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  1. Date of Match: Nov 5, 2007 at 22.30 EST Team 1 Name: CLONE Team 2 Name: RNA Final Score: 3/0 Winning Team: CLONE Server Played On: Server 2 - AFZ Tourney server
  2. same here, the password isnt corrent tried to get into the other tourney servers and they all worked fine; RNA - We'll wait for you guy's in the SCE Tourney Server - same password
  3. I'm starting to doubt there will be a new patch - keep fingers crossed And I guess you think that's polar bear hunting? Isn't Sweden biggest hobby having snowball fights? it has something to do with snowy balls, but in a different perspective... You mean T-Bagging in the snow? - If so, omg, that sounds horrifying :blink:
  4. And I guess you think that's polar bear hunting? Isn't Sweden biggest hobby having snowball fights?
  5. I think GRIN is copying all our forum-spam, printing it out & turning it into wallpaper for their office - that way they can laugh their ass off whenever they're bored while trying to make a FPS game For the die-hard fans: I think there 'might' be 1 more patch before GRIN says goodbye to "It's" GR:AW2 community
  6. Imagine GRIN would create a map pack? Would you be willing to pay for it? Please reply w/ either: 1. Yes 2. Depends on the amout of maps (state the amount of maps) 3. No, but I would love a GRAW2 map pack 4. No, don't need map pack Thanks. -- 1. I would pay for a map pack/expansion pack.
  7. GRIN is still working on a patch... so they haven't dropped GRAW2 officially (-yet-).
  8. They are from what I've heard Date: Sept. 27, 2007 Source: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=47208 PS: Your question was already answered in one of the previous threads; the search function can be very usefull hehe
  9. Yea i used the full version of fraps, Hobo however told me there's a better program -> GameCam, from what I heard it doesn't make your frames drop as much as fraps makes it do. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere.
  10. Member in CLONE had these problems, haven't heard him talk about it anymore so i take it he doesnt have those problems anymore, it can't be his internet connection do, he's got a 100Mbit connection.
  11. Intro - Boondock Saints Nigg*z Betta Move - 50 Cent (Underground Freestyle) And these instrumentals: The Boondock Saints Soundtrack - Armageddon Mix Fight Music - D12 You're All I Need - Method Man ft. Mary J Blige (Remix by the RZA) I'm Hot - MIMS (don't like the song, only his beat) Pop, Lock & Drop It - Baby Huey I got almost everything on medium - shadows & AA turned off. LOL
  12. @ ROCO; I've thrown it into CLONE Council - They're debatting @ UK server: I would love to play there, the lower my ping is the better i can play - The higher my ping is the worse i play... However, we need locked rules... before we say yes/no If the max ping issue is implemented I seriously doubt that CLONE will participate -hint: CLONE-International- That would mean f.e. if CLONE 1.0 was to match, we'd probably have to drop out Palanoid and myself (my ping goes from 100-275 on NA servers), that would leave only 5 people in our CLONE 1.0 team (of which only 4 are active) to match with, which is unacceptable for us/CLONE. PS: This ain't blackmail to try and get this ping thing out of a possible tourney - just our opinion We played in the PGL World Tourney for GRAW 1 and we never had any real problems w/ pings, besides on Italian servers. The one thing that needs to be sorted out is the following: How are you gonna decide which teams are playing on what server? Example: CLONE-1.0 vs some EU clan - who'd have server pick etc... ? Where would server be located? In EU ? If i where to follow you logics, the NA team would have an advantage on UK servers due to higher ping... In NA? If i where to follow you logics, the EU team would have an advantage on NA servers due to higher ping... Or on neutral grounds? This way both teams have an 'equal' ping ? (no clue) I almost forgot -Was this on arroyo? If it was, I don't hear any footsteps on Arroyo, not even my own... Neither does half of the people that play graw2 as far as i know, we only have 2 guy's who acctually have normal sounds on arroyo, that map is scr*wy. Besides that No disrespect but people in Sweden probably have the best/fastest internet connections in the world. The thing that happened w/ Palanoid in our match, it happens to me all the time on public servers and in matches (not only by +200 pingers, +100 pingers as well), it's part of the game unfortunately (if GRIN can't fix it) just as it was in GRAW 1.
  13. I (myself, CLONE Council still needs to talk abt it) don't agree w/ these 2 In every single graw2 server out there that I've been too, I've seen ping spiking - Offcourse, people trying to play w/ ping +400 cause more lagg, but 200... That my average ping lol Putting the winner-logo on all participating clans their site sounds like a bad idea imho, It might keep people from joining. (Some clans don't even have a news section on their main page - like the CLONE site, we mainly use our forums for that) What you could do however, is ask if every participating clan would like to put up a thread on their forum, 'acknowledging' that the Tourney Winner, won the Tourney, you could easily input a logo as well. You could even post an overlay of the Tourney (example in this link: http://www.action-inside.com/tanger/graw/b.../PGLbracket.jpg) As for the logo-refusal, same thing, no invite to next tourney... lol... come on, that sounds as if you actually think there are a lot of GR:AW 2 clans out there
  14. Actually it wasn't. If a Clan's server had peeps on, they would match. Simple as that. You could do tons of pickup ladder matching because every clan wanted to match. When you finished one, you just went to another. There were also scheduled ladders. (Who said TCZ and such had just one ladder) I have probably about 1000 GR1 matches under my belt (at least) and only because we were late getting into the rumble. GRAW 2 could be like this also... but there is only 1 Site hosting it which for North America only has 2 ladders. I think GRAW2 needs a tournament. That might gather some interest. Excellent idea! I'd be willing to help organize or were you thinking of a sponsor such as TWL? The easiest possible way to solve this 'problem' is to get every single GR:AW 2 clan on mIRC on gamesurge.net - TWL already has channels in there in which they provide support for a lot of things. Team.Hot has got a channel in there, so does CLONE but since no GRAW2 clans are in it - we decided not to idle in it anymore.
  15. Thanks guy's I used fraps to record (got footage from August 1st untill Sept 20th). I used the noobprogram Windows Movie Maker (LOL) I was trying Sony Vegas but I haven't really got any experience w/ it so... that was taking way too long
  16. I hope ya'll enjoy the "Clone-Show" http://files.filefront.com/Public+Enemy+1w...;/fileinfo.html BIG SHOUTOUT to C32.DeathByChocolate & C35.Samo !
  17. Hehe, Imagine: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: "The Sky's The Limit"
  18. The answer is very simple. GR:AW 2 PC version has been made by GRIN (a European based company), I personally feel they did a great job on the weapons, especially compared w/ GRAW 1. If you would like to see a GR:AW 3 w/ only the REAL US Forces rifles, then ask a US based company to do the job or ask uncle SAM, maybe he sees potential in people playing online w/ their new/soon-to-be-used-or-tested rifles. You won't hear me complain about weapons themselves, I've got my Belgian made SCAR L & H and my favorite LMG, the SAW. Best 3 weapons in the game (next to the M416 )
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