeah, I really think it's time to wipe the mid-east off the face of the globe. Never was a real loss if ya ask me.
  3. Did I pillage and plunder down under? Yes? No? Maybe so?
  4. I dropped bunker busters on her hillsides all night?
  5. I remember a long time ago when I was on the trampoline with my older brother and did one of those dropkicks and actually connected. I flipped right off the side and smashed my face off the gas grill breaking my nose and smashing out 2 teeth. The kicker is that my mom took off the safety net around the edge a day before to give it to someone else.
  6. I was serious.... look it up... It's true sup, I've used condoms to shape explosions into a great many things myself.
  7. Where is the centerfold in all this? Can't you do some sort of "meanwhile in another part of the ship" type scenario? It needs more sex in it. The muscle shirt Casey had on was kinda hot, but we want that centerfold in some hardcore combat action. Maybe she could be fighting off those terrorist marauders whilst bobbing and weaving some heat seeking missiles or something like that. Just a suggestion.
  8. They're going to need more of that "overwhelming stealth" to get on that bridge Snake. Don't let us down Casey. Gulp!
  9. Holy crap! What happened to the Playboy model? Did they shag her silly? Did she have machine gun jubblies like in Austin Powers? For cry eye please continue! I hope she makes it out unharmed and is able to throw another fantastic spread in the August issue centerfold. Didn't mean to give away the ending or anything if that's it. Sorry.
  10. Awsome! It gave me back my homepage access. I highly roccomend this since it found and healed 50 more items than any other program even found. Here's the only thing left. Whenever I go to hotmail.com to get my email I get about 3 popups at a time every time I click on anything. It's the only place I get popups period. There all for viagra and spyware type things. Anyone else get them on that site? I took care of all my popup issues a long time ago and they never came back ubtil this happened and it's only there. Hmmm. Thanks guys.
  11. On the real my man. Bring it. Bang, bang and all that crap.
  12. Wow, its worse than I thought, you really dont like women do you? I like fatties that have neckfurters so I can knaw on them.
  13. More commonly known as "men" round these parts.
  14. I've tried that. I do use IE at home. I think it's really deep rooted whatever it is. Thanks anyway. Guess I should have mentioned that I've tried the novice user things like that (since my buddy hipped me to it) but I think it's much more serious.
  15. This may be very vague but I better start somewhere because my only pc user savvy friend only visits once a year and we've tried figuring it out on the phone to no avail. A few months ago I noticed I could no longer set my default page in my web browser. No matter what I did it just hel this one page "j??search.redirect" or something like that. I didn't know what to make of it bur I knew it couldn't be good. Well now it redirects it to porn sites half the time and the other half it says "C.WINDOWS.??" or something like that. I run windows XP and that's about all I can think to give for info. I've peeked in other forums and I've seen other users complaining about similar things but the steps to eradicate it are monstrous. I'm used to a mac where it is fairly simple to get rid of these types of problems or you don't get them at all. I have no clue about pc's and I hope someone here can shed more light on this.
  16. Must be nice to be bored. Oh the days when...
  17. Ace of Base Vanilla Ice Color Me Bad The Jets Nu Shooz Expose Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam
  19. Put them up now or I slappa you face.
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