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  1. I'm planning on at least hooking back up with Sgt. Rock since he's been waiting for my sorry ass to buy a new machine for 2 years now. i know the game is old but i can't wait. I can only use gr and desert seige until we figure out island thunder pack on a mac again. Winter is coming and I can't wait to get the headset on and take out some tangos. lol.

  2. I personally thought the Hummer ad was the only one with enough of a creative concept away from the "actual product" to impress me as a truly great ad. Too many bad ones to go into truthfully, but feel free to bash on the bad ones too I'm not sure I liked another one much at all other than that one spot.

  3. I can't believe anyone thinks the Eagles will win! That's hilarious. I'll admit there is a slight chance that they may get lucky and the Pats will screw up but that's the only chance they have. They can't beat them otherwise. Not to mention that they have no idea how it is to be in these big games and keep their head straight. Don't underestimate that experience (in that way) for the Pats, that's was a big factor in dismantling those last two teams. It's way beyond stats and what you see with your eyes as far as I'm concerned. Just my two cents. ;)

  4. How have I missed this thread? I know I don't post anything lately but I have been checking in on the regular. I remember the good ole days of Snake and Karate Kid trading body blows on these forums until they were both on the brink of being banned. LOL. Obviously Snake has become an upstanding member of GR society since then, Karate Kid has been banned and moved to Manhattan and tripled his salary in the last year. I think Snake should be made staff here on gr.net. Anyone else agree with me on this one? He's tough but fair and terribly handsome to boot. Even though I could whip him in Ghost Recon, he is a worthy candidate for hall monitor around here. I have and issue that i need counsel on Snake. It seems that everytime I have milk in my cereal lately I have to run to the bathroom an hour later and I crap so violently that it sprays all over the back of the bowl and tank on the toilet. Just like my grandmother used to use the bathroom! Cheese doesn't bother me but milk...WOAH! Keerrrrslpat! What gives?

  5. - Even if you wait 3 months, you will get better technology for the same price as now

    And then 3 months after that, there will be something better, and 3 months after that there will be something better, and 3 months after that there will be something better, and 3 months after that there will be something better, and 3 months after that there will be something better, and 3 months after that there will be something better..........

    You get the idea. At some point you have to stop waiting and build a new rig.

    True but since I'm inspired to do so soley for gr2 I should at least let that dictate my bare minimum spec wise. And that won't be a minimum to sneeze at. Now if you can just delete your reply, I'll delete this one and get back to just info in this thread. :thumbsup:

  6. I was trying to find you a system that would offer some upgradability in the future when games you may want would need some sturdier hardware, neither the one I posted or the one you posted offer that really. AMD is going with the socket 939  processors and will discontinue the 754 procs in the future. The biggest thing is to get a rig with a video card better than the nVidia MX series of cards. Those cards are greatly deficient in what they can do. They are good for 2d and office work, but not for gaming.

    One other thing I would recommend every gamer have in his/her rig is a plain jane CD-ROM. More and more games are shipping with anti-piracy measures on them and have problems running in burners of any sort whether a CD or DVD burner.

    The vid card can add a few bills to the total and a CD-ROM should add less than $25 to the cost.

    This was emailed back to me in respone to this post (I'm the middle man since I know jack about pc's).

    "Sounds like good advice to me.  I guess the next question is if you don't go with the

    999 pin motherboard, could you swap out mother boards and processors later, and

    if so, would that be cost effective?"

  7. This is a link provided to me by a friend that I've emailed some of the feedback from this thread. He has agreed with what has been said here generally (he and you know a hck of a lot more about pc's than I do).


    From my friend.

    "Post it and tell them your budget and see what opinoins you get on RAM, motherboard, processor, and graphics. As I said earlier, though, sound cards ain't that big a deal for modest-type geeks like us."

    I'd love to keep it under $800 and get a decent 17 monitor with it as I'd like to leave this one on this machine and run it as well. I have a set of Soundworks speaker and a sub here that I can use.

    System Summary  



    * (754-pin) AMD ATHLON64 3000+ Processor

    * (754-pin Socket) GigaByte GA-K8NS nForce3 250 Chipset AGP8X w/LAN,USB2,&Audio

    * 512 MB PC3200 400MHz DDR MEMORY

    * 80GB 7200 RPM ATA 100 HARD DRIVE

    * NONE - 2nd Hard Drive

    * nVidia GF4 MX4000 128MB AGP8X

    * NONE - CD/DVD

    * CD-RW 52X32X52 (BLACK)

    * (SILVER/BLACK) ViewSonic® 17" E70F+SB .21MM Horizontal Dot Pitch SVGA MONITOR


    Price: $698.00

    Is what I came up with but I don't know that much about what I'm really looking at. I know I need wireless but I skipped over that since I was reaaly lost at that point.

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