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  1. I have taken the Death2Nobodee Server down for good. Mainly due to lack of players left in UK times. Is GRAW1 dead? I feel it has come to an end and with little feedback via the web site I decided to use the server and bandwidth for uther uses. It has been up for 12 months I believe and provided 62GIG of custom map downloads to you all via FTP and god knows how many maps played. Thanks to RPGHArd, Annibale, fishmonger and many more for providing some amazing maps to play on. Randoms shouts to Sativa, Nobodee, Z, Hayley and the countless others for joining me shooting thousands of tangos over past 12-18 months. GRAW 1 is an awesome game and I hope UBISOFT finally sort out GRAW2 and add a tru [GR] mode. Is start on leader and a decent weapons selection screen to much to ask for in GRAW2??? Catch you all on COD4 or hopefully GRAW2 in the future. Deathbringer200.
  2. Can you run two dedicated servers on one server??? For example can you copy the whole GRAW folder and change the server.xml config on one to another port?? I have mutilple IP's and NIC's if that helps but cannot see a way of binding GRAW to a NIC or IP either! I know you can do it in GR and GRAW2 but GRAW1?? I want to run two map cycles at once...
  3. OK the problem here is routing.. Inside your LAN behind a firewall you NAT (Network Address Translate) to one internet IP. So if you host on one machine inside your LAN and choose online game the server will register with gamespy on its "external" IP of (etc) so when you try to connect to it on another machine behind the same router (router/firewall or whatever does your NAT) then it will try and connect to the External IP.. So the second client will try and connect its own IP, impossible.. The only way to do this is to host a LAN game, connect internally to it on 1,2, etc PC's behind same firewall then use a third party piece of software to connect on a sudo/virtual lan over the net.. I have not used LogMeIn Hamachi but just did a google on it and this will do the job all right.. The only other option would be to have two external IP's from your ISP and do not NAT on your router, so you give your internal PC's a real internet IP each.. Need any help give me a shout.. PS: Yes this boring nonsense is what I do for a living.. zzzzz
  4. I am running GRAW1 and 2 consequitively on a P4 3Ghz with 2GB Ram. 12 players in each and runs fine but this is on a 2MB Up and down Business line . GRAW1 always maxes CPU to 100% and GRAW2 does when even 2 people join. So I wouldnt be to concerned over CPU usaged stats. Also depends on the map, a lot of custom maps with extra explosion (ie physics to calculate, flying objects, helicopters, tansk exploding, etc) will increase load. 2.4ghz P4 should be plenty for hosting a 24 player game, is this a seperate PC to one you playing game on, as this is a factor also. I am estimating 2.4 Ghz is ok for hosting, not hosting and playing client. Main thing to watch or adjust is the network speed which is in folder: C:\Program Files\ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings Look for line: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <game_info admin_password="xxxxxx" internet_server="true" internet_speed="512"> This figure is supposed to relate to your upstream but it is an estiamte of the calculation the server will make there the amount of info it will communicate to clients. You are on a 1.4 Upload but try starting with 512 and then 1024.. Good luck with it..
  5. As far as I was aware the A/C option checks for any files different from install time. I have had dedicated server up and running which was a copy of my home install, therefore had OGN V2 Mod in the english folder but I could not join my server. I shall do some testing today though to confirm this as I like the idea of having mods allowed but all on the same mod. I disable the GL's as mod'd GL's ruin a game as you have idiots going round GL'ing the whole map which causes lag and is cheating in my book. However playing GRAW with no weapons mods at all feels like going into battle with 100 rocks in the back pack and a stick to throw at them.. Can anyone confirm if server does check for matches on files?
  6. Old problem, should find answer in here somewhere. But briefly its a minor bug annoyance with GRAW1.. The list can only display about 10 maps. These maps are located as *.bundle files in this folder: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels by default but obviously if you chose another folder at install time look there! Simply Archive older maps your not using and leave about 10 maps in.. This also speeds up the load time of GRAW as GRAW needs to extract each of these bundles as the game loads..
  7. Right, this is the most important feature (and major bug) in GRAW. The first person to join a team becomes it’s leader. The other three members follow in order. If you are playing in ALPHA team with 3 others (4 in team)… and you are the leader and you DIE you cannot start on your self so you have to leave the team (join unassigned) and rejoin your team (this puts you at the bottom of the team). You can then start on the Leader. Golden Rules. 1) When you die, in the lobby (were you pick weapons) leave your team, rejoin it, then click on Start on Leader. 2) Only one person can start on leader at a time, if you see a fellow team mate dead (his name in darker text) then wait in unassigned until he/she joins, the join team and start on leader. 3) You cannot start on leader if they are next to a wall or object. Wait in unassigned and ask via typing in or Ventrilo/Teamspeak for your team leader to move when safe, then try. 4) You whole team is dead, ask one member of another team to create Charlie team, join on them and then go back to your own teams. Hope this helps....
  8. I am looking for ways to improve the online server (death2nobodee) So if you haveany suggestions for map cycles and weapons setting let me know and I shall incorporate them into a cycle. Ideally I am hoping to have the server rebooting daily with a differentcycle of maps per day. This is not built into the game but I have coded an application to do this, so I am looking for cycles of 4-8 maps. As anexample: island2, godzilla, defcon3, etc you get the idea. One of the main problems with a map cycle is that one map is great onnormal difficulty level (as it may be a long map with many enemies) butanother needs to be on "hard" or "hardcore" setting to make it a challenge. So I am hoping to get together 3-4 map cycles: My ideas so far are one on hardcore for small maps that you need to taketime on but can finish in 30 minutes, like engpass. Another on normal level with GL's activated for long maps like Pavilion Sure you get the idea so if you want a better map cycle give some input andlet me know your ideas.. Thanks, Deathbringer200. Get back to me on here or via the web site www.death2nobodee.co.uk
  9. I am half way through making an online form to amend the GRAW1 & 2 settings from a web form. I am good at the XML, FTP, Scheduling, OS side but not to hot on HTML, CSS.. Anyone fancy helping out to finish something off.. I am trying to get a page with a login to enable changing of the map cycle, well cycles as I will have one per day, via HTML page that will show XML, edit in input text box and re-save..
  10. I am reeiving the same error messages now on server death2nobodee. Never had these errors before, seems to be random maps in cycle and I have tried changing cycle. Nothing has changed on server other than implementation of new cutsom maps, did anyone get to the bottom of this error? Deathbringer200
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