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  1. im gonna say the same thing id say if i was in the server with you ... quit bitchin and play it ... or leave
  2. damn how hard could it be for a modeler to just build a new one ? i guarantee it would take less time than someone with no modding experience to make a difference pointing out things when they wont support it .
  3. Just wondering if any map modders will take a look at the Hacienda map (the mission where you need to free the reporter) . would make a very solid hamburger hill map if properly edited .
  4. the hatch is the best google image i could find ... its from a russian (i think ) launcher . http://www.truthdig.com/images/diguploads/silo_804.jpg made a short version of it to save polygon useage for later , i might be able to find something else though . ive had to reformat so i ditched what i made so far but will work on another version when i get time .
  5. hey all , just a heads up that there will be a clan around for members who are either fairly new or want to work with others to make them stronger . i have a good amount of experience with GRAW 1 and i will be heading the GRAW 2 division's recruitment . our site is just up at : http://www.reason3d.us/x3c please use the join form to give your in-game name , email and brief intel on your experience , thanks
  6. yeah the terrain texturing and the concrete on the building are just there for pre-visualization . i will use vertex colors and turbo -smooth for the terrain and will fill out the facade of the building by hand . takes alot of time , this is just a rough and plain looking idea of the space it will occur in .
  7. Quick Update on progress ... got some new custom textures and a general layout of where it will be : I will fully complete the bunker area with doors , vents , air conditioners , all of the stuff that makes a place look believeable , but as of now i dont know what we have already made so im not wasting time making things that probably exist already . any suggestions or comments please post . thanks
  8. thanks for the support! i could use help from anyone who has imported custom objects into GRAW 1 , wont be an easy task as it is modeling everything and painting new textures , good deal of work is putting it in the game as well .
  9. i know its not even out yet but GRAW 1 had 3ds max import functions , though i was never able to import any new objects successfully , im plain and simple a modeler , not a code guy . i have started a map and intend to complete it and release . screenshot of initial progress belwo : doesnt look like much but that hasnt taken very long to make . i will continue to make it as pheaseable as possible but i will later need help importing ( the high poly missile is just there for viz ) .
  10. i havent read the dozens of pages but here is what i would like to see "changed" in GRAW 2 , as per the demo : - while strafing there is a finite distance "notched" into your movement , there is no in-between in how little or much you can strafe , it is a fixed amount . i was hoping the duration of your key press would define how little or much you strafe , not a fixed amount in a digital way . -on the RX-4 weapon system , there is a 2x red dot scope . the dot is far larger than on the 30 mm red dot scope found on the mp5 or g36 , and the objective lens is smaller than that of the 30 mm . im wondering why the scope is so small in objective lens size and why the dot is so big , its almost impossible to aim without alot of training ,and while i intend to train with GRAW 2 , i think the lens should be modified , and the dot made smaller . its just useless as it is now . -throwing grenades is a tedious task as it is , since they have nearly the same weight and bounce properties of a smoke grenade can . this i think is just one of those things that are meant to be "good enough " to not put more work into . but a grenade bouncing off the ground in a huge arc as it leaves the ground is too wild for me to tolerate . please adjust the physical properties to make it heavier and less reactive . -the premade kits have been discussed , but i am hoping that there will be an option to NOT use a scope if desired . the problem i face is that i use the scout or scrambler class that uses the mp5 , and i prefer to use the iron sights . i get far better accuracy due to the more controlled recoil , and using the red dot just makes the sight bounce up in a completely unrealistic way . the recoil in the red dot is a predefined animation and just doesnt suit the task , it acts as if im 13 and havent lifted more than 30 pounds in my life ... since the iron sights produce far less recoil but are limited to the post sights which are more difficult for new users , this is not a good tradeoff and looks extremely fake , and see through at that . - a big problem ive seen dealing with people who have left their pc's during the game and are sitting in a remote corner so they wont be killed has to be dealt with . while i think there should be a way to tell the remaining players the status and position of an "afk'er" , the chat system should not be that method . people who play GRAW 2 fdo not all act appropriately . using the chat system some users banter and use extremely offensive means to put other players down , which would clearly violate any Terms Of Use that the developers would find approopriate , if they had indeed put one into action . theres needs to be a signal that can reveal the status and position of an afk'er , and i think that signal should be made to funtion only if the player has not moved in more than 30 second or a minute . - the death cam is exploited far too often to warrant its use . with the chat being visible by anyone , even from the dead , this increases the "ghosting" that occurs . i realize using a communications program like teamspeak or ventrilo is another way of doing this , but you are making it even easier for someone who doesnt use comms to ghost to their team , effectively "cheating " the opposing forces out of chances to win . this serieously needs to be addressed . "Ghosting" could be defined as - any manner in which a dead player acts as if he were alive and presents their team with intel that could not have been obtained unless remotely viewing , which is not possible in the game unless dead . [EDIT] the remote "tagging" of enemies should be enough , the chat should be limited to those who are alive . [EDIT] auto-balance should also be an issue that is addressed ... the demo is full of cowardly team switching to try to win .
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