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  1. You'll be doing everyoe a favor if you don't participate. On a side note...your going down!!!! Tell Palanoid, I'm coming for him.

    Thanks for the compliment... I guess :ph34r:

    Dunno If palanoid will be playing, haven't seen him in a couple of days - as you know he's from HongKong, he's got university classes atm, but I'll try to get him on- :thumbsup:

  2. Funny enough.. my dog picked the map... honest..


    Would be awesome to play multiple maps in the finals do :shifty: hehe j/k

    PS: What sup w/ the HH tourney? Only 4 sign-ups; I think CLONE will not participate in the tourney if there will only be 4 teams playing :( We'd rather start concentrating on COD4 if so lil teams show interest in the rest of the GR:AW 2 Tourney (HH/SIEGE/RVSA)

  3. GGs vU, was a fun match to play :thumbsup:

    Bah we made som simple misstakes we normaly dont do, guess we partialy can blame that on CoD4 ^^ Anyway was fun, let's do it again.

    Hehe tried to bunnyhop? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Larsa did ^^

    Yea hehe, he sure did :hehe:

  4. why does ACTF_-DN- have a red retical custom, cross hairs ?

    You can change the RGB color settings your profile XML file - I used to use a fluorescent-green one; i switched to a red one as well. Just get the RGB color code and switch it in your xml file in your profile.

    Still haven't received any specific info, read video, on how they got down there. Just some hints on how it could be done but to specifically where. There is an ugly way to solve it though... removing the ground under the map so they fall into the void instead... but they would still be able to shoot a little while falling.

    Let them fall... in a bodemless pit imo :lol::devil:;)

  5. I went back the other day to play Graw 1 just to see how it was well I have to say I played in campaignde from start to finish. And to tell you the truth it was a more entertaining time then with graw 2 ubisoft should heed whats on the wind.

    As far as the SP goes; I can't say, didn't finish either of em

    As far as the MP - GRAW1 owned GRAW2 imo because of 2 things -> custom kits & easy serveradmin to remove weapons like the GL/Frags/etc...

    As far as the MP maps go... I haven't played [GR] but I think If there was to be a combo-map-pack of all the MP maps of [GR], GR:AW1 & GR:AW2 combined; the community would be at least twice as big as it is today imo.

    If I could mix [GR], GR:AW1 & GR:AW2: I'd go for all the MP maps (like i mentioned above) w/ the GR:AW 1 MP kits (custom kits) & the gameplay of GR:AW2 (as i personally feel the release of GR:AW 2 was less buggy then the release of GR:AW 1; then again I have no clue what the release of [GR] was like)

    my 2 cents

  6. Team Name: Clone International

    Team Tags: C#

    Team Website: www.clone-international.com

    Team Contact: Samo

    Contact Info:

    XFIRE: samo035 (samo's xfire) or cloneconstantine (con's xfire) MSN: punk_you35@hotmail.com (samo's MSN)


    * Samo

    * Ncognito

    * HEEB

    * Palanoid

    * Constantine

    * Solarflare

    * MajorTOM

    * Padewan

    * Cotton

    * Schultzy

    * Gortex

    * Rad

    * Death by Chocolate

    * JTF2_CA

    * HoBo

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