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  1. Hey Guys, Last night while playing online i found my audio was all screwed up and not as precise as normal, i checked some settings and found out that it was on "Software / Medium" settings, i changed it to "Hardware (Using my Audigy 2ZS 7.1) and put it to High"... ... yet today the bloody game does not find my Audigy Card, its only on Software and it sounds crap!!! Does anyone have a work around? System: - Intel Q6600 @3GHz - G.Skill DDR2800Mhz Ram 2GIG - Asus 8800GTX - Gigabyte P35-DS4 - Audigy 2ZS 7.1 - Vista Ultimate 64Bit - All Drivers are upto date and proper 64Bit Drivers. Cheers, - Vyp3r.
  2. Its dissapointing to see the online players dwindle and the X360 getting more attention. I refuse to buy a console that while they are good value for money, are still "behind" the times in hardware IMO. All i can say is once COD4 Comes out, i think GRAW2 will get un installed!!! The Demo of that game is bloody awesome and i think will kill GRAW2. Activision know how to make a game, i have never been a huge COD fan for MP matches, but the SP were was pretty good. BRING ON COD4!!! I shall never buy a Ubi published game again after being let down with Vegas and Lockdown. I even got GRAW with my Asus 8800GTX and didnt like it that much at all, prefered GRAW2... heck, i might even re isntall Rvs!!!
  3. Do me a favour, get another gun that isnt one shot kill and inst a n00b t00b and then so get some kills... The M99 is a joke and should be toned down and slowed down big time... all credability goes down the toilet when people playt with that gun non stop and claim to be good. K, GO GO GO.
  4. LOL. thats awesome. It makes me want to play that map just so i can see that happen ... Weclome to Warez i beleive?
  5. Hey All, Last night some twit from a local Australian server banned me (and then 2 full Australian clans) because i kiled him while he was idle / typing at spawn 50+ seconds into the game. he kicked then banned with no warning. What are the options and ways to ban a player for GRAW2? IP? CDKey Hash? Player Name? Prefix? MAC Address? Can someone point me in the right direction at all? Thanks Guys.
  6. ***Yes, another person complaining about it*** This is just bloody rediculous, getting people with 450-800pings joining our local servers. ITS ****! How hard is it to impliment a High Ping Kick that we can set??? Come on, its really, REALLY ruining the game play. I can empty a whole clip into someone at 10m range and then can casually stop, turn around and shoot me without dieing themselves. Tonight the Australian GameArena server has more ****en tourists in it then Aussies and the high pings were making the game really, really horrible and not enjoyable. We couldnt kick vote em coz not enough people were voting, coz more then half were tourists them selves. Its beyond a joke!!! PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE NOW!!! Regards, Vyp3r.
  7. well, that sucks! So much for making things simple and user friendly ######. There is way too much editing and ###### you have to worry about for this game. All i want to do is remove the N00b T00bs and perhaps the M99 in TDM / DM / HH modes. I aint editing files, i dont know what i am doing well enough to do that. Well... this sucks. Thanks for the promp replies guys, pitty about the answer.
  8. Hey All, With the success of getting my server up and running on my spare comp i am now fine tuning it and want to restrict the weapons that are available as i beleive this is now possible since patch 1.03. But the questions is HOW do i do it??? Thanks Guys. - Vyp3r.
  9. Hey all, A quick question and help needed. Can you run a Dedicated Server and Play GRAW2 from the same machine at once??? I am running: Windows XP Pro Sp2 - Firewall Disabled (for testing) AVG Antivirus (Disabled for Testing) Siemens Speed Streem 6520 ADSL2+ Modem / Router All Ports are open as per the Read Me File. I have enabled DMZ for my machine also. Can anyone help me out? Cheers Guys. - Vyp3r. [Merged with existing thread]
  10. The game is built by two different Dev Teams with different hardware (obviously) and stuff... so dont expect much to be the same. Having watched some footage on youtube for the 360 version, it looks arcady and it well... not "tactical". Make sure you have a fair beast of a PC for this game tho, as even tho the 360 isnt that highly spec'd, the PC Version can truely look stunning.
  11. PLEASE PATCH YOUR SERVERS. There are only about 3 servers that are patched at the moment and its driving us insaine... PLEASE PATCH!!! Thanks. Vyp3r.
  12. Its now Monday afternoon... 3pm Wish someone would state what time zone its being released "on monday" for... that would help.
  13. Wolf and All, Here in Adelaide, Australia LANs still occur they are normally every 3-4 months and range from about 150-600 people. The problem i have had is that there isnt alot of games i play being supported at these events. Its mainly CSS / C&C / Quake etc. I love getting to know the fellow clan members and while i was an admin for a Aussie ISP we often had "Admin LAN" events and general "meet n greet" events at pubs and stuff - that was always fun. I had met over half of my previous clan and some of them travelled 600KM's+ to attend lan events. I miss the good old days of everyone coming up for a weekend or something but i am now married, got a 1year old daughter and i dont think the Mrs would be too happy if a bunch of us woke up bubs at 2am coz we got killed by a tango and were pretty peaved off. The Mrs at one stage thought i was having an affair with a Clan member (YES! the clan member was a chick). Also, another big thing, the LANS these days are more focussing on the Console, mainly the Xbox360. One of my bro inlaws is always going on and on and on and on and on about them. And... last point as its been brought up by others, with the recent change and availability of ADSL / CABLE in australia LANs arent required to play with fellow members and less and less events are being organised to cater for the clans out there to do battle (for the games i play). Mainly the LANS now (for PC) are a bunch of randoms who do more leeching then gaming. Anyway, enough ranting... i think i got off point. Theres a big lan in Adelaide early January that i will probably go to and one in 2 weeks time but i cant afford to get down there. Ohwell, next time perhaps.
  14. What GPU are you running? Is there a version inbetween that will do both?
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