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  1. You must be joking lol - If they make a weapon based on a REAL weapon, every statistic of that rifle should be included, also recoil. But GRIN didn't, it's not a simulation, every statistic is not recreated, an approximative was created, to recreate the weapon, would scare half of the moaners away for ever What Durka is saying is this M99 rifle is a single shot weapon and the recoil after the shot makes no difference to the next shot as there isn't one. You have to reload the dam rifle to make the next shot. All other rifles in the game are semi or full auto, so recoil will affect the next shot Sure, if you say so I see it like this: M99 w/out recoil when you see 4 tango's in the distance: pew/kill - reload - pew/kill - reload - pew/kill -reload - pew/kill - reload -- all 4 tango's down (if you know how to snipe gd offc) Now, M99 w/ recoil when you see 4 tango's in the distance: pew/kill - reload+aim down because of recoil - etc... by the time you got your 2nd kill, either your tango's are gone, or you are dead Again, this is my personal opinion.
  2. Plain and simple: Videolag my friend, V I D E O L A G
  3. You must be joking lol - If they make a weapon based on a REAL weapon, every statistic of that rifle should be included, also recoil.
  4. Erm, I'm not sure but I think i read on this forum that you CAN do this, if you alter the xml file for you dedi server. Fact still remains: 1 hit of this gun in real life, WILL kill you Fact: standing & shooting this weapon in GRAW 1 & 2 in unrealistic in every way. The rifle being to strong in the hand of a high skilled player thats an overstatement, It's nearly a combo off skills and an overpowered gun, the strenght of the rifle doesnt change when used by a noob/elite player. This gun needs to be altered in a few ways imo The most needed one is the recoil for shooting when just standing, the G36C recoil is even bigger.
  5. This guy isn't always right, but he's NEVER wrong!
  6. Only gonna say this: The maps in GR:AW 2 are of a much higher tactical level then GR:AW 1 - you can create a whole bunch of tactical game plans in order to accomplish your goal in a match. In GR:AW 1 you could only do so much -in other words: camp or be camped- w/ these new maps, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. I think every MP player who likes a tactical shooter will agree w/ me on this one. PS: They could have put in a few urban-ish maps do. But I am NOT complaining. GR:AW 2 owns the shiznit outta GR:AW 1
  7. This game is stunning, absolutely brilliant!!! Only 1 negative thing in the entire game imo: the kits, imo they need to go, the sooner they're gone, the better For the record, this is MY opinion I wonder why you can't select the guns you want in MP just like in the SP (or as in GRAW 1 MP) An idea for mapmakers, I've heard a lot of people say: "Need some city maps too"; If someone can port over a couple of GRAW 1 maps (downtown, avenues), that issue would be 'kinda' solved (old maps w/ new guns = ownage)
  8. come on people - keep it coming w/ those pictures !
  9. Gunnery Sgt.Hartman spreading the message! Great job on GR:AW 2 GRIN
  10. That wouldn't be a possibility for me - I'm stuck w/ a Download & Upload limit & my upload speed is o so very low - Stupid Belgian ISP's
  11. Probably because it has a European publisher. I don't think so tbh... If your arguement would make sense they'd release it in the EU prior to anywhere else - they released it in Australia before releasing it in Europe - 1 more day of waiting for me! Doesn't make much sense considering the fact Australia where the first to get it in stores Europe is up next, tomorow (friday 13th) LOL now that I type it... Friday the 13th, I hope everything WILL go smooth hehehe
  12. I experienced a weird bug, happened on USA TDM 5 server: 1. I reloaded w/ the MP5SD - next thing I couldn't shoot/switch weapons 2. only option left - asking someone to kill me. PS: Yes I still had ammo.
  13. Yesterday evening on USA TDM 3 a guy called 'MisterGasman' had himself a TK festival, worst TK'er i ever saw in a online game. He got kicked time after time... But it didn't stop him from rejoining, he kept going at it, i think he continued for over an hour.
  14. CLONE-International is currently recruiting for GR:AW 2
  15. Try the 94.24 drivers - work perfect for me, I use AMD 3800x2 AM2 - 2x512 DDR2 667mhz - XFX7900 GT 94.24 drivers
  16. Undiscovered/Unreported bug? I've been busy w/ reading all the replys in this thread and I didn't see anything about it so here goes. I've encountered this bug 3 times so far since the release of the MP demo. It happened when I switched from normal stance to crouched stance. Imagine standing in 1 position, only moving up or down -as in going from normal stance to crouching. Normally you should only hear yourself moving up & down together w/ the environmental sounds. This is what happened: I clicked the drop-stance button (put it on my mouse) & I didn't do anything else but my ghost/rebel would continue to make a crouch motion together w/ the crouching sound. Really annoying when you encounter this as you here enemy Tango's approaching. System: CPU: Amd Athlon 3800 X2 Dual Core - AM2 Mobo: K9N Sli Platinum - AM2 Vid: XFX 7900 GT - drivers 94.24 RAM: 1Gb (2x512 DDR2 667Mhz) Thanks in advance
  17. i like gr:aw 2, the skins could be edited a bit, so they'd be more different, not so much a-like
  18. CPU: AMD x2 3800+ RAM : 1024 (2x512 DDR2 667mhz) Graphic card : XFX 7900GT 256MB top version Settings in GRAW2 : 12xx*910, all medium. I'm getting +/- 35-50 FPS - Less players, more FPS. If I get more RAM I think I'll get some extra FPS
  19. FROM THE CLONE COUNCIL: CLONE was formed in Sept of 2001 and are here to stay. Our friendship is the reason why we are so strong. The clan was founded on camaraderie and our talents as a team have been a byproduct of it. We have an excellent group of guys dedicated to their craft. Our desire is to keep this foundation growing. We always enjoy the company of an avid player and positive attitudes. We look forward to seeing you in the game!
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