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  1. 1963 Convertible Ford Falcon Futura. Red paint and black canvas top. 289/C4/8inch.
  2. desert siege sniper armory ver 1.3 standard upgrade
  3. I wouldn't knowingly post something illegal. I figured since I own both that it was ok. He provided them to me because I no longer have a pc to get them from, although I do still have the discs. It was just easier for him to access. Must've missed something in the rules. SORRY.
  4. I've gotten the ziped map folder from my friend....I unzipped and created an Mp2 folder and dumped them in there....per his advice....but nothing. Here is a screenshot of my folder inards. Anyone see what I may be doning wrong? I can't see them in the mods section of the game to turn them on.
  5. but he can't join...it just hangs. Tried so many things. I have it on tcp right now and he can see the game finally but just hangs on join. it says to use both udp and tcp but i can't see how to activate both. here's a screen shot...anybody?
  6. i play i play i play! who wants some of this? with only desert seige activated of course.
  7. Got them at mac game files. Thanks....bang bang and i'm off again...been a long long time.
  8. I got my machine and I'm very cool....so keep posting to this thread.
  9. I'm planning on at least hooking back up with Sgt. Rock since he's been waiting for my sorry ass to buy a new machine for 2 years now. i know the game is old but i can't wait. I can only use gr and desert seige until we figure out island thunder pack on a mac again. Winter is coming and I can't wait to get the headset on and take out some tangos. lol.
  10. 2.5 mil. Here's an ad site where people have voted....about middle-right of page halfway down. Hummer leads strong. adweek
  11. I personally thought the Hummer ad was the only one with enough of a creative concept away from the "actual product" to impress me as a truly great ad. Too many bad ones to go into truthfully, but feel free to bash on the bad ones too I'm not sure I liked another one much at all other than that one spot.
  12. I can't believe anyone thinks the Eagles will win! That's hilarious. I'll admit there is a slight chance that they may get lucky and the Pats will screw up but that's the only chance they have. They can't beat them otherwise. Not to mention that they have no idea how it is to be in these big games and keep their head straight. Don't underestimate that experience (in that way) for the Pats, that's was a big factor in dismantling those last two teams. It's way beyond stats and what you see with your eyes as far as I'm concerned. Just my two cents.
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