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  1. ok so do you adjust the sound volumes through ts or in the options of the game?
  2. what about the headsets? are the sounds seperated out or does the game and mic come through the set together?
  3. thanks to both of you. i'll try that to see the difference before i throw more money at this issue.
  4. my mic and rogerwilco setup is kinda hard to really hear with the game going on and all. does using headphones cut down on the garble. like maybe the game comes over the speakers and the mic comes through the headset? does anyone know? just want to avoid buying the headset if it doesn't really help much more. got used to using a hand-free cell phone with my friend and that kicks ###### but no good when you get together with others...
  5. can i host a game on a server with mods on and still get players in there? what is the server side mods and how do you access them? i played with someone and they said it was a server side mod. any help?
  6. does anyone have advice on mods that they can share? the lack of description on mods doesn't entice me to download them. are there any that you could recommend and or explain a little about to me. and maybe a good place to get them without too much sifting. i'd like to spend more time playing than searching for mods.
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